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HUD injustice here in Batavia

By daniel cherry

A womanfrom HUD,Pathstone inspected our apatment on may 15th 09.

The woman was walking around our apartment, looking for problems.She was counting bedrooms.She asked where is the third bedroom.When she finally found the bedroom/hallway.She said thats the third bedroom?I said that's exactly what i said when i was looking at it.But we were nearly homeless so i took it.She said its messy there are too many boxes, and the door is blocked.I said"If it will make you happy i will clean it up.(.All my pictures from my childrens whole lives are in there.And empty bandage boxes from the last year.If she'd bothered to look in the hallway/bedroom she'd have seen a matress).Immediately after that she goes to our bathroom.She says we put a hole in the door.She writes it down.I said no that hole was in there when we moved in!!I took pictures then.She the HUD /pathstone apartment inspector started asking me how much we pay.Why was she asking that?She asked how much do you pay?I told her 2/3 of the money is taken from my boys social services money without my consent.It's a new law.She said youd be surprised how many people don't know how much they pay(.I had gone to a HUD/Pathstone meeting on april 28th.They ask and you must prove your finances.)The Inspector said she will look and if she doesn't see anything about a hole in the door we put it there.I called and spoke to her.She said its not written down and yes you did put a hole in the door.I was very angry.I told her we fixed this place up.When we moved in the garage was full of junk.It took 2 giant dumpsters to get it out.My boys and i cleaned up this property!!There were wires hanging out of the kitchen outlet.The basement was full of junk.She said ok if you don't like it file for a hearing with her boss.(We did that last year and were made to pay extra money for the 3rd bedroom when we were kicked out at 119 state st illegally).We were denied appeal.HUD rented our old apartment.I lost my whole security there.Why? because they said we ruined the kitchen floor.Because the refigerator leaked.I'd be willing to bet that HUD and the city plumbing inspector overlooked what we were threwn out for last year.I will ask again at the city.Hud said o its too bad they never inspected it after we moved.It was better than before we moved in 119 state).Do i see a pattern here?I think so.May 21st 09.We get our letter from HUD Pathstone.It says they raised the amount the landlord gets by 30$ 880$They raised the amount we pay by 100$a month.We are on rent control housing supposedly.We live on 10,500 a year.That is a lot to us.

So i called HUD Pathstone again.I asked why are we being charged so much more.She said it's because we don't use the (alleged) third bedroom.It is a hallway.I said yes we do.The boys argue over who wants to sleep in the cell.I said i want a hearing.She said call Buffalo and gives me the number.The same number that i called last year and they don't care at all.I won't call it again.HUD Pathstone is to reinspect the apartment.Why didn't they wait until then?O i am really upset.This will affect my boys.I also asked her about the holes in the doors.She said o we're not saying you did it.Do ya think our land?lord will charge us for it when we get threwn out again with a little help form HUD?I do.Why should we pay for holes we did not make?

I called my land/lord.He the owner of 4 highlnd pk and 63 other properties says we are good tenants.He will work with us.He knows we cleaned up his property.We were not paid for it.He said he was on the phone all day with people complaining about HUD Pathstone problems and he's tired of it.

See if you complain to HUD Pathstone about problems you are risking being expelled from your residence.Like i was last year.There are laws to protect tenants.Like you can withhold rent until things are fixed.But if you are on HUD and withhold rent.They say you will be shut off HUD.Because you can not withhold rent under New York Landlord tenant laws.Real Property laws.There are laws that say HUD Pathstone land/lords can charge more too.

So in my opinion people on HUD ? Pathstone are being denied their rights.They are it is true.And where does all that money go to?(It's not going to the properties).HUD ? Pathstone they do not protect the tenants.They protect the landlords.People have to fear them.They can destroy your life in a heartbeat.And make it so you can not afford to buy your children ,clothes or eat.Me i will fight with every ounce of my being for our rights.And i will risk it all.I can not go through this every year!!Mabe if more people did what i am going to do it would be fixed.Because our HUD systym is broken.So if someone sees this write to HUD in washington.Not buffalo.Write senators and congressman.Write OBAMA.Tell them without fear what is going on here.And most likely across the nation.

HUD / Pathstone is causing me trauma.I have had more than my share of trauma caused by not only them but also the courts in this city.What is our population now?I thought it was 24,000 years ago.And dropping.Mabe this will touch prominent people the wrong way.So mabe i will have to post it somewhere else.But i will.I will copy and paste this till my fingers are raw!! Why don't people in Batave have the same rights as other cities?Guilty till proven innocent.The cost is enormous.But that is whole other story or is it?Prominent people have rights to do anything and it is ok.Liberty and justice for some.


                                                                Daniel Cherry and Boys



daniel cherry

Please read this.I know its long.It needs fixing just like many other things here do.And it is very important.So read between the lines here.^^^

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Mark Potwora

Is HUD a federal or state program..Seems like they got to many layers of BS you have to go through to get anything done..I don't understand if the Landlord claims your good tenants then why doesn't he back up your claim about the hole in the door...Why won't they send down a different inspector to see if the first one got it right..Keep up the fight....

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daniel cherry

HUD is a federal program.I do not know how Pathstone relates to Hud.My landlord doesn't care about the hole in the door.His wife is sick.They only have one inspector for HUD here.We are on rent controlled housing.They raised our rent alot.Because the HUD boss here "SAYS" the boys do not sleep in that room.The hallway.They do.I appreciate the comment.Most wouldn't care.I am not the only one with problems like this.I am the only one who will fight for our rights.You are supposed to fear losing HUD.I have to go work at the baseball hotdog stand now.Jimmy plays on the astros.

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Lori Ann Santini

Hi Daniel, I have read your numerous accounts about your problems with HUD. Not being fully aware of how the program works I have a few questions. If the rent cost is so high, do you have to rent a HUD approved apartment vs. a regular apartment? Do you get "more" aid if it is HUD approved? I know that when I was a landlord eons ago, Wyoming County would evaluate the apartment I had for rent. I set the price, not them. Does the $880 a month include all your utilities and water too? That cost is outrageous if it doesn't. Especially if it is only an apartment vs. the entire house. Why are they stating that you need to be charged more for the apartment because they don't think that you use the "third" bedroom? I am curious why your rent keeps going up. The market in Batavia is not that high demand that it should.

