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A Fisherman's Toughest Goodbye


The above photo of the Canadea bridge was taken by Amy Joyner. The bridge spans the Genesee River near one of her husband Jim's favored locales for fishing smallmouth bass. He's taken countless smallmouths from this stretch, including what may have been his largest bronzeback, a smallie weighing close to seven pounds. Winding back and forth between large gravel bars, rocky bottomed pools and a backdrop of rolling hills, this stretch of the Genesee was a favorite for Jim.

And Jim never fished the river alone. He was always accompanied by at least one, sometimes two, friends. For years, even if Amy remained at their cabin, he was always joined by his other favorite girl and faithful companion, Candy. If Jim was wading the river, the 14-year-old chocolate lab was right by his side. No doubt, she knew this stretch of the river as well as Jim. Now, after so many years of enjoying each other's company, the time all dog lovers dread has arrived.

Candy, may your eternity be filled with winding shallow streams, gravel bars and rolling hillsides.   

Frank Bartholomew

Kyle, there are a lot of smallmouth in the tonawanda creek, if you sport fish, I've landed some fairly large ones. Some of the places may surprise you.Kibbe park, behind the courthouse, Lyon St.bridge, just to name a few. 3 weeks ago I hooked a huge smallie at Lyon St., had to been at least 3-4 lbs, lost him in some brush the city left in the water. It was a great battle on 7 lb.test, and a lightweight pole. I say "huge" because of the location, you wouldn't expect to find that size in the city, and with all the traffic going over the bridge.
I'll get him next spring.

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Scott Chismar


Sorry for your loss. It is the hardest thing that we animal lovers have to cope with. I lost my beloved Spanky in March. She was a 10 year old Bullmastiff and was my everything. While she will never be "replaced" I am currently training a 5 month old Bullmastiff who is named "Harvie". She is loving, but sometimes I am wondering of she might just be the dumbest dog in the world. Then I stop and think that 10 years ago, I thought Spanky was the dumbest puppy in the world and could never live up to my then recently passed away "Lefty". The pain will eventually fade and the memories of Candy will last forever. My thoughts are with you.

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Amy Tannehill-Joyner

Thanks for your kind words, Scott. It is true, it is one of the hardest things we animal lovers face. She had a great run. I sometimes wonder if Nellie (our 3 year old black lab) will ever become as good as Candy.. (but then again, nearly 15 years ago I wondered if Candy would ever be the dog that Lady was!) Thanks again.. Jim

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Amy Tannehill-Joyner

Thank you so much for this wonderful tribute to our girl, Candy. She will be missed in so many ways (that sometimes only other dog lovers can understand!) Still, we are grateful for the stewardship God grants us, and the wonderful dimension our extra "kids" add to our lives. Thanks again.. Jim and Amy

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