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Molino gets raise on 7-1 council vote

By Howard B. Owens

Without discussion, but with one dissenting vote, the Batavia City Council tonight approved a 2.8 percent pay raise for City Manager Jason Molino.

The vote came following a closed session and before the vote, Council President Charlie Mallow read a statement expressing the council's support for Molino.

Councilman Bill Cox voted no and said after the meeting his decision was based on a "personnel matter" and wouldn't reveal the reason for his no vote.

"I felt at this time a raise was not in order and that's all I want to say," Cox said.

Mallow characterized the pay increase as a cost-of-living raise that Molino wouldn't have gotten if he didn't deserve it.

Prior to the vote, Mallow said, each council member submitted a review of Molino's work.

“The city is in good shape and a lot of that has to do with our city manager," Mallow said. "The council supports the city manager and that’s the reason for the raise."

The motion passed 7-1, with Council Bob Bialkowski absent.

Molino was also not at the meeting.

UPDATE: Councilman Cox released this statement this morning:

"The primary reason that I voted against the raise for City Manager Molino is the same reason I voted against the raises for the other non-union staff previously, which is economics.

Our citizens and taxpayers have heavy burdens of property taxes, school taxes, and water/sewer taxes. We have property owners and citizens who have lost their jobs due to the economy. We have retired people on pensions that have been reduced and those same retired citizens have lost health benefits or had them reduced in many cases.

When you are in a position of senior management and leadership you should demonstrate to the people that you understand the dire circumstances many are under and forgo a raise until the economy turns around."

Mary E DelPlato

This just strengthens my belief that all them people that suk off the hard workin struggling tax payers so they can live a life of comfort are dirty, evil, low life scum! They talk the talk to get voted in then turn on the people when they get voted in. When Mr Molino first came into the mix and laughed at the pay that was offer the city council should have grown some cahungas and said well theres the door because thats exactly what us tax payers would say. But we dont really have a voice now do we? Im making plans to move out of here no matter how long it takes.

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Michael Del Plato


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Karen Miconi

Its so sad to see families like yours,{Mary and Mike) who have had many generations of family, that have deep roots here in Batavia, feel like they have to move out. I can only hope the selfish ones on city payroll are taught a lifes lesson. Not by me or anything, but by GOD. Like Lori Ann Santini said at the meeting, the decision to end the ambulance service, has taken a toll on our Firemen, Emt's and taxpayers. The Damage Has Been Done. The Moral of our Bravest has been destroyed. For her, and the families of our EMT's it became personal, and put them through unsermountalble stress,and fear, for their future.
I hope Mr. Molino never has someone go after everything he's worked for all his life, and attack the very foundation of his existance, career, and family. And to eliminate his position, so they don't have to pay him a retirement, pension, health insurance, it is a Bitter Pill, I hope you never have to swallow! Disgraceful!!
To not show his face in public, and to not attend the meeting?? To pull council members in a room for a secret meeting? Is that the norm? Suspicious... What does he expect people to think. Would he trust someone that dodged him all the time? NOOOO
Mr. Molino, you should have declined the raise In MY Opinion...Because of the struggling economic state of our country.
One Word "MAYOR"
Elected by the people, for the people

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Ken Toal

They don't care if the people living in the city can buy food or medicine, pay utility bills or even rent a movie. They can, and they will raise your taxes every year so THEY CAN. I have said it before and I'll say it again, services in this city are no better and we are paying more for them. Very few people get a raise every year, so not everyone can afford a tax increase EVERY YEAR, YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR!! Between the idiot in the White House, the head office in Albany and Batavia City Hall, WE ARE ALL SCREWED.

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Howard B. Owens

What, do people want to turn Batavia into a socialist Mecca?

Last I checked, Batavia was part of America, which contrary to some assertions from both the left and the right, is still a capitalist country.

In my life, I've made a LOT more than I'm making now. And I've made less. I've had my financial hard times, and my good times.

I've NEVER, EVER resented, no matter what my financial status, what another person makes, be it Donald Trump, Chris Lee, Howard Hughes or Jason Molino.

I don't care if Molino made $200,000 a year. If you can convince your employer to pay the salary, you DESERVE the salary. And if you think you're not making enough and you're worth more -- then you should leave and seek your fair compensation. If nobody is willing to pay what you think you're worth, that's your tough luck.

And the reason employers give raises is because they're concerned that good employees will leave.

Whether you agree or disagree with what Mr. Molino has done, the fact is, at least SEVEN of the council members believe he's done a good job and is deserving of a raise. Jason would be a fool not to take the raise. I wouldn't want a top manager running my city who is that foolish, because that would mean he doesn't value money and is more likely to spend it unwisely. If you have a problem with the raise, the issue is with the council, not Jason.