Everytime I rented the apartment I went through it with the tenant. I made sure that we marked all the "damage" together. It was then signed by both of us. The tenant kept a copy and I kept one. This way we had matching records. I never had anyone question the matching statements. Only once did I have a tenant make a mess at time of departure that required repair. Digital cameras/Phone Cameras are also a helpful record. Especially phone cameras because they have a data imprint that can't be altered. It matches the time stamp on the phone itself. As a landlord, I always tried to keep the aprtment up to a standard that I would be proud to have lived in.

Not to sound insulting because I don't mean to be at all but do you think they give you a harder time than most because you are so vocal? Clearly you speak your mind. Would there be any advocacy groups that would be able to help you out? I thought I recalled at one point that you were disabled, I may be wrong however. Would you be able to utilize the American With Disablities Organizations to seek assistance?

Quite frankly, if you are paying the $880 a month for rent I would see if you qualify for Habitat For Humanity. Buy a house instead. It is yours after your sweat equity effort and getting financing. The money goes to pay the mortgage not to line a landlords pocket. This in turn gives you equity that is yours to utilize. You would also have something then to give your children when the time comes.

You probably have looked into these things already. It is just very hard to follow your thought pattern sometimes because you go off on tangents. The only other though I have is that you should be careful what you are willing to print out in a public forum. It might make landlords less likely to consider you for nicer housing if they think that all you are going to do is cause them trouble. It is easy to research perspective tenants nowadays online. You may be arguing your way out of decent housing.

I hope this causes you no distress. I apologize if it does. I am just giving you my perspective on the issue.

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Gabor Deutsch

HUD provides housing for low income/disabled people and their children. Hud requires all benificiaries of the program to pay 30 percent of total income or benifits received towards rent. There are a few deductions they will give you like co pay on meds etc. but normally they pay over half of your rent. There are many rules that they require people to abide by and in the last year they have become more strict with their inspections. Because of recent economic conditions and many people abusing the system they have been very strict with their rules and for obvious reasons they tend to lean towards siding with landlords in general.

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daniel cherry

Hi Lori.I will try to answer some questions.Yes we have to have a HUD approved apartment.The landlords are allowed to charge more to HUD tenants than others by law.Yes 880$ includes all.Its a small apartment.The 3rd bedroom used to be called an entrance hallway.I do not know why we are being made to pay more because they "SAY" we do not use the third bedroom we do use it.Only because the Pathstone super says so.That's what she said at the last hearing.She also said we do not have a right to appeal her decision last year.In my opinion it's because of last year, and an ego problem.
Hud did the inspection.We were nearly homeless last year.I did call HUD and tell them about the holes.I did not notice them when i looked at this apartment.The doors were open when i looked at it.I took pictures of the door cause my friend said i better cause look what just happened to us.He's on HUD.Between the time i looked at it and we moved in the house was left open for the painter.Some landlords live in big mansions, and do not care as long as you pay rent.Me i try to keep the heat turned down and have energy saving bulbs.Our landlord has no problem with us.We cleaned up this property alot.There are organizations that try to help me.Independent living and the social club.They try to help.They were there at the HUD meeting.The one who helped us the most was our caseworker for the boys at social services Last year.
Yes i am vocal.We would have been shut off HUD last year had i not been.See Hud says they will shut you off for things like withholding rent to get things fixed.Even if you have it in escarole.I was offered a habitat home.I lived on south main street.I do not drive.I could not do 300 hours of work on my foot like it is.Mabe i made a mistake.
Mabe if things are to change for the good of all some must risk it all and fight for their rights.Am i supposed to sit and wonder what HUD will say next year like they did the past 2 years?It's time for change.Mabe its Batavia and Genesee County.HUD was a program started by Martin Luther KING.So that people wouldn't have to feel threatened by landlords.Now we are threatened by them.
Mabe land/lords should appreciate a good tenant when they have one.Mabe HUD should nit pic a little more about land/lords than tenants.Tenants made them rich.
To me what you said is like saying why don't they still have slavery?Why don't they still lock up menally disabled people and chain to walls?Why do people fight for freedom?Why do bad things always happen to people who fight for humanity and peoples, civil rights?Why do we have laws?
People on HUD, do not have the same rights as any other tenants do.Why not?The HUD will always favor a land/lord over a tenant.
Funny how exactly the same thing happened last year.It's not our landlord who is causing trouble.HUD is.HUD overlooks many things.Unless you are a tenant.
Why didn't the other person on here say how they fear HUD.How it took them 8 years to get the ceiling fixed that leaked rain in?Are they scared?^^^People fear what HUD can do to their lives.I can not go through another last year every year any more.I am not only fighting for myself.They took my boys money for no reason.I have seen what they have done to other HUD recipients.It is wrong.They should be nice to us.If there were no HUD they'd have no job.He's right^^They take the land/lords side not yours.We never had a problem with them until our last years problem which is at the bottom of my blog.And HUD got a new super.And we had a Unbearable HUD worker who's still there.In my opinion causing us problems.And they use your illness to their advantage.Causing you unnecessary trauma.Right?^^

Yea mabe i am too vocal.Mabe i should just give up .And send the boys to live with mom cause soon i can't afford anything for them anymore.Mabe i should have never had the boys.Then i wouldn't have been arrested and harassed for years in city and family courts, because she said so.By the way courts cost you money.And have bad credit because i can't afford to pay all the fines for all the things i never did.So this city put a civil claim on me when i was paying them.If i were a single mom would this happen?Yea i have always tried so hard to do the right thing here.You would not want to walk a mile in my shoes.But i have gone many miles.
So mabe i should just shut up and let the world stomp my soul in.If i had a dream it would begin with getting out of this county...

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Gabor Deutsch

I used to stick up for you and be nice Dan but you always end up attacking me. I simply replied to a post by Lori. I do know alot about HUD. I am on HUD. I do know lots of other things too. I am not going to be intimidated by anyone when it comes to posting on this website. Read back thru some previous posts. I actually stuck up for you or gave you compliments. Read your comments towards me.

