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New Jack Davis Ad: 'What's at Stake'

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

The new television spot from the Jack Davis campaign highlights what’s at stake in this election: our jobs, our families and our future.

A dramatic departure from the typical political ad, “What’s at Stake” shows a scene that has been repeated in kitchens across Western New York and America.

Families are seeing their livelihoods, their dreams and their lives destroyed. The two parties will give us more of the same, but there is a real a choice in this election. Jack Davis wants to put Americans back to work and return to the values that made us strong as a nation – hard work, self-reliance and pride in workmanship.

A Greenberg Quinlan Rosner <>  poll of November 2010 shows 89% of Americans believe we need to make things in America if we are to revive the middle class. The Pew Research survey from November 2010 <>  shows 55% of Americans – and 63% of people who identify with the Tea Party - believe trade deals like Nafta are job killers. Yet both Democrats and Republicans continue to push for more. Right now, President Obama and Speaker Boehner are supporting free trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

Both the Democratic and Republican candidates in this race are using nuanced talking points about where they stand. Jack Davis is the only candidate talking about what it really takes to create jobs in Western New York. He knows because he’s doing it right now – manufacturing a product right here and selling it around the world.

Ed Gentner

Jack Davis may be old, but he has been consistant on his opposition of the trade and industrial policies that have caused great harm to Western New York in particular. What Jack Davis is advocating is to put America first. Does anyone think that the Wall Street bankers and corporate CEO's who have made fortunes from exporting American jobs and industry loose sleep or worry about the next generation of American's having a lowered standard of living or that their collective actions are moving this country down the road to third world status in many quarters. Do the other candidtaes offer any real solutions other than to carry water for the plutocrats that gleefully sell America. Jack Davis is at an age when he could retire and walk away from it all to enjoy the wealth he has accumulated, instead he chose to use his wealth improve the community for future generations.

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