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Weather: Spring is almost sprung. Almost.

By Howard B. Owens

Did you like the sun today? There's supposed to be more of that where that came from. In fact, the weekend should be quite nice, with highs in 40s and more sun.

Not to put a damper on things, but is predicting snow overnight in a week.

But in the meantime, pre-spring weather with highs in the 40s and sun, or partly cloudy, seems to be in our immediate future.

Pictures: From this evening, a barn on Lear Road. Below a tractor and old garage on Wilkenson Road.

Karen Miconi

Good Morning Howard. I just got a call from my friend Jill, in Cape Coral Florida. She called to tell me about the ICE on her windshield this morning there. It must have been pretty cold. Poor thing, I joked with her about it. (0:
My husband says some of the creeks are thawed here, and the Pike are hungry!! Oh boy, looks like we will be fishing this weekend. I think its a little early, but why not. Have a Great Day yall, & Think Spring!!

Mar 5, 2010, 7:40am Permalink

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