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Fight reported in Walmart

By Howard B. Owens

A person has reportedly struck a cashier in Walmart.

The suspect, a black male, has fled and employees are chasing him in the parking lot.

Police are responding.

UPDATE 11:20 a.m.: It sounds like they have a suspect stopped. The victim is in the ladie's restroom, requesting an ambulance. Batavia PD are on scene.

Doug Yeomans

Why does this never happen while I'm there? I'd love to chase down a thug and twist his arms up behind his back until he screams like a little girlyman.

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Doug Yeomans

Gabor, you'd think that at this time of the year people would put down their anger, temper and ill-will. I guess some people never find it in their heart to be peaceful.

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Cory Hawley

Now, a very great man once said
That some people rob you with a fountain pen
It don't take too long to find out
Just what he was talking about
A lot of people don't have much food on their table
But they got a lot of forks and knives
And they gotta cut something.

-Bob Dylan

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Greg Siedlecki

I heard that the incident happened when the greeter asks to see the persons receipt as they were leaving. Charge this guy with everything that you can. PUNK!

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Michelle Wheatley

It actually was a black female who punched the door greeter in the face because she was trying to stop her from stealing something...and about 20+ people chased after the person into the parking lot and the police apprehended her--as we were leaving she was standing by the police car in handcuffs with a big smile on her face...It makes me sick to think someone thinks they can get away with punching people just because they want to intimidate others! It was a terrible thing and so many of the employees were rallying around the employee who was was very disturbing for people to witness and very sad! That employee was doing her job and now she is sitting in an ER on Christmas Eve thanks to someone! I hope she sits in jail all night and has a terrible holiday! She deserves it

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Scott Birkby

No doubt the shopper was being singled out because she is a person of color. I am sure that she will sue Walmart, as well as the employee who tried to bully her.

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Bea McManis

What mind set makes people think they can get away with this?
One has to wonder if there wasn't more going on here. Could that have been a disturbance to call attention away from an accomplice walking off with far more expensive goods?
Could that be the explanation for the big smile?

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Amy Platten

I totally agree with you Michelle. I hope she sits in jail all night and has a terrible Christmas. She definitely deserves it if she was trying to steal something. Why do people think they can get away with stealing during the holidays. The door greeter was just doing her job and she gets injured. Who would have thought that being a door greeter at Walmart could be so dangerous.

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marc solis

To Michelle Wheatley I like how you have to put it was actually a black female that did it. Why do you have to put a persons color into what you have to say, thats real classy. How bout a woman punched a worker at walmart. No one asked of what color nor does color have anything to do with it, something bad happened and they should be punished.

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Jessica Semar

It has nothing to do with color. I've been asked for my receipt before on a number of occasions. It has everything to do with Walmart security, how much you have in your cart, and if everything is bagged. If you have something on the bottom of your cart, of course their going to ask you for your receipt. Not only to ensure you aren't stealing, but to make sure their cashiers are doing their jobs as well.

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Kyle Couchman

You know what I hate how people pull the race card in just about everything. Your damn right it had nothing to do with color, however Mark and Jessica had it been an asian woman or a white woman, or even a hispanic woman would you have said a thing. Its a damn double standard. Has nothing to do with class at all Marc, its just simply a fact. If you look at the press release and open up your eyes she a witness stating that it was actually a black female, not a black male as reported in the news story.

Get a grip and take the race card elsewhere, if you keep bringing it up then racism will never go away.

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marc solis

Im not playing a race card and you say if we keep bringing it up racism will never go away. Thats funny cause bringing up a statement like that has nothing to do with racism going away, its in peoples blood. Me being White, Irish and Puerto Rican I delt with racism at 2 jobs with employees calling me racist spanish names even though I am also white they still only looked at the spanish part of me. So dont tell me about the racist card being played. I see it I hear it and my wife deals with it to at work so it everywhere Kyle and its not from bring up the racist card. Its the way people are "Ignorant" racism will never go away. Let me ask you this Kyle take a look at the news and see how many times you can find the reporter stating a white male stabbed another white male in park or a Asian killed a black male or a white male robbed another male in bar, you wont. But you will onlys see in the news if it were a Black person it would definitly be brought up as a black male stoled a car a black female punched a women. No race card in the news right? Good example in todays news a black male punches a walmart employee then no it was a black female. If it were a different race would it have been said NO. So dont come at me they way you did.

