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Couple with holiday displays on Watson Street concerned about thefts

By Howard B. Owens

Six Halloween decorations have been stolen from the yard of Thelma Hall, on Watson Street, and she's disheartened that somebody would take from something she and her husband do for kids' enjoyment.

Hall called us this morning hoping that we would publicize the thefts and the person or persons who took the items would return them, "no questions asked."

The Batavian ran a picture of the Hall's yard on Oct. 1.

Six items, including two headstones, were stolen, Hall said.

"Please return what was taken," Hall said. "We wouldn't want to stop (decorating the yard). It's a lot of fun, but we can't keep doing it if our stuff is going to get stolen."

The Halls moved to Batavia from Indiana five years ago and have had Halloween and Christmas displays each year since.

"There's nothing in this town for the kids to do, that's why we do it," said Hall.

"I'm just heartbroken," Hall added. "We just try to be nice."

She said she and her husband are now afraid to put up their annual Christmas display, fearing more thefts.

daniel cherry

One night the boys and i went to see the decorations with our neighbors.It was real nice.It's pretty darn rotten for someone to stoop that low to steal them.That's my opinion.Its not like they can put them up in their yard is it?

Oct 19, 2009, 1:31pm Permalink
Karen Miconi

What a shame to have someone steal your decorations. I had a woman steal my pumpkins, and then have the nerve to carve them and put them on her porch, right across the street. I called the police and we went to her door. I threatened to have soil samples done on the pumpkins, to prove they were mine from Brockport. She ended up having to pay me cash right there in front of her house for her theavery. $15 for each, and there were 2 large pumpkins. I will keep my eyes peeled for your property Thelma. I hope the theives are brought to justice. What a world!

Oct 19, 2009, 3:57pm Permalink
George Richardson

This is wrong. I was part of a gang of Bushville Christmas bulb smashing kids once, long, long ago. Milk bottles and pumpkins, too. I almost always got caught and the Christmas light nonsense brought the law to my parent's house. I learned quick, that I did not want the law at my parents house because of my misdeeds. I hope your stuff reappears, my conscience made me bring stuff back a couple of times in my life. After that I started respecting other people's property. I think I was 12 or so, maybe 13, but the stupidity was finally over.

Oct 19, 2009, 6:36pm Permalink
Amy Davis

Long ago we had a paper boy who was very good about delivering the paper AND taking the bulbs out of the Christmas lights in front of my folks' home. We all were bewildered as to what was happening. My dad had only one suspicion, so he watched and witnessed him doing it. Dad confronted him and he brought them all back...but he was no longer our paper boy...LOL

Oct 19, 2009, 11:49pm Permalink

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