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Complaint: young man riding four-wheeler without helmet, shirt, shoes

By Billie Owens
Sep 10, 2013, 3:42pm

A caller complains to dispatch that a young male about 20 years old is riding a brown four-wheeler up and down the middle of Tesnow Road and he is not wearing a helmet, a shirt, nor shoes. A Sheriff's deputy is responding. Tesnow Road straddles Alabama and Pembroke.

bud prevost

The caller is a role model citizen in our PC nanny state. Perhaps he or she should get a percentage of the fine that is levied? That might compel more busy bodies to stick their nose in where it doesn't belong.
If I start calling in tags on the thruway for harmful speeders, can NYS cut me in on the profit? How about the guy I see buying 40 cartons of cigs at the rez? Or the grandma who buys a dollar scratch to entertain her grandchild? How about the kid buying rolling papers at the store? Probably possessing, and we know how dangerous those potheads are!
Caller, if you haven't yet got the point, here goes... mind your own effing business

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Doug Yeomans

Hey Bud, I doubt I would've called the cops on a shirtless and shoeless 4-wheeler, either. I'd have been out there with a video camera waiting for the inevitable to happen so I could upload it to youtube.

I have called 911 on reckless drivers, though. Speeding I don't really care about, but when they start jamming in and out of traffic just to get a few car lengths ahead, tailgate, and pass recklessly, I try to get a license plate # and I make a call.

Recently while riding the motorcycle on the thruway, I was cut off from the right lane and almost pushed off the road. Luckily, my superior riding skills allowed me to implement training from my Ride with pride course. I was able to (SEE) Search, Evaluate and Execute. The driver came blasting up the right lane and decided that he wanted to be in the left lane, not caring that I was already there. I swerved left and had to go onto the left shoulder while braking hard because once he got in front of me, he had to slam on his brakes to avoid rear ending the vehicle in front of him. I got his plate number and contacted the thruway troopers.

I have no idea if they ever found that driver or not, but I don't feel that is being a tattle tale. I think it's responsible and "might" save the life of someone else.

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