There is a place where they used to believe that all people should make the same amount of money -- they called that fantasy land the Soviet Union. How well did that work out?

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Ken Toal

All the big corporations thought their managers needed more money too, see what happened there didn't you? Lets see, oh yea, the Federal Government bailed them out, oh wait a minute, my taxes went up again. Gotta love it!!

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John Roach

Just for the record, the ambulance workers will still get a pension, based on the number of years they worked, but of course it will not be as much as it might have been.

Of course, on this site many people also complain about them getting any pension at all, so you just can't win.

Did you vote in the last City election two years ago, or did you sit on your rear end and watch TV?

There is an election this year for three council seats.
Are you going to vote this year, or just bitch?

And if you don't vote then should we take you as a serious person?

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Mary E DelPlato

omg so if ur not a voter u have no say? Doesnt a taxpayer have a right to voice his opinion on whats happenin with his money? Taxpaying voters have more rights?
I voted. But I voted in the hopes there would have been a positve change and guess what? That didnt happen.

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Karen Miconi

Yuck-Yuck Yuck John, I dont vote because I don't trust government. To each his own. Save your breath with me. Its falling on deaf ears. Oh and why dont you bitch about everyone elses opinions? You dont have to read my comments, nor do you have to waste your time speaking to me. Like you and a few others have said, I dont vote so my opinion means NOTHING. Thats fine with me John. Its all part of life. Just be you John, it shouldn't matter what people say. I believe in me, and my thoughts on this whole city thing. You should try to look at it from a non-voting taxpayers point of view. You will see this business in a whole new perspective. Oh and watch TV, we have antenna, or DTV now, and only get a few channels. Thats also fine with me, Its just not in our budget. We dont really watch to much TV. I am taking care of my ailing parents. It is heartbreaking, and keeps me very busy.
I mean you no disrespect

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John Roach


The tax payer and non tax payer, has right to say anything, but if they don't vote, why waste your time?

You voted and didn't get what you want. Then vote again and get your friends to vote also.

You read what people are saying, but already some are making excuses for not going to vote. Then they'll complain that the elected officals don't listen to them. Just how dumb is that?

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Mary E DelPlato

I voted on what they promised and it all "sounded" like they were for a positive change. Look at
Batavia now compared to the 70s, its like a ghost town. On a Saturday afternoon you can stand at one end and shout and hear the echo at the other end. Theres nothing here for adults and kids alike. Businesses dont want to come here omg theyre leaving. Not only are houses up for sale but some are being auctioned off as well. I see things as they are not as we wish them to be. We drove through Brockport one Sunday afternoon and omg there were people downtown. Signs of life. This is a sad place to be. No decent paying jobs. No activity. Its not what it was and I see no moves to change that.

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Karen Miconi

John said:(Then they'll complain that the elected officals don't listen to them). John, they dont listen to any of us, voter or not. Thats a joke..

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Howard B. Owens

Ken, you're logic doesn't follow. Just because some companies made bad decisions in who and how they decided to compensate doesn't undercut the free market system. The point of the free market system is that over the statistical average, the winners do better than the losers. When you stop playing the game and make everybody equal, that's when you lose. Also the events you reference are FAR more complex than how you reference them.

Karen, as I've said before, it's your right not to vote, but you SERIOUSLY undermine your credibility when you constantly complain, with nary ever a positive thing to say about any thing or anybody in the city, but brag about not voting. There is no logical connection between not trusting the government and not voting. That's a shallow excuse. You have a right not to vote, and you have a right to complain even as you don't vote, but the rest of us have a right to not take you seriously, because the facts as you present them about yourself are more of somebody who just doesn't care enough to try and make a difference.

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Karen Miconi

Think what you want John. Howard knows what to do with me. Why doesnt he? Why do you read my comments? Maybe because I do make good points. I dont know.. As for me bragging about not voting. Your the ones who keep bringing it up, not me. I am sick of what I see going on all the time on here. Oh and John I am a happy, positive, person, and do comment positively on other issues, and news. Like Charlie said, Im a little different on here, than I am in public, and he's right.

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Howard B. Owens

Just to be clear, Karen (and for anybody else who needs the clarification and definitions), you leave comments on blog posts. Comments are not blogs. A blog is defined by having an individual URL and are comprised of blog posts. A comment is not a blog. And a blog post is not a blog. It is a post on a blog. "Blogs" would refer to multiple different Web sites, not to a collection of posts on a single site, nor to the comments on individual blog posts.

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Karen Miconi

Thanks Howard,,,, I Think, How confusing, OK I fixed it. You know Howard it is exausting having to defend myself all the time. I just dont understand why I am attacked for my opinion, when so many others say similar things, insult, and name call, and you do nothing? Maybe thats what fuels my comments. Why do you allow it only from some? Im going to bed, we've beat this dead horse enough..

