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What now?

By bud prevost

Well, the demolition is underway. Whether you agree or disagree with the board's action, you have to commend them for doing something. The Wiss had to go. I appreciate the hard choice that was made, but it's time to move on. What happens now?

First, the view looking east when sitting at the southbound intersection is going to be improved 843%. The Creek, the library, and the school campus are all preferable to  that protruding brick corner that made walking dangerous.

Second, the DOT needs to address a busy intersection that is only going to get busier. Busier? "Why" you may ask. Brings me to

Third, the increase of truck traffic out of the Agri Yogurt park. Do you really believe they will go through the city to hit 98, or take 33 to 490 and backtrack to the thruway? Nope, the majority of trucks gettting on the thruway will proceed through Leroy to 19 north. That is a legitamate concern, and I would recommend we focus our efforts on getting that intersection reconfigured.

Perhaps Mr. Hyde from the GCEDC could help. He seems to have free rein with taxpayer money. Maybe he could pull some strings and make that widened intersection happen. Senator Raz. and Ass. Hawley are extremely enamored by him, so please Steve, help us poor peons in Leroy.

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