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Michele Iannello

September 8, 2008 - 5:53pm
posted by Philip Anselmo in politics, election, Michele Iannello, senate.

This is the fifth post in our series about the two heated Democrat primary battles that will be decided at the polls Tuesday. Read our earlier post for the full details.

In anticipation of these races, we sent out the same question to all six candidates and asked each to please respond by the end of the day today. We've heard from three so far. We'll publish those and add the others as they come in. We asked the candidates a pretty open-ended two-part question: What are your final thoughts heading into the primary? What would you want the voter to have in mind about you as he or she heads to the polls?

We will publish each one in the order that we received it.

Fifth is Michele Iannello, candidate for the 61st Senate District. Iannello had this to say:

Unfortunately this primary has been plagued by outsiders slinging mud and trying to tell real Western New Yorkers who to vote for. I am proud to have stayed out of the muck despite the barrage of slime slung at me. Through out this campaign I am the only candidate who has been talking about real ideas to get Western New York back on the right track. With my 40 ideas in 40 days blog on my website, I have talked about specific, real proposals to change Albany. I would like voters to remember when they vote that actions speak louder than words. While some candidates talk about change I have been on the front lines fighting for it. I have a proven record of change that voters can trust to send to Albany.

We have not yet received a response from Jack Davis. He is the only candidate yet to respond.

Be sure to check with The Batavian Tuesday night. We will be posting election results as they are announced.

September 4, 2008 - 12:27pm
posted by Howard B. Owens in Michele Iannello, Joe Mesi, Dan Ward.

OK, maybe you knew this already, but it's news to me.

Michele Iannello, and Erie County legislator and Democratic candidate for the 61st State Senate District is married to Erie County Board of Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward.

If that isn't weird enough, Dennis is the brother of one of the other candidates in the race, Dan Ward.

According to this Tonawanda News story.

The third candidate, boxer Joe Mesi’s, is not, as far as I know, but correct me if I'm wrong, related to any of the three.

Oh, and the real point of the Tonawanda News story is how Mesi and Iannello and hurling charges back and forth.

As Erie County Legislator Michele Iannello renewed her request for an evaluation of Joe Mesi’s campaign finances, Mesi’s camp struck back with a charge of their own.

Their concern over the integrity of Tuesday’s elections stems from Iannello’s husband, Erie County Board of Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward, also the brother of third candidate Dan Ward not responding to Mesi’s request that Commissioner Ward recuse himself from oversight of Tuesday’s elections.

On a somewhat related note: We've asked all three candidates to respond to a short questionnaire, and none have yet responded.

September 3, 2008 - 2:33pm
posted by Patrick D. Burk in Democrats, Elections, Michele Iannello, Senate District.

You know sometimes first impressions are right.  Often that is not the case with politicians.  In an effort to ingratiate large numbers of party members to thier campaign they often are nice to all and go out of thier way to show interest in you and your ideas.  Basically, you get a bunch of smiling candidates that nod thier heads to comments you make and inflect that they are caring.  I have seen a ton of that this year with our Senate and Congressional Races.

In the 61st Senate Race, I did see someone different.  I also did a ton of homework to insure that if I supported this person,  I would not be disappointed in the outcome.  I am very careful whom I endorse for political office because I want to be sure that those I tell others to vote for really are deserving.  I also weigh heavy the service that they will support and provide for our children.  The City of Batavia residents and our Youth Bureau fought hard for our kids last year in maintaining our Youth Bureau standards.  One of the reasons, was that there was constant support from our current State Senator, Mary Lou Rath.  I liked Mary Lou.  She is a classy lady that liked her constituents and it showed.  She was a helper, she listened and she reacted.  She served us well.

This Primary Season, we have three candidates in the Democrat Party asking for our support to be placed on the ballot in November.  The object is to pick the one that will serve the Senate District the best as well as be a listener, a problem solver and a helper.  In listening and talking and reading, I have realized which one of the three would be the best for us and the youth of our 61st Senate District.  I care about the young people in Batavia and Genesee County.   I want to see who will stand with them and deliver education, services and opportunities.  I want to maintain the high level of service we have enjoyed with Mary Lou Rath.