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Ken Toal

Howard, what I am getting at is, The big corporations paid the money they could not afford to pay for so long they were going broke. If this city were a business it would have had to file for bankruptcy long ago. But they keeping paying and keep going to the poor tax payers saying YOU WILL GIVE US MORE!!!

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Charlie Mallow

Karen, please be the same person on-line and off.

You should also be proud of where you live. I have been pretty much everywhere in this country. There is no better place to live and I am sure you already know that.

Please register to vote too, you know better.

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Howard B. Owens

Just saying ... , Karen.

Also, to anybody who makes the assertion that businesses don't want to come here ... I brought my business here, Ken Mistler is in the process of opening three businesses, and though I disagree with the tax breaks given Coffee Culture, they're coming, and Cricket just opened a new store front downtown, and in the past year or so Larry's Steakhouse opened, and Kravings just opened, and Clor's expanded to a new location, and Great Kutz opens this week, and every vacant store front on Main Street has had people looking at them recently, and Coldstone (though I won't step foot in there) just opened ... oh, and Calista Miakoda on Ellicott, and I know of another retail business planning a location on Ellicott, and another young man opening a business on Main Street soon, plus the health food store opening on Main Street soon.

And I deal with local business owners every day and they're generally optimistic and upbeat about Batavia.

So it's just utter nonsense this constant assertion that businesses don't want to come to Batavia or open in Batavia.

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Charlie Mallow

Karen, emotions get the best of all of us sometimes. We are all trying to make the city better, how we do that is up for debate. The idea that we are trying is not, even for Jason.

Mary, calling people names isn't nice. Be nice.

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Charlie Mallow

Mary, we all don't like taxes but, those people do work for their money. You should not call them names, it's not nice and you know that.. They are good people with families, who have bills and taxes to pay too.

Have a goodnight and try to think about something less stressfull.

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Mark Potwora

I believe in voting for the person you want elected.But in defense of Karen who chooses not to vote for what ever reason thats her right..And as long as she pays taxes in this city she has every right to complain about how they spend her money.Or how the city is run..To me it should be more about those who pay the taxes who should have a voice in what happens in this city..Alot of time when you vote you have no option of who to elect..Look at the race for mayor in Buffalo..No republician running.So today's democratic primary will deciede who will be the mayor..Where's the option there..Who can they vote for in november ..All raises for city personal at this time is just plain wrong..Mr.Cox should be commended for standing up and saying no ..We need to start finding away to get rid of all the tax exempt property in this city..Make it more of a fair system..If Mr.Molino is so good at what he does,why are we paying the police 240,000 dollars,and why did we pay the fireman what we did..Maybe his negotiation skills need some work..

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Karen Miconi

The participation of voting-age eligible individuals in recent presidential elections has been embarrassingly low. The last time voter participation eclipsed 60 percent was in 1968, widely believed to be the nearest our country has come to falling apart at the seams since the Civil War. The years since 1968 have seen a high of 55.2 percent turnout in 1972 with a
low of 49.1 percent in 1996. Our bitterly contested most recent presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore weighed in at a light 51.3 percent turnout. Why is it that half the voting public doesn't think it worth such a minimal time and effort commitment to make their voice heard for the most powerful position on Earth?

While there's likely no one answer to why people don't vote, a sense of apathy and helplessness resounds when speaking with nonvoters. Talk to any nonvoter and you're likely to hear some of the following responses: 'My vote doesn't make a difference,' 'All the politicians are crooked anyway,' 'Politicians don't care about people like me,' or 'It's too much work to
try and keep all the politicians' promises straight and they don't follow through with them anyway.' Some of these statements may seem extreme, but they shed considerable light on the disillusionment felt by almost a plurality of the nonvoting citizenry.

The realization that many voters tend to vote AGAINST a specific candidate rather than FOR one only serves to further illustrate the need for change.

We've been taught it's our civic duty to show up on election day to help keep America strong, but how strong of a republic can be built when the system is set up in such a way that we
only have two choices, oftentimes choosing between bad and worse.

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Rich Martin

After reading all the above can I not comment. Charlie.. say what you want and defend it to the death.. you got your boy a raise at our expense. Seven of you think he deserved it..It's done ..let's move on.
In case you haven't picked up on it.. we Batavians are a proud and passionate, albeit sometimes a bit over-zelous, lot but that's who we are.

Mr Cox..It's refreshing to see you have a conscience and the strength to stand on your own two feet. Perhaps the other council members will take note.

Karen, about the mayor idea... most turn into little napolians after being in office for a time and the politics of the office generally get in the way of good government. beside the council president(no matter who sits in the seat) pretty much gets his/her way much like a mayor would anyway. ( I'm sure that statement will get a rise out of some!)
A note to Rick Gahagan...This is where you would insert one of your smart-ass remarks about what a bunch of whiners we are. You left Batavia ...pick on your new southern friends.