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Ann Marie Docking

I totally sympathize with you!! Genesee County is known for not helping people in the correct way. Call the Attorney General and report this. That is the only way that you might get any kind of help. They have different sets of rules for different people! Hud has always been that way. I thought that they cleaned it up after they got rid of the other crooked crew that they had in there, but obviously they didn't. I have a great friend in Rochester that is an advocate for people like you. I agree with you and it is unfair. If you were in Monroe County you would get all kinds of help..

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Ann Marie Docking

I know someone who can help you get out of this county, Dan..By all means do not give up on your children. It CAN get better!! You just have to go about things in a different way. Sometimes change is good and you have to quit trying to fight a losing battle. God puts obstacles in your way for a reason..To make you move..It may not be comfortable at the time but in the end you will come out on top!!

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Dan, The Attorney General is one option. Your congressman is another. ( Chris Lee ). I might also suggest Genesee Legal Services for a consult.
You might even have a claim for damages. But, I agree that the less you say publicly, the better off you probably are going to be.
We are trying to help out, but are only getting your side of the storey. It would help if we had the other side. But assuming everything you say is true, try the Genesee Legal Services.

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Mardell Lamb

I don't have any great suggestions for you...however, I wish the best possible outcome for you & your boys. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. I think you've gotten alot of good advice here so far. Good luck & don't give up. Don't let them get the best of you. :o)

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daniel cherry

Ann Marie thank you for your support.I have thought of calling.I thought it is another government agency.Hopefully it does not get that far.What id like to know where are the hud laws on line?If we need help they tell us call buffalo HUD.It's a waste.I do appreciate the kind thoughts.I will begin tomorrow our journey for justice.We are not the only ones who have the problems like this.People are afraid to speak.If only one has a problem they will not listen.Thanks. Its a big help to know someone cares.xs dan an boys

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daniel cherry

Thank you Fred.I did call them last year.I did not call the attorney general.I am telling the truth.I was never sent a letter why our rent went up.Only that it did.I was only told by the super on the phone so far.Our amount is now 409$It was 275$ last year.I wish they'd tell their side.I know they are to reinspect after the first inspection.I know the inspector has nothing to do with how much i pay.I know they waited until she was here.I know she was asking about our finances.In an intimidating way.I have much proof from last year.When the same thing happened.I know they are aware that they call it a 3 bedroom.When we moved in last July.I am aware they mailed my landlord a letter stating why and not me.I have to get a special note from a doctor of why we needed a 3 bedroom.I asked for a 2 first then a 3 so they could not do this.They say i did not.I think the hole in the door was to anger a landlord.And start it all over what happened last year.I know under NYS law and hud laws you have a right to complain without fear or do you?I wrote Obama weeks before they came over here.I know many hud recipients are in fear of moving it costs too much.Or losing benefits.If the HUD recipients banded together then there will be change.But look at what happened to us last year.We are not only fighting for ourselves.It's about all poor handicapped disabled HUD people.They will not come forward.They could write HUD online in Washington.Then they may get what we got.I will not give up.I have worked so hard for going on 9 years to help my boys.I am an artist.I have donated my work images.I do not get a tax write off.I do not get paid to put pictures on here.I do it because art is to be shared.There is not enough space to say it all.But i can tell you i have come a looong way from living in the streets as a 16 year old.I don't go to jail for a reason anymore.They think one up for me.I don't drink every day anymore.I am in severe pain.I have a hole in my foot.If i have surgery what would happen to the boys?I was born with a bone through my spine.I do not tell people this.I never have before.I have some kind of nerve problem.I was never diagnosed as of now.Nobody ever told me why i'm like this.To do what i do take care of the boys is difficult .I don't drive.Thing like this cause me trauma.It can make me physically ill.Nobody should have to be treated like HUD does.I am already in enough pain.I do not need any more emotional drainage. But i will fight.To think anyone even cares is a great help.I wish someone would help us.Fix the problem.They fix many other ones.Why can't our government help us so i can do my job?Without the strain of all this.I voted for change.We still sit in the back seat.All the poor do.We don't have rights.We cant get legal aid help they refuse us.We supposedly were not evicted.If we go to claims court who's the judge.Someone who jailed me in 2006 after i took a beating and was illegally arrested.Cause the cops didn't believe there was a new court order?It was hell.I was beaten in front of my boys.And i owe money.If i had an expensive lawyer they'd never try that on me.I have been jailed for protecting myself from a known criminal.Who threatened me at my home.I have been beaten nearly to death and the people got a 100$ fine.And it's the same Judge.I could write a book.We want justice.No Fear...WE want change for all

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Gabor Deutsch

Dan, since you aked I am fearful to complain to HUD. I also learned recently not to report abuses of the system. They want you to sign statements and give dates, times and enormous amount of proof before they will investigate. They ask for all kinds of proof of income and vehicle information, bank records and they never check them. I understand if an individual works underthe table its hard to track income. They make you sign a statement saying your not working then no problem. If you purchase a 4,000 dollar vehicle and dont report it they dont know or really dont care. I know how much bull they put you and your boys through the first time and I am so sorry that they are doing it again. For a single parent with two children to be hassled about this stuff doesnt seem right. I know for a fact that they are not any better than they were under rural oppurtunities, thay maybe worse. I remember all the letters and calls you made the first time this happened with no results too. I hope maybe something good will come out of your post and they will leave people alone whom are following the rules and go after the people who are obviously breaking the rules.

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daniel cherry

Gabor thanks.They got all the information last month about finances.In my opinion they are harassing us.I could never write it all on here this is not the whole thing.I am surprised people replied and cared.I have tried so hard.

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Gabor Deutsch

Dan, I know that some people dont like programs like HUD and there is a stigma atatched to it, some people call it a handout and complain about their tax dollars. That makes it difficult for anyone who is deservingly eligible to receive these services to complain when something is wrong. I think that letting everyone know what is happening to you is important especially for how well you take care of your boys ALONE. I will boldly say that if you were a "mother" none of this would have happened.