Michele Iannello is that person.  She has the experience, the will and the grit to make our district important in Albany.  I also think she will represent our children and fight for our Western New York area.  She has sound ideas about limiting the rural tax burden and knows that most of what local governments have to deal with are mandates from the state.  She rightly realizes that the change we need for economic stimulus upstate really needs to come from Albany.  Time after time, she tells it like it is without the sugar-coating or nodding head.  Michele Iannello has proven that she will represent all of us, including the Batavia and Genesee County area.  We will be an intrical part of her constiuency. 

Needless to say, my first impression was right.  I know Michele Iannello will talk, listen and support all of us, but first Democrats need to support her.   Please vote in next Tuesday's Democratic Primary and for the sake of our young people and our future.  Please pull the lever for Michele Iannello.   


August 28, 2008 - 3:15pm
posted by Patrick D. Burk in Democrats, Jon Powers, Elections, Jack Davis, Michele Iannello.

So here we are.  Only in Western New York would the Democrat Party take a wonderful chance and screw it up by having two forced primaries.  Now I know this is the Amercian way of democracy....but it goes to prove what has been said before, " I don't belong to an organized political party.... I am a Democrat."   Here we sit and with just a few days to the Primary,  the Democratic Candidates for Congress are battling on the airwaves, in the media and on the stump.  One has too much money, one has raised money wrong and from the wrong people and one did legal work for chemical companies at Love Canal so therefor she must be a demon.  Whew...and we thought Clinton and Barack were ununifiable? (THANK GOD THAT IS OVER AS WELL!!!!!!)  

The most important thing the Democratic Party had to do was to have a strong candidate to win against the Republican, rich guy - power broker and overseas job shipper who turned more jobs over to overseas companies and sold out on Western New York. I guess the Republican guy just wants to earn his Western New York Congressional salary and live in Washington, DC.  I hear the cherry blossoms are beautiful there.  Let's hope the rich can't buy thier ticket to see them....let's hope the voters look long and hard at this one.

Anyway...that is what is happening on the Congressional side.

On a "happier" note (Did I say Happier????), the race to run for the 61st Senate Seat is also equally challenging for the Donkeycrats.  (Are you sure I said happier???) Here we have a popular, hard-working, competent Erie County Legislator who is endorsed by the County Democratic Committees pitted against a former boxer and "you guessed it"....Her brother-in-law.  If this was Texas, this would be a episodic plot for that old TV Show "Dallas".  As the Republicans put up yet another upper crust muckety-muck, the Democrats roll around in the muck to see who can run and win 8 weeks later.  I am keeping my idea for a TV Script because there has to be one in here somewhere.  I can just see the pan of the camera on the field as the three candidates come toward the camera on sturdy horses... the dust settling as their faces are shot one-by-one into the camera frame with dour expressions..... too funny...anyway I digress.

 I am a BIG supporter of Mary Lou Rath and have always known that her shoes would be hard to fill...she truly cares about our communities and serves us well.  She will be a tough act to follow. Michele Iannello is a tough woman with a lot to be said about what she will do for this district.  She, like Mary Lou, cares about us and our communities.  The brother-in-law, on the other hand, has run for many public offices including Eire County Legislator and Executive, has won a few and has lost a few.  He currently sits on the Amherst Town Board and he talks a lot about his past......maybe that is because there isn't too much on his plate for the future.....I think Amherst should keep him.

Then we have Baby Joe Mesi.....nice guy.  While I was President of the New York State Junior Chamber of Commerce I bestowed upon him the honor of Outstanding New Yorker.  This was given to him because of his powerful approach to being a positive influence on young people's lives.  He didn't just box.... he showed us all what an organized program for young people can do?  He cares about his community.  I give him that much but I guess I find that the toughness that a boxer needs to survive is just not what I think we need in the "Ring of Albany".....  You need to be smart, savvy and quick.  You need to look for opportunities to help Western New York and you have to bring that home.  Baby Joe is a nice guy.....Michele Iannello is a hard-working public servant.  I hope when the dust settles, Baby Joe will still be doing his community service and the brother-in-law is sent back to Amherst.  Let the tough lady from Kenmore take on the upper crusty Republican in the General Election.

So that is that.  Instead of duking it out and coming up with two solid candidates...one for each position, the Democrats come up with three, forcing a primary that is sure not to hand any one candidate the 50% for either race. In the midst of this whirl of politics, we can only hope that the regrouping, refunding and campaigning can be accomplished in 8 short weeks, but then again...I wish all elections in total only took 8 weeks.  I wonder if I would miss all the signs in my yard....  Please vote in the Democrat Primary.


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