Sep 16, 2009, 9:01am Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

And you got all of that information from where?

There are oftentimes many more than two choices, and there is the option to write-in. By NOT voting, you are just helping to continue this government that you "don't trust". By voting you could create change, thus creating a government you would trust.

"The realization that many voters tend to vote AGAINST a specific candidate rather than FOR one only serves to further illustrate the need for change."

This has happened throughout the history of our country and other democracies/republics. Many people vote FOR the Republican simply to keep a Democrat out, but they are still voting for the person they think will do the best job.

"We've been taught it's our civic duty to show up on election day to help keep America strong"

I'm not sure what you were taught, but I was taught that voting is the only way I get to voice my opinion to the government. I don't necessarily believe in a "civic duty", but I do think men and women have fought and died for my right to vote and participate in choosing my government, and I will honor them and myself by voting.

"Why is it that half the voting public doesn't think it worth such a minimal time and effort commitment to make their voice heard for the most powerful position on Earth?"

Politicians, political scientists, and grassroots organizations have been trying to figure this out for ages. There are many actual reasons why people don't vote, such as lack of time, difficulty in registering, difficulty in getting to the polling site(s), and inability to keep up with politics. While I studied politics, I don't think I ever heard about a large number of people who said "I don't vote because I don't trust the government". There are democracy overseers who make sure elections around this world are free, and I don't think a single American election has ever been deemed "unfree" (although I'm willing to bet some of the ones in Detroit, Chicago and NYS have been rigged at some point). Distrusting the government isn't a good enough excuse, because not voting doesn't help that cause.

I could go on to rebut more of your points, but I don't want to "pick a fight" or "start something". I simply want to point out your argument is pretty weak for someone who always seems angry with what the city of Batavia is doing.

Sep 16, 2009, 9:09am Permalink
Richard Gahagan

Rich Martin? proud and passionate? More like mentally ill drama queens. Once you leave you realize how petty most folks are up there. Always finding something to complain about blowing trivial matters out of proportion, always angry about something. Always stickin their nose in other peoples business. Always talkin crap behind peoples back. My southern bruthas aint like that, so I can't pick on em. It's kinda nice actually not havin the whole town up your butt every single second of every single day.

Sep 16, 2009, 10:47am Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Rich, it is just your perception that the Council President always gets their way. The Council President is the spokesmen for Council so; I speak for all of Council. It just looks like everything is coming from me. I also act as a referee to a set of rules that the entire body agreed to so, it looks like I’m scolding other Council people at times. The real job is getting 9 people to agree on a course of action, that course is usually right down the middle. Without someone acting as a glue to bind things together you end up with a large committee that cannot agree on anything. Your statement that I always get my way doesn’t get a rise out of me, it is just untrue. I don’t always get my way.

For your information, Jason isn’t a friend of mine. We don’t have beers and we don’t watch football games. He is an employee of Council and a very good one. The small town politics and back biting should not be focused on a person good person like Jason either.

Sep 16, 2009, 11:18am Permalink
Julie A Pappalardo

At the end of the day. It's just WRONG. Taxes (on property owners) will be raised to pay for Jason's raise. Or maybe they will just unfairly raise assessments again (so they can say they didn't raise taxes).

I think that EVERYONE who pays taxes should go to City hall (or City CentRE) a.k.a. the Monstrosity on Main St. and pay their taxes and fines in rolled coins! THEN go and VOTE (yes YOU karen) OUT EVERY council member who voted for this raise (not to mention any of them who voted to raise taxes in the first place). It is time to revolt against the unfair taxes in the City. I mean what services do you get?

You are paying for the non profits!

My question is: how many non profits are there in 14020? How much real estate is that? How much tax revenue are we missing out on??

Sep 16, 2009, 11:25am Permalink
Rich Martin

Thank You Richard Gahagan..I knew you wouldn't let me down!
By the way.. I know I'm over opinionated but you...How can you make a moronic statement like the above about thousands of people who live, work and are raising families here? You actually believe everyone here is like that? From one mentally ill drama queen to another... If what you stated above were actually true..I would have left too!

