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Terreri: Corwin gets GOP nod in NY-26

By Howard B. Owens

Democrat & Chronicle reporter Jill Terreri, who is covering the NY-26 election, just tweeted that Assemblywoman Jane Corwin has won the GOP endorsement for the anticipated special election to replace Chris Lee.

Terreri's tweet says it's based on information she obtained from Bill Reilich, Monroe County Republican chairman.

For our previous report on the GOP bids for the nomination, click here.

Howard B. Owens

John, in fairness, the leading Dem name emerged about the same time as Corwin's name ... and that person is a woman, so the Dem's picking a woman will hardly be surprising, nor could fairly be called a copy cat.

Feb 22, 2011, 7:33am Permalink
John Roach

I know the leading Democrat contender is a woman. Corwin being picked by the Republicans just makes it a done deal that the Dems will go with a female also. In my opinion, after Lee, no male is going to win against a female.

Feb 22, 2011, 7:42am Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Why is that Dave?

She was chosen for one predominant reason in my opinion. She has the cash to fund the campaign.

I also hear that David Bellavia is going to run as a third party, that will split the vote so Dem's have a chance. I am not going to do that.

Feb 22, 2011, 8:31am Permalink
Howard B. Owens

Peter, tell us about your experience in the interview. What kind of reception did you get? Did they ask good questions? What did you learn from the process? Etc.

Feb 22, 2011, 8:45am Permalink
Dave Olsen

Why is what? that I would rather you be the candidate? Because I don't believe you would blindly follow the party instructions. Because of that and her ability to self-finance that's why it is her. The 2 party system is the problem with the country and state and even somewhat at the local level. The Republicans see this as a slam-dunk because of the larger amount of registered Republicans, so a group of party hacks get to select our next representative, based on their qualifications. And all the sheeple who bother to participate will vote accordingly.

I hope someone does run a third party or independent candidacy and wins.

Feb 22, 2011, 8:45am Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Well, I never got the call from the Erie County Chariman that I was supposed to get and had to contact Mr. Read again to find out my time slot.

My interview was the last for the day. I was not instructed as to how the interview was conducted.

I arrived and was quickly introduced to the panel. I don't remember many people's names but they all seemed polite and interested. I was told to give a quick 5-10 minute speech which I was not prepared for. I winged it as best I could, but I think the fact that I was nervous showed.

After the speech each county was given a chance to ask me a few questions. There were questions on gun control, abortion, the border and immigration, Obamacare, my time in service, what I have been doing since I left the Navy, would I be an advocate for small business, and funding the campaign.

Though funding the campaign was the last question I received, I do think that is was the most important one on the minds of the 21 person panel.

They also asked if I would be seeking another party's consideration if I was not selected and I told them absolutely not.

What I learned from the experience....I wouldn't say I learned it but it was re-enforced, money talks.

I appreciated the opportunity to be interviewed. I honestly didn't think that I would be taken seriously. But the panel made me feel as though I was truly considered. I think it came down to political experience and cash. Neither of those things were on my side.

Next time I think I will try to garner the Tea Party's support before I push for the GOP nod.

Feb 22, 2011, 9:12am Permalink
Dave Meyer

Another wealthy Republican from Erie county! That's worked out so well for the last couple times hasn't it??
And if elected, she'll be able to relate SO WELL to the agricultural interests in our district. I couldn't be more excited :)

Feb 23, 2011, 6:03am Permalink

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