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Women for Powers

By Lorie Longhany

I am proud to represent Genessee County on the Women for Powers committee. Our women volunteers here in Genesee County have been meeting each Tuesday evening reaching out to other women by telephone about the issues that are important to them and their families here in Genesee County. What is clear about the conversations that we are having is the need for real change in Washington. Women here in Genesee County are concerned about gas prices, education, health care and the environment -- to name a few. A dialog like this is vital and represents a true women to women outreach about issues that matter to us most. We are then able to pass these concerns to Jon Powers and his campaign. What is unique about this is the conversation. 


          POWERS CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCES WOMEN FOR POWERS COMMITTEE    WILLIAMSVILLE, NY – The Powers for Congress Campaign is pleased to announce the formation Women for Powers. As a dedicated group of volunteers, Women for Powers works tirelessly to help elect Jon by calling other women voters, knocking on doors, and introducing Jon and his campaign to their friends and neighbors. "I am supporting Jon because he knows the needs of Western New York and the changes that need to take place," said Molly Ciocca, Chairwoman of Women for Powers. "He's the one that can get us there." "I am thrilled to have the support of everyone involved in Women for Powers," said Powers. "These ladies are community leaders, professionals and tireless advocates for a safer and stronger Western New York. They have been integral to the success of our grassroots campaign. I value their friendship and support."

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