Sep 16, 2009, 11:44am Permalink
Bea McManis

So let me get this straight.
Tax the non-profits, that includes all the places of worship, right?
Then proclaim that the government (ie, your tax dollars) shouldn't be in the charity business and that type of work should be done by faith based entities.
So tax the faith based (currently non-profit) and have them shoulder the burden of caring for those in need.
Do you think that will lower your taxes?
Oh, wait. You don't want public officials earning a decent wage. You don't want pensions paid to that segment of our community. You certainly don't want to pay for their health insurance.
Is that enough to lower your taxes?
What else should be cut to get your property taxes down to a level you feel is fair?
Fire protection? Should each homeowner who wants to be protected by a fire company pay dues to that company?
Get out of the fire protection business?
Police protection? Maybe we should only pay the police department when we use their services?
Sewer and water? Maybe we should all drill wells and get out of the water business?
Will that bring down your taxes?
How far do we go to bring down property taxes?
Yes, some of this sounds outlandish, but in previous posts, almost all of these have been suggested.
Where exactly do you want the cuts and how will impact the city?

Sep 16, 2009, 11:59am Permalink
Mary E DelPlato

lets fact the truth Batavia is dying and thats due to mismanagement period.
BTW Ken Toal are u related to Barb?
They really did her wrong didnt they? I dont know why she couldnt keep her position as an intern city inspector and a plumbing inspector as well. Politics as usual hey?

Sep 16, 2009, 1:41pm Permalink
jim stockman

Mr Mallow
To address a few of your posts.
First: Its a good thing that emotions dont get the best of us sometimes.
Second:I dont think for a second you are not attempting to make improvments Batavia.Its the method that baffels me.
Third: Public employees do get paid by your taxes and for the most part work hard for their pay and should not be called names ( see some of your past posts).
I was a public employee of the City of Batavia. I did my job very well and over 9 years saved many lives in the city and county, But alas due to poor managment by the past city manager and past fire chief my job was lost. If at any time a City official would have Hired one person with Ambulance managment experience and the profits not put into a general fund, 24 people would still have their jobs and the city would be making money.
Lastly: I think Jason should get what he deserves.I think of him as a friend and hold no grudge against him for my current situation.You however are another story.You took money from the Fire Union to get elected and look what you and your lemmings did.Sorry thats not NICE.

Sep 16, 2009, 2:14pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

I spent $5000 of my own money to run for office, I received a $200 donation from the fire union. I completely understand that at this point if the union membership thinks that was a bad investment and that in the long run I didn’t help the cause much. On the flip side, there are a lot of the taxpayers in this city think I folded to the union contract demands over the years and have treated them too good.

My first duty was always to the city, donation or not.

Sep 16, 2009, 3:27pm Permalink
Richard Gahagan

Mr Martin see what I mean people there are sick in the head and you can call my statement moronic but when I lived there people that didn't even know me and had never even met - gave me crap. Look what they're doin here to Jason. No one deserves to be ridiculed for doin a their job or maybe its gotten so bad and depressing to live in the area that people are just envious of anyone that simply has a decent job. Or as they say down these parts its time for Jason to stomp a mudhole in someones butt and walk it dry.

Sep 16, 2009, 5:27pm Permalink
Howard B. Owens

Jason Molino is the top non-elected official in Genesee County. As such, I have some expectation that he can take his lumps. Nobody is exempt from criticism, and when you take a job in the public eye, you should expect some criticism and just deal with it.

But name calling is out of bounds.

I just deleted two posts that engaged in name calling.

Sep 16, 2009, 8:18pm Permalink
nick driscoll

hey Howard please let me know what am i allowed to call this kid. Michael Del Plato got away with "bastards" and "son ot a bitch" where do you draw the line?

Sep 16, 2009, 10:03pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Nick, here is an idea, try something new. Why not treat others the same way you would like to be treated. Maybe in a small town, it's not rational for you to call someone who lives a few blocks from you a bastard or a "son of a bitch". You never know how someone could react to that...

I would suggest Mr. Molino.

Sep 16, 2009, 10:40pm Permalink
Howard B. Owens

Nick, in your initial comment (that I deleted), the name calling was directed as a specific individual. That is not the case with Mr. Del Plato's comment. While I find Mr. Del Plato's comment less than civilized, I have some tolerance for crudeness (I better, since I can be pretty crude myself sometimes). He does broad brush city employees, which arguably I should not allow, but for whatever reason I let it go. But in your initial comment, you took the name calling at a specific individual and your second comment that I deleted, while not aimed at a specific individual, repeated the language in a way that taken together your meaning was clear.

I'm not opposed to using specific words that some might find profane or inappropriate, per se (depends often on context), but when you aim them at a specific individual, that's crossing a line. Nobody deserves to be called names.

Sep 16, 2009, 10:51pm Permalink
Mary E DelPlato

My brother Mike whom I love dearly and many like many many other Americans is goin through a trying time. Being laid off from a very comfortable position it is difficult to adjust to lower income and still have to supply monies to those who are not worried bout what to put on their table or which bill to pay and which one to let go. This pay increase is a slap in the face for those who are struggling to make ends meet and part of that struggle is watchin thier money go to someone who has it much better. I cant understand why this is so difficult for those who live off of taxpayers to figure this out. I am tired of speakin up because it falls on deft ears. Obviously no matter what we say we are not heard.