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Lori Ann Santini

Once again I was only asking several questions and noted observations. I would NEVER condone slavery or anything that resembles it. What I stated was what the Habitat for Humanity requires from their candidates. They refer to the time the new homeowners put into their houses as sweat equity.
I agree that if the HUD program truly supports the landlord and not the tenant then restructuring of the program is a must. I cannot imagine how they think that essentially keeping people in poverty is going to help.
Keep your kids. Don't ever give up the best gift god has to give.
Good luck with your fight.

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daniel cherry

Thanks Gabor.I will not give up so easily.I have had to keep fighting ever since i had the boys.It takes away energy i need.I think the stress can make people physically ill.Nobody should ever have to fight for rights like this.That is why there are laws.

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daniel cherry

Lori,I was told if you buy a habitat home and you ever move you have to give the money back.So you can never move.I would say we qualify.I have a hole in my foot how could i do 300 hours work?I was only using that back seat as an example.It's how i feel about being not prominent.So we don't have the same rights as we should.I am too darn stubborn to give up.I will get a hearing.The problem is HUD "says" they never heard of the people here.And they don't work for HUD.I don't know who to call.But i will find out.Could Pathstone have different rules for different people.People who they favor with the exact same incomes.I think so.I think and i could be wrong.They have a vendetta because i say what i think.Isn't this supposed to be free speech?I was told i threatened a hud worker.Cause i was really upset about what happened last year.I told her i Called and emailed Washington.And when Washington finds out some heads will roll.I went to a HUD meeting last year.They tried to get me to sign an incomprehensible lease.Then they said i can file appeal i won't get one.Then the one who "SAID" i threatened her stood up at the end of the meeting and says "HE THREATENED ME".You get shut off HUD for threatening people.The law says you can complain without fear.I did.And was forced out of an apartment where we were 7 years.The city asked them to fix things and bye to us.(Theres a loophole in the laws.So they don't evict you you get a letter from a lawyer saying they will not extend the lease.We had no lease.It goes to a month by month lease).So HUD recipients can be thrown out whenever they complain.And i think it's now rented by HUD.And if i go and ask at the city will they give me the information i need to fight with?They all work together.I wouldn't want to rock the boat would i?But if they do what i think they plan to i will.I called the super friday.At about 4:40 she called back and she says we have to pay more because my boys do not sleep in that room.My landlord is ok with us.Why is this happening to US?Is it retaliation for "ROCKIN THE BOAT"?I never got a letter stating why our portion of rent went up so much.They know i have children here.So i think they figure i will shut up.Yes you are right we are being punished for invoking our rights.

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daniel cherry

We will be having a HUD hearing on Tuesday.I don't know why they never sent us anything in writing.Tomorrow at 9:20 am we have another HUD inspection.In my opinion it's not right, the way we are treated.A lot of the problem is people on HUD can not ,with hold rent to get things fixed.If you do they try to shut you off, (termination)Or say you complain..After one year HUD recipients get a month to month lease.They should have a yearly lease through HUD.It is up to the tenant to ask a landlord.And part of the above is wrong.We only had rent raised 1020$ a year.In an economy like this,how do landlords get to charge more by HUD rules?HUD does not have enough workers.They are overloaded.Maybe we can help other poor HUD recipients.But if we are denied an appeal for disagreeing like last year.There must be something we can do.Because under HUD rules you have a right to appeal if you disagree.Without being threatened to be terminated.We were denied that last year.It is traumatizing to me.I can't sleep at night wondering if what happened last year is going to happen to us again.Because under NYS law and HUD laws.People have a right to complain about real issues without fear of being harassed or terminated for saying what you think is wrong.I never complained about my landlord this year.I did have a right to be very concerned when they "SAID" we broke holes in doors.Its a reason to be terminated.We could be made to pay for damages we did not cause.
I think a big part of the problem is landlords who own many ,many properties don't even need the money.I think if there were a landlord who needed the money more they would have more respect, than last year what happened to us.
Our lives were uprooted.I wouldn't want this to happen to any other HUD recipients ever.Having a roof over your head is a need.Like food.We left 7 years of our history there at our last place.The boys grew up there.They were little when we moved in there.
All i want for HUD recipients and ourselves is basic human rights.The same rights any renter has in NY.It would be nice, if HUD looked as intensely at properties as they do tenants.
I think HUD should not give money to Landlords who do to tenants what happened to us last year.A lot of HUD properties are wasting energy.Then peoples rent goes up.If i were a landlord I'd be very concerned about energy efficiency.It could save money.
We don't get a lot of money.But what we get goes back into the economy here.I don't drive.So we shop here.I wonder how much money from HUD goes into the economy in Genesee county?
I have been doing the best i can to raise 2 boys alone.The stress of this is getting to me.It affects my boys lives.We should not be made to move again.But i have real big feeling it's happening all over again.Because i am not like honey for flies when we get treated like this.My grandma always said,"You can catch more flies with Honey than vinegar".
Dan and boys

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J. Hale

You know I have read quite a few of your postings and it seems as though you only have negative things to say. I believe you should be putting your time and efforts into something more productive like volunteer work or spending time with your children rather than slandering the name of a company who has done nothing but help many families in tough situations. Do you ever stop to think that things are coming down on you like that because you are so unappreciative? As you should already know, nothing in this world is free and there are rules for everything. Have you looked around lately? The cost of everything is going up, including housing, not just “HUD” homes as you call them. The women of PathStone are just doing their job and following the rules that they are given to fulfill their job duties as any hardworking American does on a daily basis. I believe that you SHOULD have to jump through hoops to get that monthly paycheck handed to you. I bet you spend less time yearly doing paperwork and attending appointments than I do at one day of work. Although, it seems you may spend the remainder of the year complaining about your so-called hardships, which again is, wasted effort. You have made your experience what it is. If you do not want to follow the rules and uphold your part of the agreement then you should relinquish the help that is given to you. There are many people on a waiting list that would love to be getting the assistance you are rewarded every month and be grateful about it. I truly do not believe you deserve even a dollar of help with the attitude you have.
P.S. Imagine the stress that hardworking families who do not get ANY assistance are experiencing right now. Go give back to the community and maybe positive things will start happening in your life.

