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A wintry mix will make for slick roads tonight and tomorrow

By Philip Anselmo

We've received yet another winter weather advisory from the National Weather Service. This one goes into effect tonight at 8:00pm through 5:00pm tomorrow.

A wintry mix will produce slippery travel tonight through Wednesday. Light snow is expected to overspread the Niagara Frontier, Genesee Valley and northern Finger Lakes this evening. The light snow will change to sleet and freezing rain from southwest to northeast after midnight. Occasional light freezing rain and freezing drizzle is expected to continue through Wednesday. The freezing rain may change to just rain later Wednesday with temperatures rising just above freezing.

Snow accumulations of 1 to 2 inches are possible before the changeover. Ice accumulations of up to a tenth of an inch are possible.

Be careful out there. This doesn't sound like the worst we've had—freezing drizzle isn't all that intimidating—but even a tenth of an inch of ice can cause some hairy driving conditions.


I _just_ posted an article on this. Except this wasn't on the front page before I started typing this up.

I was secretly hoping that I would beat you to the punch, sort to speak.

Jan 6, 2009, 7:48am Permalink
Philip Anselmo

Chris: You nearly did! Thanks so much for getting up your post. But yeah, I try to get rolling by 7:00am most mornings. Dan Fischer usually beats me to the punch — his morning updates often go up shortly after 6:15am!

However, it's not always the case that I'm up and on the Net so early. It's good to know there are folks such as yourself out there willing and able to step in and inform the people.

Thank you.

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That's how I get weather alerts. The Weather Channel ( also has a service that sends e-mail and text message alerts.

I'm a fan of RSS and text message alerts. I don't like to hunt down important news. I rather have weather/school closings/serious accidents/etc sent right to my phone while I use RSS to look at less important/immediate events.

P.S. Before you say something, I already abuse The Batavian's RSS feed.

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JT Hunt

i live near columus, oh. we just got WHACKED with worst ice storm of an active icy season so far. so far only been 3 inches of snow here this winter, but we may have a similar accumalated total of ice. damn these ice storms. hope u folks back home are only in the snow zone. god speed and good luck. eh.

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