Sep 16, 2009, 11:11pm Permalink
Howard B. Owens

Mary, do you realize that just a few months ago I was earning five times what I'm making now? The idea that my "cost of living adjustment" should mean that somebody else shouldn't get a raise they earned is just plain offensive to my capitalist ears. My change in circumstances in no way has anything to do with the opportunities for others. Granted, I made a conscious decision to stick with The Batavian rather than pursue another executive job, but it's still quite a change in living standards. I don't judge anybody who has had to make similar adjustments, but neither do I judge those who have an opportunity to better themselves. A 2.8 percent raise is nothing, really. It's a nice token gesture on the part of the Council to express support for an employee they obviously support. Again, we might argue with the job Jason has done, but clearly the Council supports him, and so long as the bosses support you, you should get your raises.

Sep 16, 2009, 11:18pm Permalink
Karen Miconi

I hear you Mary. Tell Mike to remember, he's not the only one going through this, and also tell him to think of the suffering in the world. Things could be worse, be thankful. That always makes me feel better. Tell him to keep praying too. God is there listening, and watching over all of us. We will be ok...

Sep 16, 2009, 11:20pm Permalink
Rich Martin

Mr. Gahagan, I find your mental illness comments offensive, not the point you are making. I just think your confused as to what mental illness is. Obviously there are a lot of people going through some hard times right now and thier frustrated, worried and some feel thier backs are to the wall and see no clear way out of the mess thier in. I have no idea why you left the area but it probably had to do with your employment.I speculate you did what you had to do to better your life, again I am making assumptions. A vast majority of the people who are in a bind just can't pick up and go. I just bothers me that you call these people names and blame them for being in the predicament thier in due to mental illness.
Yes people bitch and complain and human nature is to want what you don't have but people are who they are and God knows NONE of us are without fault. As for Jason I honestly believe that any person in the position of city administrator is going to take heat from the public just as the council members do. I comes with the job. As Charlie Mallow has stated over and over and over and over... his ,and the council's allegiance is to the city. People are just fed up with the tax-mans hand in thier pockets and we just don't feel like we're being heard.

On that note ..I'll step down from the podium

Sep 17, 2009, 8:14am Permalink
dan del plato

Howard, Mr. Malino's raise is coming out of taxpayers pockets! As Bil Cox said the times don't justify it! If Malino was the Pope he still wouldn't deserve a raise because of the present economic conditions! Look at the dairy farmers! Look at the job market in Batavia! Look at the increase of items in the supermarkets. I've seen ibcrease in the last 2 months of 40%! My health insurance increase almost 50%! In the last few weeks I've heard of over 120 people get laid off in the surrounding area! Unempolyment is 9.7% and they are predicting it to go up further! This is just the tip of the iceberg and your saying Malino should get a raise! Don't forget property taxes were increased, water rates were increased and the code enforcing goons have been making their rounds to raise revenue from the cash strapped citizens of Batavia! That's why the City is in good shape by taking more money from the citizens!

Sep 18, 2009, 12:15am Permalink
dan del plato

Charlie, I've seen your comments and I'm really disappointed in you! When you ran you promised to keep cost down. You did just the opposite! You stated you won't run again and that's the best's thing you can do! Mr. Buckely ran on the same platform and lied also! He's running again and what a shame! Bill Cox. has his hand on the pulse on the City, County, State, and Country! It is an out right same for people who work for the government(We the People) to be getting raises when millions of people are out work! The citizens would hope the elected officials would see this but it seems alot are blind! One would question binding arbitration when so many people are out of work! One wold question the Taylor law when individuals working for the government could be replaced by the private sector and still get a good pay! The only redeeming thing about the situation in the city of Batavia is that more good peopel will get involved. Bill's comments I'm sure hit a nerve. Look at the turn out for North Street extension. Posting comments like news talk shows are useless with out action. It's like smelling the cow shit in the barn but not taking it out!

Sep 18, 2009, 12:43am Permalink
Bea McManis

I can't help but wonder why all of those who are so critical of the City of Batavia government don't run for council.
It appears that many of you have the answers that will save the city. Why not run?
It is easy to sit at the computer and criticize the decisions made by council.
* They are spending too much money? Get on the council and be the 'no' vote that will prevent that.
* They want to raise taxes? Get on the council and be the "no" vote that will prevent that.
* Is there a vote to continue services? Get on the council and be the "no" vote that will save the citizens money.
* Are the unions killing our city? Get on the council and be the driving force to bust them.
* The city manager has a contract that includes a pay raise based on performance reviews. You can be the people who give a poor performance review to insure that a raise isn't in the mix. You can vote "no".

