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December 5, 2010 - 2:53pm

DiSalvo home on Fargo Road once again brightly lit for the holidays

posted by Howard B. Owens in Stafford, Christmas lights, Fargo Road, Jim DiSalvo.


Jim and Connie DiSalvo have once again lit up their property on Fargo Road for the holidays.

The home is also on today's Holiday Home Tour to benefit Genesee Cancer Assistance (if you want to try and make it out before it ends at 4 p.m., tickets are $10 and still available at Go Art!, corner of Main and Bank).

As for the Christmas lights, Jim said this is the 14th year for the all-out effort to bring some Christmas cheer to local residents who might stop by. He said there are more than one million lights lit on his property and some 400 Christmas-related characters on display.

He's been adding to the number of displays every year, but said this might be as big as it gets.

Many visitors simply drive by (and as usual, there was a long line of cars coming down Fargo last night), but Jim said people are welcome to pull up his driveway and ramble around the new turning circle he's installed. People are also welcome to park, get out and walk around the property (which is really the only way to take in all of the displays and the full splendor of the lights).

Picture of Jim (and Annabella) in front of his house below, and then more pictures after the jump.










Jason Brunner
Jason Brunner's picture
Last seen: 8 years 1 month ago
Joined: Jun 17 2010 - 1:31pm
We took the kids out there the other night! Thank you to the DiSalvo's for enhancing our Christmas spirit!!!
Debbie Paine
Debbie Paine's picture
Last seen: 5 months 1 week ago
Joined: May 27 2008 - 11:30am
It's so beautiful and tastefully done. Has anyone not seen it? If so, you're missing something special.
Tim Howe
Tim Howe's picture
Last seen: 3 years 3 months ago
Joined: Jan 1 2009 - 4:21pm
Ah...The Fargo Road lights. Talk about a long running Christmas Tradition that is looked forward to in a big way every year. Thank you Disalvo's.
Sarah Malone
Sarah Malone's picture
Last seen: 11 years 6 months ago
Joined: Jan 5 2010 - 11:38pm
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :) My family and I love to see these lights every year!! My seven year old daughter dragged me out of the car to take a walk around, and I'm so glad she did! We had the best time walking around looking at all of the beautiful lights! We really look forward to it every year; keep up the good work! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

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