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Developing: Muller Quaker plant reportedly closing

By Howard B. Owens

Muller Quaker Dairy apparently announced the closing of its Batavia yogurt plant today.  We have not been able to confirm that announcement with the spokeswomen for Muller Quaker.

GCEDC issued this statement a few minutes ago.

“While we are extremely disappointed about today’s announcement by Mueller Quaker Dairy, we are optimistic that the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will continue to play a key role in the agricultural sector in our region, including remaining a major employer.

“The Genesee Agri-Business Park where the facility is located is a community asset and it continues our strategy of building and marketing sites targeting industry clusters. 

“Regardless of this announcement, we will continue to enhance the infrastructure at the Ag-Park in our efforts to bring new jobs and investment to Genesee County in the agricultural sector.

“Our immediate focus in the meantime is to do everything we can to assist the impacted employees.”

Kelly Hansen

"New York State, through Empire State Development, will provide the company with $3.3 million in Excelsior Jobs Program tax credits, as well as $1 million from NYS Homes & Community Renewal and a $10 million NYS Investment Tax Credit. Genesee County will also provide an estimated $12 million in sales and property tax savings."

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joe miano

I wonder if the GCEDC will have the TV stations there when they pad lock the doors , like they did when it opened . They can film all the employees leaving trying to find new jobs. What a crappy time of year to tell your employees they are loosing there Jobs ! Good luck to all of the employees.

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jeff saquella

it's truly sad was has happened to both those yogurt plants....maybe next time we can let American companies who have already proven to be successful come in and get tax breaks to open shop there.

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Ricky G. Hale

Perhaps somebody can refresh our memories. How much money does the members of the GCEDC make? What were their "wages" and "bonuses" again? Gee whiz, I wonder where all that money comes from also !!

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Ed Hartgrove

I pointed that out many months ago, Alvin. Sometimes it takes you to articles as far back as 2008. I consider it one of those "inexplicable, annoying quirks".

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Ed Hartgrove

As for the Muller Quaker Dairy article, I clicked on that name in tne "header", and that took me to

According to the 2nd posting on that page, "... Genesee-Orleans Regional Arts Council (GO ART!) rotates photos at the dairy for people that come to visit to take tours and also for employees to view."

Not sure whose photos are currently being exhibited there, but, would suggest you don''t wait too long to retreive them - otherwise, they may become "lost art".

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cj sruger

Its not sad, its criminal and there should be an investigation. this company is owned by 2 multinational companys and took NY tax dollers and tax breaks and said c-ya.

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John Roach

Too bad the County Legislature does not insist that the GCEDC mandate penalties or pay backs if a company does this within a certain time period.

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Michael Pullinzi

I will be looking for details. Obviously, a closing is never good, but right before Christmas? There should still be the parent company in business and there should be strings for pay back of incentives when these deals are made. The factory is still there and perhaps the County and State can recoup from that asset. Anyone want to buy a used yogurt factory? It's a rotten shame to the community and all those formerly employed there.

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James Burns

Go Art and the dairy ended thier relationship sometime late this year. As far as I know there was not any outside art hanging up in there. I had stuff in there until October.

Lets not all forget our neighbors that are losing jobs. I think that is a bigger deal than the tax breaks, that the dairy may or may not have had the time to take advantage of. Some people left good jobs in Rochester and Buffalo to work their to be close to home.

I am not a fan of the GDEC, some of that is the way the run it some of that is the rules the state gives them to work with.

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Kyle Couchman

What a surprise.....

"He said sarcastically"

So what now, DFA comes in and inherits all the tax breaks, or are they gonna "negotiate" and hold us taxpayers hostage to newer deals, or maybe both?

Anyone making any bets?

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Brian Graz

So now does GCEDC give a new series of incentives and tax breaks to the "new" business operator Dairy Farmers of America [which BTW is based in Missouri... are there NO Dairy Farmers co-ops in NYS??? Ohhhhh, I forgot... NYS taxes are too high!!!]

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Bob Price

They also violated law,as I don't see any mention of them informing the NYS Dept. of Labor within 90 days(?) of plant closing..... I heard chatter on the radio saying that companies like to close before the holidays in order to avoid paying for holiday time. Pretty shady deal.... I wonder if Alpina isn't far behind,being they had layoffs earlier this year IIRC.....

Dec 11, 2015, 12:56am Permalink
jeff saquella

bob ...alpina's layoffs were strickly cost cutting....they got rid of most of their high paid people and are now running the place with mostly 9.00 an hour temps

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