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Woman who reportedly crashed through border crossing chased through Genesee County

By Howard B. Owens

A woman who allegedly crashed the U.S. border crossing from Canada, somehow managed to elude law enforcement until a Genesee County Sheriff's Deputy spotted her 2000 Hyundai westbound on Route 5 in the Town of Le Roy this morning.

When Deputy J.L. Baiocco attempted to stop the car at 7:45 a.m., the driver reportedly sped away, which began a pursuit with speeds exceeding 100 mph.

It's unknown if Baiocco was initially attempting to stop the car for an alleged traffic violation, or if the Sheriff's Office had been supplied with a description of the suspect vehicle.

When City Police learned of the pursuit, Lt. Eugene Jankowski attempted to lay a spike strip on East Main Street at Summit and Liberty, but was unable to get the device down in time. The car got to the city too quickly, Jankowski told us this morning.

"It was going so fast that it was kicking up a cloud of salt dust," Jankowski said. "There was zero visibility behind it."

In Batavia, the driver reportedly made a right turn on Route 98 and headed north. City police broke off its part of the pursuit at the city limit. State police joined the pursuit at that point and Orleans County Sheriff's deputies took lead in the pursuit when the Hyundai passed into Orleans.

According to a Genesee County Sheriff's Office release distributed this afternoon, after passing through the Village of Albion, the woman lost control of her car on westbound Route 18 and crashed, allowing Orleans law enforcement to apprehend her.

Taken into custody, and transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for minor injuries, was Crystal Pinnock, 23, of Ontario, Canada.

It's unclear how Pinnock managed to elude the Border Patrol after allegedly entering the United States.

The Sheriff's Office said charges are pending in every jurisdiction that the car reportedly passed through and the investigation is ongoing.

Ken Mistler

I hope the police leave a couple of tattoos on that ladies body. She went past Jackson and Main so fast it took her less than two seconds to get through the intersection of court and main.. Both lights where solid red when she passed through these intersections. Thank God it was 8 am Sat morning and not a work day..(at least for most).....Canuk.

Dec 19, 2009, 6:39pm Permalink
Mark Potwora

What great border patrol we got..that someone can break into this country and not get caught for all that time..Seems like a very odd story..That she could escape the United States of America border patrol..

Dec 20, 2009, 10:13am Permalink
Paul Vanderwarker

Yet to get on an airplane you have to suffer everything short of a cavity search. Only thing better to make them look more incompetent would be if Osama Bin Laden would have been a passenger in her vehicle. "It just keeps getting better and better."

Dec 20, 2009, 8:37am Permalink

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