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News roundup: Traffic woes

By Philip Anselmo

Residents of Batavia's southside neighborhood assembled outside the home of Anne Marie Starowitz on Chestnut Street yesterday to talk traffic, according to the Daily News. Several city officials came out. Also on hand were engineers from FRA Engineering, the firm that is handling the construction of the Oak Street roundabout.

Reporter Joanne Beck writes:

[Residents] fear what may happen once a roundabout project gets going next spring ... at the intersection of Walnut, South Main, Pearl, Oak and Franklin streets. The plan includes a detour along Route 98, at Law Street, to alleviate some traffic congestion near the construction zone. All of that detoured traffic will then spill into the southside neighborhood, the Starowitz's said.

Councilwoman Rose Mary Christian passed out a letter that said other parts of the city have also been affected by construction projects. That sounds like a good point to make. When we're talking about downtown construction projects and traffic detours, isn't there always a neighborhood that has to bear the brunt of it?

Anne Marie Starowitz:

"My major concern is this is just politics as usual. It's done, and your voice means nothing. These (City Councilmen) are elected to represent us. I'm really concerned about the children."

Residents were told that their concerns will be taken to the city for consideration.

Speaking of construction, the Genesee County Economic Development Center is about finished with all of its projects for the season, save for the Genesee Valley Agri-Business Park. Work will get underway on that project this fall, weather permitting.

Speaking of traffic, a pickup truck was engulfed in flames at the intersection of Lewiston Road and Veterans Memorial Drive in the town of Batavia yesterday afternoon. Traffic through the area was redirected while fire crews put out the blaze.

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John Roach

This detour did not just come up overnight, and they know it. It was covered in great detail in the paper last year. Why do they think the Law Street bridge was redone? It was made very clear why. It was for this road project. To say this is "politics" is stupid. Where did they think the traffic was going to go? I bet they did not complain when the Law Street bridge was closed last year and the traffic could not go by their house. I didn't ehar anyone on Walnut Street complain about the extra traffic, because they knew it had to be done and would not last forever. It seems that only Councilwoman Christian was upfront and saying this is too late to change a multi million dollar project, years in the planning.

Sep 25, 2008, 11:40am Permalink
Daniel Jones

I agree with John, this has been on the books for years. This is a safety issue, coming onto South Main and from the 33 is very dangerous. I had to go by it every day on my way to work this summer and nearly got clipped a few times as a result of the current set-up, this needs to change to prevent further accidents.

"Politics as usual,", quite frankly I disagree with that assessment, this is doing what needs to be done in an efficient manner for all of the residents of Batavia.

Sep 25, 2008, 12:20pm Permalink
Patrick D. Burk

There does not seem to be too much that can be done about normal traffic while the new circle is devised BUT can't we look for a safer way to detour large trucks etc out of the city???? That would be my biggest concern. I think residents should stick to their guns until at least the large trucks are detoured in a different manor. UP route 77 to Rte 5 will take them out of thier way...but it is not through our city streets. It is the Thruway they are after they can get on it in Pembroke.

ONLY LOCAL deliveries allowed.

Sep 25, 2008, 12:38pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

You cannot detour your traffic into another municipality. City staff is looking for ways to ease the pain but, construction is painful.

The politics statement is just out of place.

Sep 25, 2008, 12:50pm Permalink
John Roach

YOU CAN NOT SEND YOUR TRAFFIC INTO ANOTHER TOWN. Many of the biggest trucks will go up 77 all on their own, if they are going west on the 90.

Sep 25, 2008, 12:56pm Permalink
John Roach

Sure there are limits, but exceptions are made for detours. Again, that is why they rebuilt the Law Street Bridge. This whole project has been public for two years and this was all looked into. If people didn't pay attention, or bother attending the meetings that were in the paper, I am sorry. But the people on Chestnut Street had to know when the bridge was closed that was the reason why. Do they think years of planning are going away now, at the very last minute?
I would not be happy if I was them either, but this detour is no surprise.

Sep 25, 2008, 1:22pm Permalink

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