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Photo: Bald Eagle in Alexander

By Howard B. Owens

Stacy Wirth provided this picture. She was driving on Brookville Road in Alexander today when she spotted the Bald eagle dining on a deer carcass.


The eagle aviary at Dollywood is the worlds largest, with much of the behind the scenes work done by Batavia native Albert Cecere. Al is the founder and president of the American Eagle Foundation.
You may have seen Al standing at home plate prior to World Series games, as one of his charges, a Bald Eagle named "Challenger," soars around the stadium before returning to alight on Al's arm. Combined with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, its a touching moment.

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Bob Price

I knew the owner of a house on 98 just before Rt.20 a few years ago-they said they could see an eagle in the trees behind the property-which isn't too far from Brookville Rd.-so I wonder if it's the same one from a few years ago. That's a great picture-you don't get to see close up ones like that around here often.

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kevin kretschmer

If by chance this is a contest to see how long it takes someone to point out that bird is an "EAGLE", did I win and what's the prize?

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