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Gary Spencer

OK, let me go out om a limb here...I assume Howard's initial report was directly from the scanner, the only reason race was indicated was a fact that it was happening as Howard was writing, and if any witnesses were in the area a "black male" fleeing the scene would be important! As it turns out it was a black female, also newsworthy simply to clarify the original post!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Bob Price

I wonder if the lady set the alarm off when she was walking out of store,then the greeter asked to see receipt.......I hope other Wal-Mart employees did not give chase to the suspect-as they could be fired for doing that(there have been other incidents at other Wal Marts that an employee was fired for giving chase or trying to detain a suspect..... I hope the greeter will be home for Christmas w/ family.

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Michelle Wheatley

If they posted it was a white male, asian male, etc...I would have put a white female, asian female..I was clarifying what was written--it was a black female not a black male...either way whoever it was they had no right to punch someone in the face who was doing their job. I was not pulling a race card by any means and would never do that...I was just stating what I seen as I was there when it all happened!

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Michelle Wheatley

And also on the scanner they do say "white male" suspect running or whatever....they do that so people know who to look for when they get out there..

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Howard B. Owens

Gary Spencer gets it exactly right.

The rule of thumb in journalism is if race is pertinent to identifying a suspect, then the description should be used.

Once a person has been arrested, race is rarely relevant to the news report.

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Sam Tambe Jr.

Was the suspect from Genesee County?? Just wondering..there seems to be a lot of people lately (black white yellow or whatever color) coming from Rochester and Buffalo thinking that we "country people" and our local stores are easy targets or at least easier to steal from than the city stores! That seems to be the "real issue" here lately!

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Jason Murray

To the person that said she was stopped because of color, stop trying to make more oit of it then it is and grow up. She was stopped because she set off the alarm and grace walked to her asking for her slip

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C. M. Barons

Let's for a minute forget that adults have the option of behaving rationally or irrationally... The so-called Christmas season has become THE retail golden-goose of the calendar year. The bug is put in everyone's ear to buy-buy-buy and spend-spend-spend from October to December. The pressure has been cranked up by extending store hours and offering limited supply discount-items that bait shoppers to wait in lines, camp out in parking lots and rush pell-mell toward TV sets, cabbage patch dolls, air jordans, or whatever non-essential beckons like a siren of Anthemoessa, luring shoppers to crash and rot in the surf. I don't know which condescending perspective is more valid: those who find this behavior disrespectful of the religious premise or those who recognize the impractical extension of funds being invested in unnecessary purchases. Neither do I condone destruction of property or violence toward innocent people; it is difficult to be sympathetic toward retailers who churn up an annual feeding frenzy. This rite of commercial excess magnifies each year- as do reports of criminal behavior associated with it. It brings out the worst in people while the media pander to the gauche exhibits of criminality to the extent of creating a context reminiscent of the Jerry Springer Show and most of the cretinous reality programs oozing from the television like a lanced boil. Therein may be the vindication for our perpetrator's smile. People who have scads of disposable income do not need to inject themselves into the melee associated with Walmart, Kmart or any of the other (more democratic shopping environs). When we make generalizations about those who conduct themselves without self-control, it is easier to take note of irrelevant appearances; it is difficult to look into personal finances and exact the likely agent that incites such behavior. Their behavior will be much more orderly next week at the refund window.

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Kyle Couchman

LOL Michelle I need to be clearer next time, I was defending you against Marc's little tirade about race. I gathered that you were just relating a fact. So please accept my apologies if you percieved it in any other way :)

However, I will come at you Marc ...
because I am sick and tired of hearing the bs about race it's been the excuse for alot of things over the years. I can tell stories as well you, that are just as unfair and biased.

