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Poll: What would you ask the governor?

By Philip Anselmo

Folks in the region will have several opportunities to meet and speak with our governor in February. An article in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports this morning that Gov. David Paterson will hold a series of at least four town-hall style meetings upstate to "allow residents to ask questions and interact with the governor on the ideas he lays out in the State of the State address." Gov. Paterson will give his State of the State this Wednesday at 1:00pm.

Of those meetings that have so far been scheduled, three will be held within a short distance of Batavia: one in Buffalo on February 18, one in Rochester on February 11 and another in Geneseo on February 12. Others will likely be held in Watertown and Binghamton.

From the article:

Paterson has moved away from Spitzer's plan to split up some state duties, particularly economic development, into upstate and downstate branches. Paterson has argued that New York is one state with a united purpose.

Andrew Rudnick, president of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, said an upstate address isn't necessary so long as the governor gives the region the attention it needs.

If the symbolism of an upstate speech, "isn't followed up by definitive policy and asset allocation, what much difference does it make?" he said.

Most people would likely agree that the most pressing issue now facing the state is the budget crisis. A few weeks ago, Paterson released his budget proposal that caused quite a stir. We've put together a poll with a few topics that might come up when the governor visits upstate. Pick whichever you most want to hear about. I figure that the budget proposal will likely be a major part of the State of the State this Wednesday, so try to think what's most important to upstate other than that.

What should the Governor discuss when he visits Upstate?
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JT Hunt

i would like see NY divided into two states. smaller state govts COULD be more effecient. emphasis on "could" because greed can ruin any system ranging from anarchy to communism. maybe have the WNY and NY border near albany. make WNY capital syracuse. let NYC keep its insurance fraud, crime, pollution, millionaires, traffic, BILLION dollar sports venues and taxes. hell, NYC could be it's own state. it has double the population of the state of KY. my ancestors may have worked their way up to wny rock quarries from ellis island, but i feel no relation or compassion for any of the 5 boroughs. if the apocalypse started down there, i'd enjoy the benefit of the added glowing light to my tree stand. folks always say "u from NY!?! been 2 Broadway?" i tell them "yeah, rt 20 is a nice drive, i enjoyed hauling milk for the dairy farms." anyways, playboy Spitzer called it right when he described upstate NY as the "Appalaicha of NY." right - o elliot. wny is like WV to NYC's VA. minus the economic benefit of coal mines. yikes. soon enough there will be two ny states. ps - i'd willingly endure batavia again if it would bring back a mayor. a small town needs one leader. only megatropolis need to have sectional representation. stop the big town dreamin and schemin on such a winter's day...

Jan 6, 2009, 12:52pm Permalink
JT Hunt

u think unifying the state would be easier than making the 2 distinct economic, geographic rifts separate entities? my diatribe was cathartic, but i have felt this way about NYC ever since i went there at age 8. i respect their resolve to live there, but i also equate survival in that enviornment to that of a cockroach. it takes a resolve of ignorance to be able to daily walk past several homeless beggers and not give out any money. i just can't do that. or walk around and not make eye contact. i will never be de - humanized. believe me, not even the USAF could do that. although they damn sure tried! lol

Jan 7, 2009, 10:07am Permalink

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