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Historic inauguration breaks All color barriers

By Lorie Longhany

It seems only fitting that we are celebrating this historic inauguration the day after Martin Luther King Day.  The barriers that were lifted by many hands, including the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, and all of the people who stepped forward and stood up, helped pave the way for President Barack Obama's momentous and historic swearing in as our 44th President today.  Only because of the unrelenting determination and unceasing struggle for the causes of human dignity and fairness during the tumultuous years since the beginning of the Civil Rights movement are we able to appreciate in President Obama that unique pragmatic quality of a true uniter, a quality that can reach past any divisions of black, white or any of the other shades that make up the tapestry that is America.  We are witnessing in President Obama a leader who will not only reach across the boundaries of race, but also extend a hand across the political divide with a genuine intellectual curiosity to understand all sides of the very complex and daunting issues that confront all Americans in the difficult days ahead. 

It is with great pride that I speak for Genesee County Democrats to declare that while we are  extraordinarily proud to celebrate this memorable day as a political organization, today is not about any one political party. As President Obama said in his speech at the 2004 Democratic convention;  "There is no red America and no blue America. There is only the United States of America".  Today is a wonderful day to drop all the color barriers -  black, white, red and blue - that divide us and celebrate what makes America great – the smooth, peaceful and celebratory transition of power and share in the hope that all of us have for a better tomorrow. 

Yes we can. And yes, we will.

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