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Week 5 Pembroke at Barker preview

By Brian Hillabush

 Pembroke (4-0) at Barker (1-3)

1:30 p.m. Saturday


This is one of those games that the Pembroke football team has to worry about.

With the Genesee Region League title possibly on the line next week against Oakfield-Alabama, the Dragons have to make the longest trip to play in the GR and are facing a Barker squad that has the potential to play with any team in the league.

The victories have come easy so far for Chip Foster's squad and his players are putting up some crazy numbers. But the Raiders are physical and a team on the rise, always looking for the upset at home.

Pembroke's offensive line deserves a lot of the credit for the numbers the team has been putting up. The telling stat is what quarterback David Kleckler has done this season.

Kleckler has completed 16-of-28 attempts for 415 yards with six touchdowns and three interceptions. But he has only been sacked ONCE all season long.

That is unbelievable.

Andrew Wright and Ken Babcock have both had receiving numbers that are pretty close. 

Wright has caught seven passes for 217 yards and two touchdowns while Babcock has hauled in nine balls for 198 yards and three scores.

And the running game has been just as good.

Wright has gained 426 yards on just 31 carries (13.74 yards per attempt) with six touchdowns, Mike Dibble has 332 yards with six scores, Josh Phillips has 216 yards and four TDs and Kleckler has gained 185 yards with two touchdowns.

Barker is a physical team that traditionally likes to run the ball, but has done some passing this year.

Anthony Porter (9-of-17 for 63 yards) and Ethan Dewart (9-of-16 for 122 yards) are putting up about the same amount of passes per game.

But the Raiders will run.

Greg Brown has 348 yards and three touchdowns on 81 carries and Ray Paul has 175 yards and two TDs on 39 attempts.

Gabor Deutsch

I think its all about the Dragons defense stepping in on this one. Especially stopping the run. The special teams dont have to be sensational but the offense needs to produce at minimum and most important HOLD on to the football. I predict that the team with the most turn overs will give the game to the opponent. if its rainy its all running game. this ones gonna make or break the Dragons.

Oct 2, 2008, 1:11am Permalink
Brian Hillabush

I would think that Pembroke should be a heavy favorite in the game Dave, but I would not be shocked if Barker gives them a game.
Pembroke will be playing Oakfield-Alabama next week in what should be the biggest game of the year (if O-A doesn't lose to Attica this week), so there is always the worry that they are looking past the Raiders.
Turnovers are always a key, you are correct there. Pembroke has been pretty solid in that department so far. Kleckler has just three interceptions and fumbling has not been much of a problem.

Oct 2, 2008, 1:48am Permalink
Ben Cherry

The next two weeks will be very intriguing. OA vs Pembroke next week is obvo=iously the game of the year, but this week is crucial. OA faces a tough Attica team this week, and it can either cost them next week if the team gets banged up injury-wise; or it can help them by giving them some preparation by playing tough opponents. Pembroke, on the other hand, gets an easier game against Barker this week, which will mean probably less potential injuries, but an easy game this week may cause them to come out flat against OA. Then after OA and Pembroke, OA faces a soft Holley team, and Pembroke faces Attica, who upset the Dragons 6-0 last year, in the last week before sectionals. Should be a very interesting three weeks before sectionals.

Oct 2, 2008, 9:15am Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

Hey hilly its getting cold and rainy. I say thats when you know what your defense is all about. I also think that mistakes happen when you look too far ahead to future games.
Heck I have been suffering with the Buffalo Bills for years.
Great coverage Hilly thank you.

Oct 2, 2008, 8:27pm Permalink

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