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On the Beat: Former Batavia business owner accused of selling cocaine

By Philip Anselmo

Nekia "Nick" Newton, 32, formerly of 7 Central Ave., Batavia, was charged with two felony counts of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and two felony counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance Thursday, Genesee County sheriff's deputies said. Newton had allegedly become aware of a pending drug charges against him in December. At that time, he moved out of his residence in Batavia at 7 Central Ave. and closed his business on West Main Street, the Batavia Detail Center.

Members of the county's local drug task force then tracked Newton to Rochester, where he was located and apprehended at a motel by investigators from the Rochester police department. Newten was sent to Genesee County Jail yesterday pending an arraignment in court today.

Donald Cordoba, 26, of Darien, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana Thursday, deputies said. Cordoba was found to be in possession of the drug at 282 Route 20, Room No. 6, Darien.

Elizabeth Weiner, 18, of Rochester, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana Saturday, deputies said. Weiner was found to be in possession of the drug following an interview on Silker Road in Pembroke.

James Lullo

Are you aware of industrial hemp?
Hemp SHOULD be the savior of the American economy.
Sadly, narrow minded individuals classify a relative of the hemp product as a "drug" and throw it in the mix with man-made or altered substances such as cocaine, ecstasy and heroin

Feb 11, 2009, 3:53pm Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

I believe Industrial Hemp is still grown in Kentucky. It is heavily regulated and on the decline because of the problem of illegal hemp being grown and its hard to tell whats the good stuff err a from the illegal stuff. Industrial Hemp is a cheaper and green way of producing goods like shoes clothes paper products etc. One hundred percent bio degradeable material. Saves trees too.

Feb 11, 2009, 5:44pm Permalink

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