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A Sunny Day, a Fishing Rod, and Hungry Fish!

By Susan Brownell

I have only fished a couple of times this year, so I took the opportunity to go out today and see what I could catch.  I went to Godfrey's Pond and rented a rowboat for 2 hours, and then fished from shore for about another hour.

After 10 largemouth bass... I told myself that once I reached an even dozen, that I'd go home.  And let me tell you...  they were still biting when I left. 

You say LEAVE???  When the fish are biting??   Are you nuts?!

Well...  I had to work this afternoon.  I had just enough time to post some pictures online, take a shower and eat lunch before I had to go to work.

Up until last year, I fished a lot!  But in January 2009, I was dealing with a herniated disk in my neck and I could not fish.  I had surgery for it that April, but my fishing was limited.  This was the first time that I have rowed a boat since 2008.  I am paying for it a little tonight.  But it was worth it!

These are pictures of my first three catches.  ( I stopped taking pictures after three!) The first two were very respectable fish!  And well, actually, most of them that I caught today were good!

Here was my first one!  Very nice Bass!  They look to be healthy!

This is the second one.  I took 2 pictures of it. The other picture is of it in the water.

 And the third one.  It may not be a monster, but I love this picture!

Karen Miconi

Nice fish Sue!! I wish I could lip them like you, but I cant get past the feeling on my thumb. I know its silly. Nice nails too(: Happy Fishing to you

May 21, 2010, 7:43am Permalink
Susan Brownell

I have a Kodak Easyshare Z712 IS. Not always as EASY as you'd think.. but being a digital camera, you can take a few tests shots to get the right setting!

May 21, 2010, 9:11am Permalink

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