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daniel cherry

Mr hale if that happens to be a "real" name.Must be you are friends of the HUD people.We do keep our part of the agreement.The ones who violate the law are working at HUD.Path stone.You sound just like another see ya, right here, person.You don't consider a disabled person human do ya?Since the housing market is like it is no, housing costs should be lower.I know maybe you can watch my boys, for 6 weeks while i have surgery right.I'm sure you'd be hiring a guy who can barely walk.You don't know me at all.We have been denied our civil rights here by HUD.I guess that means nothing to you right Mr hale?Or whatever your real name may be.So my boys and i should be punished right?And kiss the HUD people's rear to get our human rights?I think if it weren't for Welfare and HUD then who'd buy anything at your stores here?If i did slander someone sue me.Because telling the truth is not slander.That would be your's and HUD's job.See my job is taking care of my boys.We do appreciate when we used to be treated good by HUD.Before new management came it was not like it is now.You do not say where you work doing paper work.You have offended me.I should jump through a hoop to get help hmm.We do.We are made to.I am in severe pain always.Don't tell me about a hoop.I don't care what you think.You don't even know me.You have no idea.See the people who are not letting any HUD recipients have civil rights any more.They should be punished.Not the poor.If it were not for poor, handicapped, disabled ,mentally ill, people they'd have no job would they?I was told not to post the video i made on here.See the HUD sent A person named Becky who says i threatened her to my house.of course mr hale knows that right?I was filming for my safety.they said they will not inspect if i was filming in my own apatment and ran out.Today HUD says i cant have a hearing because i made you tube video on getjustice channel. So how is that legal?A woman from independent living told me HUD was angry so they are getting lawyers after us.Last independence day July 4th we moved.We moved for weeks.The slumlord/landlord got 70,000 dollars.What did we get?Illegally evicted and stolen security.You are wrong.The government helps us yes but the landlords make Billions.So you pay the landlords money.So we should "jump through hoops".Blaa blaa blaa.Mabe you should be a HUD landlord then you wouldn't have to file papers.I will make this story public knowledge.I will not be intimidated any more.I feel threatened by HUD.I need to protect my boys from them.My boys would never treat anyone like the HUD treats us.They have a thing called morals.Unlike you.Why don't any men work at HUD?huh?Or any race but white?Good thing most people aren't like you Mr Hale.The world is rotten enough.People on the Batavian have to use real names.Of course you only have been here a day.On the Batavian.You were looking to see what i wrote weren't you Mr Hale?I don't sit on here all day long like you imply.You don't see people as equal do you Mr hale?You are a hater i think.And i can think what i want.Sue me for slander if you like.Tell them to.But if i can prove it is true its not slander.Slander is a viscious lie.I don't have to make up lies to cover up things like some do.A positive thing would be to get out of town.Then we would be treated human.8000 left already.I do not like you mr all.You never cared to mention my boys.They should jump through hoops too right?Why isnt there an iggy button on the Bat avian.You were not made to read anything Mr hale were you?If i ever did have time i would volunteer for the people at the care a van ministries.They don't think like you do.So just don't read my blog it is simple.If you don't like it.I have always tried to do the right thing.I am not a bad man.I do not dislike people because they have problems, or are poor.Or any race.I dislike people like you. blaaa blaaa.I thought making videos ,is therapy for all the wrongs.getjustice funny how controversy gets ratings.I don't want ratings.I just want my opinion heard.All around the have lovely day Mr hale.At least you don't pay rent and wonder where you'll live next.

Jun 9, 2009, 11:36pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Legal aid only helps you when you get an eviction notice.HUD has a lawyer whenever they want.I wonder if it's the same one who sent our termination last year.I thought he was city attorney.This all started when we asked for a letter stating why our rent went up.It seems simple.Too bad no other HUD recipients will say what things happened to them.I know there are many.Every ones rent went up.Nobody was told why that i know of.People need and are supposedly entitled to representation in a hearing, even if you can not afford one.We can't even get a hearing now.If any HUD recipients have similar problems.And i know they do call me 585-344-4914.But i also know they are afraid of losing HUD.We do need a lawyer.We can not afford one.Any ideas?Any lawyers that would help us?I asked my landlord who says were good tenants for a lease.We like other HUD recipients only get a month by month lease after a year.And HUD will tell us it is up to tenants to ask for one.So i did.And i have received no reply as of today.We should be entitled to a quick and speedy hearing with no delay.So then we know what amount we pay our landlord.In my opinion HUD does do exactly what Mr hale if that is his name says.Make you jump through hoops.We did what they asked.Our landlord did what they asked.So what if i made video.?My boys and i were being punished already for daring ask for a reason why.They are all riled up there.They are supposed to be service people.They get paid for it.And before we started being treated sub human.I always told them how much we appreciated the help.I know they are overworked is what i'm told.So why don't they hire more workers?

I get the feeling that if you are on HUD and invoke your right to ask questions or dare complain you will be punished.Its like mr hale said.How dare us ask why our rent went up?How dare you film?Funny how the you tube video got so many hits in a couple days.And see ya right here.More than any video i ever made.And i spent alot of time on some artistic videos.But nobody wants to see that.Certain people at HUD were angry about the video last year.I don't even like the song on it much.But you tube took off teach your children well i taped off WBTA that i put a silly free you tube song on it.

And yes i have done a little to help my community.I have donated my images to go art.The home by the VA they built.I thought it was for veterans.And pieces made me a real real nice frame free.The fire victims of paulys.And other causes.
I believe art, and culture, are important.Imagine a day without art.No music tv no signs well mabe that w ould be ok.Even architecture is art right?

An like hale says i do do things with my boys.It cost way more than i thought to have a small garden.My boys helped me dig 3' deep 30 foot long 5 1/2 feet wide garden by the garage.And to plant it.We have baseball.We are selling clors bbq tickets for 8$.We have 5.We want to go camping.We do fish sometimes.The boys love royal rangers.They go tonight.I always do photography.I don't get help from a wife or their mom.We are the family.The 2 boys and i.My own mother doesn't see them.She goes to Oakfield though to see my brothers kids.My real dad left at 5.He was Donald Wiehle.I can't find him.We don't have a family except us.We should be allowed to just enjoy the place we are living.We did a lot of work to make it nice.We lived at 119 state street 7 years.Nobody ever bothered us.Except our landlord.Cause we don't bother other people.I think you should love and respect all people, who do the same.But there are always some who try to set you back.I will not let that happen.Unfortunately we must fight for our rights.Why must we?That's why there are laws.

