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Ken Barrett Chevrolet spared GM's ax

By Howard B. Owens

On a day when as many as 1,100 Chevrolet and Cadillac dealers were told by General Motors that it would no longer need their services once their contracts expire, Batavia's Ken Barrett Chevrolet-Cadillac was notified the dealership will remain open.

“We are part of GM’s continuing plans,” Ken Barrett told WBTA this afternoon. "Ultimately the people who will determine our fate are our customers.”

The dealership cuts, which amount to about 20 percent of its network, come amid financial turmoil for the auto giant. Unlike the Chrysler cuts announced yesterday, GM is not releasing a list of dealerships that will not get contracts renewed.

Yesterday, we learned Castiglione Chrysler also survived the round of cuts announced by that car maker.

bud prevost

I find it hard to believe monroe county will be spared. I'm pretty sure there are 11 chevy dealers in that county, probably twice as many as neccessary.

May 16, 2009, 12:57pm Permalink

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