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Batavia Consolidation Plan gets its own Web site

By Philip Anselmo

City and town of Batavia officials announced today that a Web site will be launched by the end of the week devoted to the consolidation plan right now being put together for the municipalities. We've included most of the text from that press release below. We also received a "Consolidation Plan Process Flow Chart" that details the process for approving the potential consolidation.

Noting that the "topic of consolidation has generated tremendous interest in Batavia in recent weeks," Town Supervisor Greg Post and City Council President Charlie Mallow today issued a joint statement endorsing the work of the joint consolidation planning committee. They also announced that by the end of the week the City and Town websites will have links to a special "Batavia Consolidation Plan" website so that area residents can stay informed about the planning process.

Mallow and Post pointed out that the actual work of developing the plan is the responsibility of the seven-member City/Town Consolidation Study Committee that is working with the Center for Governmental Research (CGR), a nonprofit consulting group based in Rochester. "We were both please with its decision — one recently endorsed by our respective boards — to move from a 'study' to a 'plan,'" they said.

Post added, "I'm a believer in smaller government and I'm action-oriented. This community does not need a study that sits on a shelf. It needs a plan so that Town voters have the choice of saying yes or no."

Mallow said, "I'm a firm believer in consolidating the City and Town, because there are so many benefits for our community going forward. Consolidation will positively impact every generation that comes after us."

They pointed out that the Committee will develop a report of model options for the combined community by June 1. The Committee will then hold community forums for the public to provide input in June and July. Based on the input, the Committee will develop a draft plan to present to the City Council and Town Board in early August. Assuming City Council and Town Board approve, a consolidation plan will be presented to City and Town voters at the November 3 election.

Please click here to download the full press release.

Chris Charvella

Will the public have access to the full text of the consolidation study? The flow chart is cute but there's no meat there.

Before anyone gets confused, I'm talking about access to the actual study not the plan. In my experience plans are written by the people who want them implemented and, as such, tend to hold infinitely less factual information than case studies.

Feb 2, 2009, 9:51pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Yes, full disclosure. There is nothing to hide and we are not going into this blind. The committee will post these issues on the consolidation website and people will be able to post questions that will be answered. Full disclosure is the key to this whole process; we are going to get out ahead of rumors and misinformation.

The flow chart explains the steps and shows when to expect the “meat”.

Feb 2, 2009, 10:05pm Permalink

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