Jun 10, 2009, 2:55pm Permalink
daniel cherry

We still haven't gotten a letter why our rent went up.Or a hearing.Or had the apartment inspected.Why is all i'd like to know.We need to know so we can pay our rent.We need to know before next month.But that is a big deal to get now.

Jun 11, 2009, 11:13am Permalink
daniel cherry

People at HUD batavia pathstone still as of now no reply.I am angry.Our rights are being violated.I smell a civil lawsuit coming.Someone should help us now.We filed for a hearing June 4th notarized copy no reply.I will go to channel 10 news.(The phone rings now).It's a woman from independent living.She says Jennifer is sending us a letter of termination.We did not even have a hearing.WE did everything they asked.Under the law we have a right to complain no fear.We only asked why rent went up.Something smells fishy here doesn't it.

After all the living hell, my boys, and i have been through.Not one person helps us.Nearly 8 years of family court being arrested for no reason except Miss Tracy Davis Thomas Davenport now who left signed a paper.She rarely even calls these kids.The govt took the some of the kids money a Patacki law.Then they took some of my SSI money for having kids.The mom never pays support.We have no family.I am supposed to pay support 400$.I can not wait to get the letter i will post it on here on you tube getjustice.See if you bothered to read above here i made a video.So becuase of HUDS overinflated ego we get punished.And we want change now!We want an expedited hearing now.We want proper representation now!Under law we are entitled to these things.Not after the boys end up at moms and in foster care now!I am glad i made the video it shows how they are there at HUD pathstone.Why isn't someone doing something for the boys and i?I am angry.This is injustice at its finest.Nobody even knows the full story or cares.I will post the video here what happened.Its on you tube get justice.All we wanted was our rights.They are being violated.We're supposed to wait till we are evicte,d to get an alleged lawyer.The exact same thing happened last year.This is no coincidence.How do things like this only happen here in Genesee county?Why do people fight for freedom when we have none?I knew this was going to happen.But i will not let the HUD egos scare me.We are not the only ones who have these problems here.I know of certain cases that HUD over looks # of rooms and lots of things.They have their favorites.Isnt it funny how we had no problems at all till HUD came to inspect and raised our rent.And all we asked is why.I'm not lying.This is plain wrong.I have proof.(O good fed express brought my bandages.See i have a hole in my foot and have to bandage it every day.)I can not keep going through this.I am being punished for having kids.This is why they keep complaining about a stupid bedroom.I had a one bedroom before and never got evicted.I wouldn't have moved if it werent for my boys id still be at 47 south main for 11 years.Why didn't i have to be kicked out then?I have a right to be angry.I can't imagine when the time comes how will i feel when i lose the boys because of a HUD ego. Why doesn't howard follow this story or have an opinion?He's a reporter.Investigate it.The only time i ever saw an opinion was when the daily news had a story.The best stories i have ever seen are ones like this.This is our government trying to make a poor disabled man's kids homeless.And we did jump through hoops.Last independence day we never even saw fireworks.It was the first time we ever missed it.HUD Pathstone sends a woman Becky Hoak whos not an inspector just to harass me.A woman who says the see ya right here video is terrible.It is only truth.All the evidence why they should not recieve HUD money.These are the stories that need telling.I will post a link on my blog.Imagine being me.The HUD doesn't care how i feel.Their ego is hurt so we must be punished!Im gonna keep making videos even if its from a motel room.

Jun 12, 2009, 11:40am Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

Have you tried to bring them to small-claims court or something like that? No lawyers needed and it will generally be settled quickly.

Not sure if this falls under that jurisdiction, but it's a suggestion.

Jun 12, 2009, 11:42am Permalink
daniel cherry

Thanks Chelsea i think they can be sued for violating civil liberties.Now i just got the termination letter they say i threatened them now.Good thing i was filming wasn't it?That is the last time i saw a hud worker.I will post the letter from HUD/pathstone.They use fear tactics.I am threatened by the lies they tell.My boys will end up in foster care and still nobody helps us.Not one lawyer contacted me to help yet.\

Jun 12, 2009, 12:52pm Permalink
J. Hale

You have been waiting for my response right? So here it is...
Do you really not know why a lawyer has not contacted you? It is because you have NO case. You are just stirring up trouble. How would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot? You would feel violated wouldn't you? The more you write the more I feel sad for you, but not because of your situation, because i think you truly do believe the things you are saying are reality when in fact they are not. PathStone did not force you to post the disturbing videos and comments, so blame yourself for the life your children will have and good luck in the future.

Jun 12, 2009, 2:21pm Permalink
daniel cherry

J hale.Apparently you know who i am and very much about hud.So you must be crooked like they are.And yea i do have a case.They are violating the law.I am not.I will win the hearing.I posted this to save my boys lives.You must be a nazi who thinks poor people have no rights.They do!!The justice will be served upon the people at HuD.We did nothing wrong.I am so glad i made that video.And You have some nerve saying now my children are nearly. homeless almost and you thinks its nice.How dare you be so spineless to say that not to me, on here.What you are saying means you work for HUD is what i think.And if someone complains legally their children are punished.The law states everyone is entitled to a hearing.This only proves you wrong.I bet you work at HUD.How do i get a letter that says i threatened someone?I did not.I was never arrested was i?Its people like you who make the world a crummy place.I am fighting for peoples rights here.So you j hale think this is cool right?Our civil rights are being violated.I call what you say being a hater.You hate poor people who are disabled right?The things i say are reality its on the video.Its on the other ones.I have everything i need to win a hearing.You i think are a shame to humanity.When people do wrongs to poor people and make up lies to hurt them it comes back opon them.We will get justice!The only ones threatened really were my boys and i.What will HUD tell the news?Who are you?I think you are under a false name.I'm waiting for my expidited hearing so i can appeal it like the law says.I will fight this and am contacting people to help us.Im not like the other HUD recipients who get shut off and have no hearing.Mabe they are unsure of their rights.

