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Legislative committee moves forward with $600,000 airport hangar project

By Howard B. Owens

A new eight-bay hangar at the Genesee County Airport, with a price tag of about $600,000, received an initial OK from the Public Services Committee this afternoon.

In three resolutions -- one for construction of a required taxiway apron, another for a consultation agreement, and one for creation of a capitol project budget -- the legislative committee put in motion an effort to increase the amount of hangar space for airplanes at the facility.

Tim Hens, county highway superintendent, said the hangars will generate $30,000 in revenue.

"We already have a waiting list," Hens said. "The last set we built, we filled before they were even completed. The hangars will have an 11-year payback."

The committee voted unanimously to award the contract for apron construction -- at $359,704 -- to Stafford's A.D. Call & Sons. Hens noted it's been a long time since a local contractor won a bid with the county of this significance.

The FCC provides the grant money for construction of the apron, which is required to get the grant money to proceed with the design of the hangars.

C&S Companies out of Syracuse was awarded the design contract.

Once the design is completed, the actual construction of the hangars will go out to bid.

Sales-tax revenue has already been set aside to pay for the anticipated $600,000 construction cost, according to County Manager Jay Gsell.

On the same committee agenda today, the committee approved purchase of two new vehicles for the highway department. The winning bidder is Van Bortel Ford in Pittsford. Some committee members expressed an interest in awarding the contract to Le Roy Motors, which offered a bid only $300 higher than Von Brotel. Gsell cautioned the committee that state law prohibits "local preference" in awarding contracts.

Chris Charvella

Howard, care to do a little bit of investigative reporting on this? I think a little research into how many folks who rent hangars at the county airport also contribute to the local Republican party would make a heck of a story.

If someone doesn't explain to me really soon how a $600,000 expenditure on an airport that less than one-one-hundredth of the county population uses is a good idea when we're supposedly broke, I'm going to do that little investigation myself and I won't be nearly so polite about it as Howard will be when I start telling the story.

Just remember folks, we don't have any cash in the coffers to keep operating a public nursing home that helps hundreds, if not thousands, of Genesee County residents and their families every year, but when a few folks who need a place to park their private airplanes need something done, by God it's going to happen.

So, to all of our county officials: The next time you tell a taxpayer how broke we are and how we absolutely MUST rein in spending, try to do it with a straight face.

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Karen Miconi

Here Here Jimmy and Chris!! Just gets me going. I cant wait to see who wins the contract, for the Masse Mall Project. Will struggling LOCAL contractors be given a chance, or will the filthy rich contractors be on the job AGAIN collecting the Millions????In my opinion, its a set-up from the get-go.
Very sad, the common man, cant get a piece of the pie. OH, and still waiting with Baited Breathe, to see when the Vine St Project will start. How many years has it been now since it was decided??Where did that Grant money go?
I just love how these Grants are sought out, secured, and then we dont hear another thing about who recieved them, if they were spent properly. Who benefits from these Pork Projects? Thats the real question isnt it?? Who Benefits from the Grants...
You would think GRANTS would be used for important, projects that would benefit the community. You know, streets, and stimulating the LOCAL ECONOMY. But, like a thief in the night, the 100's of 1000's of Millions of dollars, disapears into the greedy hands, of already successful companies, instead of the starving local businesses.

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