You can vote "no" for everything that comes up. Don't bother reading the information; weighing the options; deciding what is better for the greater good. Just vote "no".

I applaud those who are on the council. It isn't a job to which I aspire nor is it a job that I feel I could perform with any degree of expertise. I don't have the answers, and I'm afraid I couldn't just vote "no" on all the issues that involve spending city funds.

Run for council. Get involved. Get away from the computer and put your hat in the ring. Be prepared to fund your own campaign; get endorsed by the political parties; spend hours knocking on doors; explain your position (that shouldn't be hard, you will promise to just vote "no") and listen to the problems of those who live here.

They want sidewalks fixed; streets paved; and better snow removal. I'm interested in what their reaction will be when you tell them that you are just voting 'no'.

Sep 18, 2009, 7:01am Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Dan, the fact is we did clean up the city's budget and have made deep cuts. You obviously were not affected by one of those job losses. Go read the site some more and take a look at the shots we on Council have taken for the cuts we have made. It's real easy to sit back and boast about what you would do without your skin in the game.

You have some interesting thoughts but, they are often clouded by your hatred of the city unions and employees. This is a democracy and the things you stand for do not put you in the mainstream. A vast majority of the city wants the service levels to stay right where they are now. There is a cost for that.

I'm not running anymore because I have served my time. Now it's someone elses turn. It's time for someone with big ideas, thick skin and an even bigger mouth to step up.

Sep 18, 2009, 7:12am Permalink
John Roach

When Charlie took his seat 4 years ago, Mr. Ferrando was still Council President and we were going into a $3 million dollar debt. We had to borrow money just to pay people.

It was another 2 years before Mr. Ferrando lost his majority, new people took over and replaced him with Charlie as Council President, and cost started to come down.

The damage was done and while we can pay our bills now, it is going to take a few more years to recover from what Mr. Ferrando did. Charlie had only two years to fix what Ferrando did over six.

And I agree on Mr. Buckley. He voted for every tax and spend idea Mr. Ferrando came up with and still does.

But to blame Charlie when he did not have to votes to stop this is unfair. It was Charlie, Rose Mary Christian and Kathy Briggs for two years. Just three of them. Finally, four more new people got on council and things changed, but it has only been two years with the new team.

Only two people from the old tax and spend days are left, Frank Ferrando and Tim Buckley, and they are both running for re-election. Now it’s up to you.

As for the School Board North Street Extension project, at this time Council members Cox, Mallow, Christian, Clattenburg and Briggs have all publically said no. From what I hear, none of the others are in favor of it either, but you should attend the School Board meeting on Oct. 6th.

Sep 18, 2009, 7:05am Permalink
Karen Miconi

Lets not forget the pounds of leaves that wont be picked up this year(: Coming from someone who has no trees in her yard, but has no choice, but to remove everyone elses, because they blow down the street and end up in a whirlwind in front of her house. I hope they look at the unfairness of that...I pick them up, and haul them 3-4 times a fall. Is that fair? Would you stand for it where you live? Would you pay out of pocket to have someone come and remove them? Over and Over again? Its simple for most, just swoop them into the street, and let them be the next guy down the streets problem! Not this year! Unless the city would like to pay me 20 something an hour, like they do the others, who by the way, dont have to run that multi thousand dollar leaf sucker.

Sep 18, 2009, 3:23pm Permalink
Richard Gahagan

Wow the government most definitely needs to use some stimulus money to conduct a social, cultural and behavioral psychological study to evaluate what causes the massive cluster of schizophrenic psychos in genesee county, maybe.

Maybe I'm the one
Maybe I'm the one
The one
thats is
the super schizophrenic psycho.

your all
the oneS
your all
the ones
your all
the ones
that are
the concentrated bunch
of super schizophrenic psychos...YEAH.

Sep 18, 2009, 9:38am Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Karen, I’m not following you.

The leaf pickup schedule has not changed. Curb side leaf pickup will occur at the end of fall this year, as always.

That is just another service people expect and that needs to be paid for.

Sep 18, 2009, 9:49am Permalink
Bea McManis

Posted by Karen Miconi on September 18, 2009 - 8:53am
Lets not forget the pounds of leaves that wont be picked up this year(:

Karen, can you give documentation for this statement. I don't recall reading that leaf pickup was stopped.

ooops, sorry John and Charlie, I should have read down more. I wouldn't have asked the same question.

Sep 18, 2009, 10:59am Permalink
Ron C Welker

Leaves...........hummmmmmmmm Mother natures free fertilizer? Dont mess with the plan, mulch leaves and let nature run its course.
The only problem I see every fall into winter with the leaf pick up is; After the city has stopped picking them up,people continue to rake the leaves into the street long after the service is complete.
Now when it snows and it will, the plows will push the leaves into city street drains and onto driveways and create a mess. Just muy slant.