Jun 12, 2009, 7:17pm Permalink
John Roach

Why do you think a lawyer will contact you? You're the one who has the problem, so you have to contact/call them.

Have you ever called the Legal Aide Society? If you think your "civil rights" are being violated by HUD, a department of the Federal Gov., contact the ACLU.

Let us know what they tell you.

Jun 12, 2009, 7:44pm Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

Hey Dan, "simmer down now simmer down". And mr. Roach he has done that the first time with no results. They dont give a crap about him. I will say to Dan that you need to simmer but you are getting screwed !

Jun 12, 2009, 8:43pm Permalink
John Roach

If he tried once, he should try both again.

Post who he talked to at both Legal Aide and the ACLU, and why they didn't help. Or is J. Hale right?

Jun 12, 2009, 8:54pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Mr roach i have talked to civil liberties.I will try again Monday.Legal aid have been rude when i lost my security they said i cant even talk to a lawyer.I had to get back my boys money and go to 3 hearings at social services and be our lawyer.In front of an administrative law judge.Mr hale is not under a real name.But if he or she is are they are typing this kind of thing while at work? whoever this may be.its not a name like Howard says it supposed to be.I used my name.What they are saying is if you complain your kids are punished.The truth is disturbing.Maybe some lawyer will help us and do it for the good of all.I met someone tonight who had exactly the same thing happen.I think they the HUD are hiding something.It's not right to say someone threatened you when they did not.Just to make their kids suffer.That's what happened before the laws were made to protect tenants rights.It's called real property laws in new york state.A letter stating we are terminated as of aug 1st is not my imagination.The signed sealed delivered and stamped by HUD paper from June 4th where i ask for a hearing that is not my imagination.The law they violated is not my imagination either.Although i do have a good one.Better than some ,if i was going to make up a story.I don't make up stories.I don't like being on camera but i will if i can to help my boys.To tell a real story it would take way more than 10 minutes they allow on you tube.I have not worked enough on you tube getjustice.Why are people so scared of a camera?I know everywhere you go they are.Stores and they may even be on red lights in many cities everywhere.The mall.I'd say the people scared must be up to no good.I asked if someone knew a lawyer for us.Pro bono is it?I had John Zonitch at legal aid help last year to stop us from paying heat until the next month.After that he said he will only help if your evicted.Civil liberties mainly does class action things that is what they told me.They kept asking for donations in emails.So i can be a member last year.How could anyone ask a question like is j hale right come on what's up with that?I already have my Dan der up enough here.I did learn a camera is not only just good for art that tells a story.It can be a powerful tool.And save you from harm.We were already in the cross hairs when i made the videos.I felt threatened.I still do.We can't even be safe at home.I want to have someone here for a simple inspection.Because who knows what they will "SAY" next.I have to fear here.People are made to fear what others can do to your life.It is wrong.Its like fight or flight response.I will not choose the latter.Why don't you call HUD and ask why they gave us no hearing?I cant.Maybe they'll tell you they tell us nothing except were terminated.In order to solve a huge broken problem controversy must occur.I wish more people who have the problem i had would come forward.Just because we don't have a lawyer yet doesn't mean we're lying does it?Thats why theres no liberty and justice for all!It would be a waste to ever speak or type to someone like that above J Hale.A fake name to cover.I think the HUD is not only breaking the laws they may be prejudiced against a man raising his children.So i get shut off HUD ^ for making a video and telling the truth.I have violated no laws.I want the world to know the real reason is above why we were shut off HUD terminated.It's because people at HUD didn't like the video i made.That is not threatening someone and it is no violation of any HUD laws.Why did HUD bring a person to my apartment who says i threatened them last year.If she gets mad she says that a lot.And she would have said it if i were not filming again and had a witness right?I won't take any more lies.It is against the law to lie and say someone did something they did not do isn't it?A camera does not lie.I hope some other HUD recipients see this and do what i did.If my boys end up in a foster home because of someone lying about me just because they are on their hi horse i will have way more time to go and speak the truth to many more people until someone listens.Did you ever think j hale may well be a hud worker.Who else would write demeaning and threatening things like that.Up above here?How bout if the shoe was on the other foot?Guess what it wouldn't fit cause i have 2 different size feet.We do have a case and i won't shut up until justice is served!What hale says is a threat read it.It says it all what happened to us.I am being punished because i have kids and got another apartment.A bigger one.We should have stayed where we were.In a tiny one bedroom we'd be happier then.If a HUD person doesn't like the video do not watch it then 220 people did so far.I wish more would comment.I don't think many news stations would want to tell it.A lot of stories go untold don't they?I think the aclu has reverse predjudice.We have been made to suffer for no reason at all other than inflated egos.I thought things like this stopped a long time ago.I do not accept the way we have been treated.This is supposed to be the USA.Where you can speak your mind.I can't even get a hearing in the USA.And HUD should appoint you a lawyer if you can not afford one.They have one they say.I am trying to save my boys lives here.Its rotten what is happening to us.If i didn't have kids it wouldn't matter would it.How can anyone say what hale says.It's sub human!Like HUD treats people who ask why rent went up.My boys will never be like that.I will to go to the media about this story.Its a good one.How many will think like hale does?This story is about peoples lives.And basic human rights being violated blatantly in our face.Anyone else would have given up like they want you to.Discourage and belittle you.I do not give up ever. daniel cherry sr.

Jun 13, 2009, 1:52am Permalink
bud prevost

The only case you are validating is that you are abusive, superdefensive, and channeling the most negative vibe I think I've ever observed. Good luck and God bless you.

Jun 13, 2009, 9:28am Permalink
daniel cherry

How would you like people to just violate you like they have.Yea its how i feel about what they do to people.It is not abusive.The abusers are them.Abuse of power and authority.And a violation of peoples right to a hearing.It couldn't hurt any more than what they are trying to do.See if someone says you threatened them and you didn't to say things about you that are not true.My case was done when a certain person showed up unannounced at my residence I call that harassment.It is.People have a right to defend themselves in court.Only see we do not get a court date cause they wont give us one.Of course i have to be defensive i was attacked.Who else will protect my boys from them?I guess you must be like them bud.The hale one attacked my children on here.Damn right i am defensive.But yours must be another fake name not a real one.Can HUD look your kids in the face and throw them to the curb?Yes they can.I'm positive of one thing there is injustice here.If people never said anything you'd have no rights anymore either.I will not just sit there and let them violate us like they have.I don't know what you mean help our case we cant get a hearing we filed for.

