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Photographer showcases western New York

By Philip Anselmo

"The images range from a wind-whipped tree leaning over a snowy field to a close up of a soft sheep snout." So it's said of the upcoming exhibit from photographer Darrick Coleman at Genesee Community College.

DETAILS: An Intimate Look at Western New York opens August 18 in the Lobby Arts Gallery in the Stuart Steiner Theatre. A reception will be held August 28 from 1:00 to 2:00pm.

Darrick Coleman, 31, now a resident of Le Roy, NY grew up in Albion, NY and his photographs reflect both the continuities and the differences found throughout Western New York. Though some of the shots were taken at well-known local attractions such as Letchworth State Park and Genesee Country Village, they reflect the lesser known aspects of these locations.

For example, there are no shots of the popular waterfalls at Letchworth. Instead, there are photographs showing the intricate details of the ironwork on the train trestle, or the individual beauty of a single tree. Other photographs were taken during walks through the fields and woods around his home, in his grandfather’s aging barn, or in his own backyard.

“I almost always have my camera with me, and I just shoot what I see,” Darrick said. “I like looking closely at things, the way they work, the way they fit together. I guess that tends to come out in my photography too.”

DETAILS runs through September 26.

beth leyva

Darrick, this photograph is absolutely beautiful! Wish I could be up there to view your exhibit and see more. Congratulations! Beth (in Texas)

Aug 15, 2008, 9:51am Permalink

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