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Jim DiSalvo

Congratulations Applied Business Systems: Winner of the Entrepreneurial Business of the Year Award

By Alisia Compton

As a 10-year-old paperboy in his hometown, Jim DiSalvo got a piece of advice from the Batavia Daily News publisher that he never forgot, and that guided him in his business career.

“If you work hard you will succeed,” Art Marshall, Sr. told him.

“All my life I thought about that,” says DiSalvo, the owner of Genesee County’s Entrepreneurial Business of the Year: Applied Business Systems (ABS). “And, I must have worked hard to get to where we are.”

ABS, owned and operated by Jim and Connie DiSalvo, has been a staple of the community for more than 30 years, but as DiSalvo himself puts it: “It is another well hidden success story here in Genesee County.” ABS is located out of sight, in the Harvester Ave. complex, where most people don’t even realize the company stuffs and mails more than four million letters per year. ABS provides forms distribution services to local businesses and businesses across the country.   

Anyone operating a business understands that stuffing, addressing, and mailing thousands of letters is a difficult task, and requires a larger workforce than many businesses can afford. DiSalvo saw the need to create a cost-effective solution, and so he founded ABS to reduce the burden of mailing.

The company’s dedication to innovation and cost reducing techniques resulted in a nomination for Entrepreneurial Business of the Year. The Genesee County ARC has worked with ABS for more than 20 years, and knows first-hand that ABS works hard to cut customer costs and deliver outstanding work on-time, which is why Paul Saskowski nominated them for the award.

“Mailing individual pieces to thousands of different customers seems like a daunting task,” wrote Saskowski in his nomination letter. “It used to be a secretary typing the paper, folding the paper, stuffing the envelope, addressing the envelope, sealing the envelope, applying potage and taking it to the post office. It hurts just to read the process…ABS decided to take on these tasks and provide that service to customers in the most cost effective ways possible.”   

When asked about the company’s innovations in forms distribution, Vice President of Production Steve Samis said, “We’ve taken our knowledge of the forms and printing industry and applied that to our customer’s needs and paying points, and truly, with that type of relationship and partnership, we’ve been able to consistently provide our clients with a great finished piece based on what their business needs were.”

ABS mails more than four million letters each year. Despite the huge volume of work, ABS has maintained a great reputation for on-time delivery, creative collaboration, and the lowest cost solutions available. Saskowski attributes their ability to provide low cost solutions to their unyielding dedication to proper preparation and labeling, as well as their ability to effectively collaborate with customers for on-time completion.

“If the lowest cost comes out of sorting 60,000 pieces to 35 individual zip codes in that county, ABS gets it done,” wrote Saskowski. “When ARC needed to change their billing procedures for their trash and recycling business, the processionals at ABS helped smooth out the task of billing thousands of new customers. From designing the forms, logos and making the database fit, ABS was able to offer solutions and deliver services.”

Clearly, this is a local business that understands their customer’s needs, and has the entrepreneurial spirit needed to assure them the lowest price. Moreover, ABS is active in the community and enjoys giving back. Steve Samis and Lisa Ormsbee are both active alumni of Leadership Genesee, a year-long workshop that unites business entities with the local community, and “encourages the leader within.” Each year, around the holidays, Jim and Connie DiSalvo treat more than 1,000 visitors to a spectacular light display, known community-wide as “The Lights on Fargo.” In this spirit of giving back, the Chamber of Commerce honors ABS with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and it is much deserved. 

 The 43rd Annual Chamber of Commerce Awards will be formally held on Saturday, February 28th at the Clarion Hotel on Park Road in Batavia, NY. 

Photo: The Christmas lights of Fargo Road

By Howard B. Owens

Dylan Brew sent in this picture he took of some of the Christmas lights on display at the DiSalvo residence on Fargo Road, Stafford.

Fargo Road Lights

By Kyle Schwab

The DiSalvos have been bringing Christmastime merriment to children and adults alike for three quarters of a score, and counting. The Fargo Road Lights are a staple on the holiday itinerary of many for miles around. Over a mile of underground cabling and hundreds of heavy-duty extension cords come together to power a plethora of recognizable characters from every holiday book and jingle imaginable. Not to mention, a million multicolored lights dot the landscape in every direction.

We are reminded by such communal generosity – that there may be no greater gift to our little ones than all those many moments we can go out and find with them, that instill a snowballing sense of wonder, splendor, and amazement in their eyes with the world around them. There is comfort in the knowledge that kindness can be genuine and compassion abundant. It's not far – in this case, it's down the road, and over the hill.

As always, Jim, Connie, and Annabella encourage you to come and explore. You are more than free to get out of your car and roam around. And this Christmas weekend, maybe – just maybe – we'll even get a bit of snow to go with all those pretty lights.

Top Photo: Jim, Connie, and Annabella DiSalvo in front of their home on Fargo Road.

Visitors are warmly encouraged to get out of their cars to really take it all in.

Photos: Kids' night at DiSalvo's on Fargo Road, Stafford

By Howard B. Owens

As of 7 p.m., more than 450 children had arrived at the DiSalvo residence on Fargo Road in Stafford to see Jim DiSalvo's spectacular Christmas light show.

Jim said it was the biggest turn out ever. 

Boy Scout troops from throughout the region were a big part of the attendance.

This year, high school students earning community service credits conducted tours of the multi-acre light display.

Photos: Santa visits Fargo Road

By Howard B. Owens

Just as he's been doing annually for the past several years, Santa (and Mrs. Claus) made a pre-Christmas stop at Jim DiSalvo's home on Fargo Road, Stafford.

More and more of Genesee County's kids are finding out, the place with all the lights is a good spot to find Santa about this time of year.

As usual, numerous Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts made the trip to Fargo Road, but DiSalvo's home on the night of Santa's visit is open to all the children who stop by.

Above, posing with Santa and Mrs. Claus are Grace Kibler, 10, Reagan Bifarella, 8, Jacquie Kibler, 8, and Libby Kibler, 5.

More pictures after the jump:

Jim DiSalvo and Annabella.

DiSalvo home on Fargo Road once again brightly lit for the holidays

By Howard B. Owens

Jim and Connie DiSalvo have once again lit up their property on Fargo Road for the holidays.

The home is also on today's Holiday Home Tour to benefit Genesee Cancer Assistance (if you want to try and make it out before it ends at 4 p.m., tickets are $10 and still available at Go Art!, corner of Main and Bank).

As for the Christmas lights, Jim said this is the 14th year for the all-out effort to bring some Christmas cheer to local residents who might stop by. He said there are more than one million lights lit on his property and some 400 Christmas-related characters on display.

He's been adding to the number of displays every year, but said this might be as big as it gets.

Many visitors simply drive by (and as usual, there was a long line of cars coming down Fargo last night), but Jim said people are welcome to pull up his driveway and ramble around the new turning circle he's installed. People are also welcome to park, get out and walk around the property (which is really the only way to take in all of the displays and the full splendor of the lights).

Picture of Jim (and Annabella) in front of his house below, and then more pictures after the jump.

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