I being a caucasian worked for a maintetnence company in an overnight job, They took overthe overnight maintenence of a hotel. Is was a company that was mainly hispanic, the corporate people there training us spoke to each other in several dialects of spanish, (yes I am experienced in the world enough to tell south american from mexican and european spanish)after 3 weeks therewith all the people who started the exact same day I did.
I was made the overnight supervisor. There was one black gentleman that decided that he would not listen to a white overnight supervisor, why? ... because I was white. There was no difference in the jobs I still worked like a dog like the rest of them the only difference was I was making the schedule at home for the entire shift, and acting as go between getting maintenence requests from hotel staff to adjust our nightly duties accordingly.
Needless to say this black gentleman began to break all kinds of rules. Like locking himself into the spa area and sleeping for 2 of the 6 hours of our shift, he was even caught hanging out in the bar by myself and the overnight security staff pouring himself drinks when the resteraunt was closed. Hotel staff bitched to me and I went to my managers, with documentation and definate violations of codes of conduct.
When confronted, he would claim its because he was black and I was white. Management would step back and allow him to get away with things. I hate working in a stressful envireonment but I did get fired from that job, you know why? I had an african national (who was a legal immigrant i might add) who was one of our staff, and he was as outraged about the conduct of this other person as I was. Most of my staff was, we did a good job and became used to covering the few slackers that we had or being an overnight shift the occasional sleep issue that sometimes comes up with anyone. Well I had this african employee whos accent made him difficult to understand bring to me a complaint.

I had to adress this issue about what the obstinate black gentleman was doing, his response was to throw a punch at me. It happened in a hallway covered by security cameras and in front of a security staff member (all the overnight security staff members are semi retired monroe county sherriffs) But I was let go because I was upset over having a punch thrown at me and being suspended while the incident was "investigated". The only good thing to come out of it was that 11 people also left the day I was fired, most of them black and hispanic, why because they recognized the injustice of what was going on, these people really couldnt afford to do this and in 24 hours I had talked almost all of them back into going in. I never went back and that individual was eventually fired and arrested after he stole his 3rd laptop. (his first theft occuring during my employment there, which was reported and nothing done about...) So racism is a two way street.

It is usually characterised as reverse racism but in truth the reverse of racism is to not be racist, I hate racism in all forms and it has been my life's character flaw to treat people based on how or what they act out with me. I try not to judge too much but as a human being it's human nature to do so, it however is a choice to go against those so-called snap judgements and treat people equally and like I would expect to be treated, unless their own actions prove the judgement to be correct. It might seem like racismbut its actually about taking responsibility for onn's self and your actions.

So I will not change how I came at you Marc nor will I back down on how you applied the observations of race being appplied to this particular instance of race being mentions in a crime. Your opinion might be valid to you I will concede that but it doesnt really change the facts at all and I wont bother to go back to all the news sources and pull out where suspects are refered to as wihit to counter your accusation of bias. I know truth and so do you. I will however never be silent (as people who regularly perticipate in this forum can tell you) when I see someone play the race card game with any story, especially when its as it was here not really relavant to the FACTS of that story. I dont deny there is bias in all types of arenas and secnarios in life, but only the way you deal with those biased actions leads to them being an obsticle in life.

Dec 25, 2011, 4:07am Permalink
Dave Olsen

Every time I have ever been to Wal Mart, the greeters, cashiers, people working the entrance/exit areas and any employee I encountered have been very polite and friendly. The greeters, receipt checkers are usually older, like 60 plus. Punching an older lady is pretty damn reprehensible no matter who did it. I hope she is not seriously injured.

Dec 25, 2011, 9:02am Permalink
Jeff Allen

Identifying the suspect as a female is flat out sexism and offensive! The B.O.L.O. (be on the lookout) she simply state "bi-ped fleeing Wal-Mart"...oh wait a minute that would be offensive to bi-peds if it turned out to be a four legged creature that just happened to be running on two legs...o.k. "be on the lookout for a life form fleeing Wal-Mart"...oh wait a minute, that would be profiling all living creatures if it turned out to be either a robot or a zombie. Just never mind, let the person have the goods and very Merry Christmas...I mean Happy Holidays...I mean, never mind, I don't know what to say anymore because these days saying anything is offensive to someone.

Dec 25, 2011, 10:05am Permalink
Frank Bartholomew

If the suspect was not listed as a black female, the defense attorney would have a field day if that info. did not appear on the original police report.
Marc, racism is a touchy subject, and sometimes we look for it when it's not there. Political correctness has us all edgy, lets just tolerate ourselves for the next few days and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas, Batavia.

