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Prepping for the primary... Michele Iannello

By Philip Anselmo

This is the fifth post in our series about the two heated Democrat primary battles that will be decided at the polls Tuesday. Read our earlier post for the full details.

In anticipation of these races, we sent out the same question to all six candidates and asked each to please respond by the end of the day today. We've heard from three so far. We'll publish those and add the others as they come in. We asked the candidates a pretty open-ended two-part question: What are your final thoughts heading into the primary? What would you want the voter to have in mind about you as he or she heads to the polls?

We will publish each one in the order that we received it.

Fifth is Michele Iannello, candidate for the 61st Senate District. Iannello had this to say:

Unfortunately this primary has been plagued by outsiders slinging mud and trying to tell real Western New Yorkers who to vote for. I am proud to have stayed out of the muck despite the barrage of slime slung at me. Through out this campaign I am the only candidate who has been talking about real ideas to get Western New York back on the right track. With my 40 ideas in 40 days blog on my website, I have talked about specific, real proposals to change Albany. I would like voters to remember when they vote that actions speak louder than words. While some candidates talk about change I have been on the front lines fighting for it. I have a proven record of change that voters can trust to send to Albany.

We have not yet received a response from Jack Davis. He is the only candidate yet to respond.

Be sure to check with The Batavian Tuesday night. We will be posting election results as they are announced.

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