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Opening Day Success


Joe Lawrence is on a roll. Last year he closed out the deer season with a monster whitetail scoring 144 on the Boone & Crockett scoring system and placing him high in the New York State Big Buck Club’s muzzleloader division. (The Batavian, Dec. 20, 2008 – Father & Son Memories). On Saturday, the opening day of archery season in New York’s southern zone, the elder Lawrence did it again. He began his fortieth bow season by taking another massive whitetail that is all but certain to make the NYS record book. The big buck sported ten points and weighed a whopping 202 lbs. field dressed.

It was late afternoon when the buck appeared, already displaying rutting tendencies by chasing after four does.  “I used a grunt to call to turn him, and he stopped and looked in my direction,” Joe said. “I hit the grunt call again and he came right to me.” He made the shot from a tree stand at a distance of fifteen yards. 


Jeff, not only is the deer big bodied, the antler's are symmetrical - note both main beams are forked. The antlers green scored a shade over 130. Even with minimal shrinkage over the required 60 day drying period, the buck is a cinch to surpass the bowhunter minimum 120 qualifying score for the New York State record book.

Jeff - I understand Sammy fell asleep on stand today. Should I get him an alarm clock for Christmas?

Oct 19, 2009, 9:44pm Permalink
Jeffrey R. Bartz

Ha! I just need to remember not to wake him up if something comes in. He makes all kinds of racket when he begins to stir! The racoon under our stand couldn't get out of there fast enough!

Oct 21, 2009, 10:55pm Permalink

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