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City Council: On the agenda for Monday

By Philip Anselmo

A public hearing on a change to parking violation fines will start off Monday's City Council meeting at 6:30pm. If the change passes — the vote will come at a subsequent meeting — the fine for a parking violation will increase from $25 to $50 if it is not paid within ten days of the violation.

Other than that, there are two more significant items up for discussion and vote by the Council at the business meeting. They are:

  • In the hopes of recovering costs to the city for engineering services and permits, a charge of $500 will be applied to all residential homes, $2,500 for commercial and industrial properties (per structure). Not exactly a fee, explained Council President Charlie Mallow, the charges would cover the cost to the city if an outside firm was needed for the engineering services, so that the cost would not come from city funds. The charge is also flexible and could be partially refunded if the cost to the city is less, he said.
  • A $4 million contract for the reconstruction of Walnut Street. The project would be handled by CATCO of Alden, N.Y. Before that project begins, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation will remove some light poles from the street and replace or fix others.

Councilman Bob Bialkowski has requested permission to speak about "surplus properties" at the conference meeting that will immediately follow. City Council will then hold an executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

Both meetings will be held on the second floor of City Hall on Main Street.

The complete agenda materials can be downloaded from WBTA's Web site.

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