Dec 25, 2011, 12:11pm Permalink
Irene Will

I think ANOTHER part of the problem here is that Walmart's GREETERS ( as in greet people when they come into the store ) are being used as SECURITY GUARDS ( as in check for shoplifting on the way OUT of the store ) !!!!! They're using LITTLE OLD LADIES as SECURITY against shoplifting ???? Disgraceful.

Dec 25, 2011, 3:22pm Permalink
Kyle Couchman

Hey just realized this is my 3rd anniversary as a member of this forum. Dang went by so fast.

Hmmm I can count reeeeeealy good today make that 2 yrs. Danged triptophan in the turkey, nap time I guess.

Dec 25, 2011, 5:38pm Permalink
Brandon Burger

@ Jack: I believe CM was attempting to understand the circumstances that would lead to such a seemingly senseless act of violence. There is nothing pathetic about trying to understand the actions of our fellow humans. The only thing that seems to be pathetic is the automatic, unthinking conflation of understanding with justification.

Dec 25, 2011, 6:01pm Permalink
Jack Dorf

She is 100% responsible for her actions period. Poor me is a bunch of bull when it comes to punching a 70+ year old woman in the face. Placing the blame away from personal violent action is pathetic.

Dec 25, 2011, 9:20pm Permalink
Bea McManis

I know C.M., and I know he would never place the blame away from the person who inflicted injury on another. That said, he certainly has the right to disect that behavior. Haven't we all thought, at one time, "what would make a person lose control?".
That doesn't mean we condone it, we are just trying to wrap our heads around why a person would lose control. Certainly nothing pathetic in that.

Dec 25, 2011, 10:57pm Permalink
C. M. Barons

This thread was focusing on whether or not race should have been detailed in the report. I thought I made it clear that I was NOT absolving any responsibility for the unprovoked and unjustified attack. My analysis was intended to address what most observers should question, "Why so much senseless violence surrounding a holiday generally regarded as iconic of peace and good will?"

Quoting from my post, "Neither do I condone destruction of property or violence toward innocent people..."

To assume that I was excusing the attacker ignores that clear statement.

This particular act of violence is neither an isolated occurrence nor is it specific to any definable region. It is pervasive, though seemingly traceable to big box stores that employ retail strategies that bait and lure seasonal shoppers in the manner I described. ASIDE from prosecuting lawbreakers, I am suggesting that there may be some culpability on the part of big box stores, merchandisers and manufacturers that exploit the gift-giving public during a season notably stressful despite contrived expectations.

Dec 26, 2011, 1:37am Permalink
Jeff Allen

C.M. you may have defined the next angle taken up by sleazy lawyers, the Holiday Stress defense. Ms. Simmons along with the pepper spraying lady, the retail tramplers, and all the other violent retail shoppers may just be vindicated.

On a side note, not only is violence in Walmart stores not uncommon, specifically violence against greeters is happening all too often, I think it is time for Walmart to reconsider the practice of putting these people in harms way. Here are 3 videos of other elderly greeters being assaulted.

Dec 26, 2011, 6:24am Permalink
Jack Dorf

CM and Bea, I understand completely what point you were trying to make. My point is that some people are trash regardless of outside influences. I'm just sick and tired of hearing excuses. I know neither of you would condone that type of action. Its just that you are looking for some other angle as what caused her to do this.

Dec 26, 2011, 9:07am Permalink
Sam Tambe Jr.

Let me just go "on the record" right now and tell everyone that our countrys downfall will be due to being overly POLITICALLY CORRECT!! If I'm ever arrested for some reason Howard you have my permission to report me as a white male or caucasian male or Italian American male...just sayin'

Dec 26, 2011, 9:07am Permalink
Kyle Couchman

LOL Sam and I'm sure that there will not be one raised objection to you being described as any of them. Thats the way a double standard works. Because dontcha know it's ok to do it to you, but if one of my downtrodden bruthas is treated like this we haveta speak up at the inhumanity of such profiling. Whats next? I cant use the pot calling the kettle.....uhm ?steel grey? anymore?

Dec 26, 2011, 10:08am Permalink

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