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Today's Poll: Are you surprised somebody could drive through border and not get caught?

By Howard B. Owens
C. M. Barons

The border officials are inside stations. Vehicles stop voluntarily. Anyone with the hutzpah to drive right through isn't going to be pursued immediately. Not sure which specific crossing is in question (Rainbow Bridge or Peace Bridge)- aside from the U.S. border officials being jerks, I don't recall any obstacle to forward progress at either.

Not long ago I drove up to Fort Erie to check out a used book shop that was reputed to have an extraordinary selection. The Canadian official asked where I was going, commented on the shop I was headed to and recommended two others. On the way back, the U.S. official first questioned the veracity of my claim for being in Canada, and after I displayed three books I purchased, ridiculed my effort to acquire items so unnecessary.

...Of course that was during the Bush era. I'm sure that Bush was protecting his own intelligence gap.

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