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Jon Powers and his $5,000 campaign salary

By Howard B. Owens

Water Buffalo Press finds evidence that Jon Powers drew a salary from his campaign funds while running for office and even has cash on hand to live comfortably for a while yet.

Powers recent FEC filing gives us a better idea of just what these “reimbursements” were.  Remember that Powers was also being reimbursed already for credit card fees, meals, travel and health insurance.

It turns out these “reimbursements” are more accurately defined as a salary which Powers was drawing from the campaign account.

Powers latest filing shows a payment to the candidate in September in the amount of $5,000 listed with the true explanation of the amounts: Payroll.

This seems irregular to me.  I've never heard of a candidate drawing salary from campaign funds before.  But maybe it's more normal than I know.

C. M. Barons

More than Powers (a non-entity in Western New York politics since his move to where-ever), we need to know who this Suhr is. He has no website. Does he have a position on anything? A member of this blog (Scott Rytlewski) claims to be Suhr's campaign manager. Does he know anything about this anonymous challenger from Lyndonville? I mean... Hawley saved me some money on car insurance. GCC sits along a road named after Hawley's Dad. Hawley sent me a clipping when I was featured in a local newspaper. He hasn't answered my email question regarding property tax. Hawley talks about farmers. I'm not a farmer. Does anybody know anything about this Lyndonville guy running a sub rosa campaign for the 139th?

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Howard B. Owens

Except his name wasn't Joe. He wasn't a plumber (at least, not licensed) and he didn't make nearly as much as he claimed.

So, don't get tooooo down, Charlie.

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scott rytlewski

like i said, it stinks to have to work for a living, but you should be proud of the sarfices you make for your family, and pluming is a sh-ty job, take care


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