Sep 18, 2009, 11:21am Permalink
dan del plato

Charlie, don't hate unions and they have thier place. When the employer(We the People) are struggling and they want a raise it's called greed! Why Charlie I don't hate you! I'd let you move in my neighborhood(ha,ha,ha, only kidding). My over all point is that during hard times when the people are struggling government must reflect a response and keep cost down(raises, expenses, spending etc, etc,..).

Sep 18, 2009, 11:59am Permalink
dan del plato

John, what do you have in mind to stop Buckley? My numbers in the phone book. Charlie did give his word and when you run for office and tell the people they don't forget I didn't. Yet, I give him credit for running unfortunatly he was baptized with fire! Any one runing for office if he makes a promise will be held to it! That's why people vote for them. Cox, had alot of courage in his vote and statement!

Sep 18, 2009, 12:06pm Permalink
John Roach

The only plan I have is to vote against him and Mr. Ferrando. I will also ask people I know to do the same and remind people of their record.

The only one of the six I support right now is Councilwoman Marianne Clattenburg. She has doen a good job in my opinion and I hope she wins.

Sep 18, 2009, 12:15pm Permalink
Karen Miconi

Im sorry but didnt the city have its residents dispose of their leaves themselves last year? Or am I wrong? Weren't we told we would have to take them to the yard waste site ourselves or was that just spring yard waste? As far as documentation, how about something sent to all residents informing them of when the leaves will be picked up in their area. You know for the ones who dont buy the daily snooze, or have internet. Ps John and Charlie, if I am wrong I am sorry. I wrote that before my morning coffee. I just remember that being the issue last year. Maybe it was spring pickup. Richie, take a look in the mirror some time....
Oh and just a little observation from the comments above. What choices do you voters have besides Mr. Ferrando, and Buckley?
Ron, thanks for your slant. The leaves do clogg the storm drains every year. It is a mess, exspecially when you live at an intersection that the water and leaves run downhill to.

Sep 18, 2009, 3:33pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Karen I remember talking to you about this last year. The city only picks up yard material once in the fall and then we get Christmas trees after the New Year. Nothing changed with that, it has always been that way. During the year you have to take leaves to the yard waste to the drop off place on Law, it has always been that way too.

As for Council, I asked Phill Ricci to run and support the man completely. Phill is very conservative with a good head on his shoulders. If you elect him I know for sure he will be open and be a frequent visitor to this site as I have. Sarah Burk-Balbi is a good person as well, with a fantastic family. They are both in the race for all the right reasons and deserve your consideration.

Julie Wallace and her family have been my next door neighbors for years. Julie was my youngest son’s babysitter when he was little. I worked on Council with Marianne Clattenburg and she is a smart lady who is rock solid, it would be impossible to find anyone better than her. After the last two years I have also gained enormous respect for Frank Ferrando, the man cares dearly about our city. I ran with Tim Buckley four years ago, no matter what anyone says he is a good man who has done a great job on Council. I know everyone who is running and there is no loosing for the city this time around.

Sep 18, 2009, 4:07pm Permalink
Charlie Mallow

Dan, it is very difficult to understand what exactly I promised you that I haven’t come through on. I served four years; the city is back on the right track. Was I able to cut everything you like or I wanted to do? Of course not, it’s a democracy.

I promised to focus on infrastructure, at this point half the city has been tore up and more is on the way. Millions have been spent or allocated.

I promised to crack down on poorly kept properties and I have lead that effort to the extreme.

I promised to go through the city budget and reduce where it was needed. I don’t think you can really say I haven’t with a straight face. There was a lot of pain for everyone.

You need to remember where the city was four years ago. It was in a state of denial about its budget and bankrupt. You are right, your taxes went up. You can’t live on borrowed money. Don’t you dare say there wasn’t deep cuts, you didn’t lose your job but, I know a lot of people that did. Our city employees work hard and they deserve some respect.

Sep 18, 2009, 4:22pm Permalink
John Roach

Are you saying you want the city to spend money to mail letters to people so they know when the city will pick up leaves?

That's what you want money spent on?

Sep 18, 2009, 4:31pm Permalink
Karen Miconi

Thanks Charlie for the info. I guess its going to be a tough vote for everyone this year. You should be a campain manager, you really have a way with describing the canadates.
John, Are You Being Serious or are you joking?????
To send a schedule to residents, as to when the leaf sucker will be visiting their neighborhood, so they can have their leaves ready for pick-up? So they arent out in the street, until it is time to collect them?
You are joking right? Your such a comedian(:

Sep 18, 2009, 4:53pm Permalink
Karen Miconi

You have to agree though, only a small percentage of residents visit the Batavian, and only a handful comment, and vote on Howards poles.

Sep 18, 2009, 4:54pm Permalink

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