Jun 15, 2009, 12:35am Permalink
Bea McManis

Dan, a hint or two.
Clarity...try to organize your thoughts before you put them down. You may have a valid complaint, but it gets lost in the verbage.
Stick to the moment...while your past history is important to you, and you want to include it all, it is confusing to the readers. What exactly is happening NOW - at your present location. Isn't that what is most important now?
Physical have already given us the details of your physical disabilities and the past history. Believe me, there is no one that doesn't sympathize with you or anyone else who is in constant pain. While this is a related to your current housing problem, it isn't the main story.
In one or two sentences, please tell us what you hope to accomplish.
Are you hoping a local attorney will read your posts and offer legal assistance?

Jun 15, 2009, 1:51am Permalink
bud prevost

Dan, This is my real name, I graduated from Leroy HS, and I believe what I wrote is accurate. You get more flies with honey than vinegar, as the expression goes. As for being just like "them", not sure how to take that. Believe me, I have had my share of issues with the legal system, specifically family court, but I realize that anger and hostility got me no where. There ARE agencies, public and private, that will help a legitimate case. And as I stated above, I wish you or your boys no ill will. On the contrary, I am praying that somehow God intervenes and helps show you the way. You obviously have some computer ability, an interest in helping the public, figure out how to use it for good. I can tell you, you did not do yourself any favors by posting that video on youtube. I can see why they might have felt threatened by you if that's the way you addressed them.
Dan, honestly, God bless you

Jun 15, 2009, 8:18am Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

Dan, I have a few questions

1. Are you on a month-to-month contract/lease? As in, do you only pay for one month at a time?

2. Do you know if Genesee County or Batavia has rent stabilization laws?

3. Have you ever contacted the Attorney General's Real Estate Financing Bureau?

Jun 15, 2009, 8:55am Permalink
daniel cherry

You have been waiting for my response right? So here it is...
Do you really not know why a lawyer has not contacted you? It is because you have NO case. You are just stirring up trouble. How would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot? You would feel violated wouldn't you? The more you write the more I feel sad for you, but not because of your situation, because i think you truly do believe the things you are saying are reality when in fact they are not. PathStone did not force you to post the disturbing videos and comments, so blame yourself for the life your children will have and good luck in the future.

In essence what they say ^is because i made a video they punish children.My children.I would not care if someone filmed me.How could i?I am a photographer.I am on disability.I see nothing wrong with the video.I myself have no reason to lie.We will have an attorney at our hearing.We filed signed sealed delivered friday the 12th.We filed for one on june 4th no reply.Last year it took 45 days to get a hearing.We can't wait that long this year.And no way would i ever do this to someone over a video.But i would not send people like Becky Hoak who i know is a problem to someones apartment.We are now on a yearly lease until July 1st.HUD doesn't go by Batavia's laws.I have not contacted the attorney general yet.I will and thanks.I do not see how anyone can feel threatened by a camera.Unless say they were up to no good.Like a thief in a store.

Jun 16, 2009, 12:29pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Bea ,it's hard for me to focus on just this, when it all has to do with last year.What we want is a speedy hearing.I filed and asked the 12th.I filed for the amount of rent the 4th.I want and asked for a hearing with a lawyer as soon as possible.I want a stenographer there.O r a full record of the hearing.Like when i went to a social service hearing.I asked to waive the informal hearing.I want to know how much we pay in rent before july 1st.I want a detailed account of who ""said"" they were threatened and why.Id like to read HUD laws and have them readily available to all.I want my boys and i to never ,go through what we did last year, ever again.Or any other HUD recipient to have to.I want for my boys and i to be treated like real people.I want what is just that is all.To enjoy the yard our garden and relax.To know we are safe and have a home.

Jun 16, 2009, 12:49pm Permalink
Peter O'Brien

That's not a threat. A threat would be "Ha! You made a video and now I am going to take your children because of it." He didn't say that.
He believes that you are creating waves. In a system that is eager to unload people, because of budgetary reasons, you made yourself an easy target. He doesn't threaten anything or anyone. He's just telling you that your brought it on yourself.

Its like work, if you work half as hard as the next guy but enough that you aren't a detriment, you get to keep your job until there is some downsizing and you are first on the list to go because your a problem.

Jun 16, 2009, 12:52pm Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

HUD has a website with many of the answers to your questions. The Attorney General's office has published a document, which is available online, about tenants' rights. I'm not sure how much research you've done, but there is a lot out there for people to find.

From what I understand, most of what you have talked about is actually legal to do. It might not be right, but it is legal.

Jun 16, 2009, 1:04pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Chelsea i have not found actual HUD laws.I found real property laws.I do not believe it is legal, to not give someone a hearing.

Jun 16, 2009, 4:22pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Peter it is saying that.Hes saying its good.And i should have my children punished for making a video.If it is a he.If that is their name.I do not agree.Do you and he or whatever have an interest?I know what a threat is.A video is not a threat..........................................

Jun 16, 2009, 4:28pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Beth thanks.I know most people are good hearted.Not many disagreed.I wonder what the percentage is who don't.I think HUD should be bringing a camera with them for record.I have told the truth the best i could.But i put the way i feel too.I would not make a good reporter.How would i have an opinion then?I wish someone like John Stossil would help us.It could help many.Many living in fear of homelessness if they complain.I can't even sleep wondering what will i do.Nobody deserves this.How can this happen in the USA?I have found out some information.But i will not share it here.I will update on when our hearing is.I know the 8th was the video.The 9th was supposed to be a hearing.But there was none cause of the video=fact.And the 9th was our termination.It takes one day for mail.Its dated the 9th.I got it the 12th terminated for no reason other than a video.It was the day of reckoning anyway.So why go out with no fight for our rights...dan

Jun 17, 2009, 12:30am Permalink
Peter O'Brien

I have an interest, it is my tax dollars that are funding you. If I had my way, HUD wouldn't exist or it would have a time limit on how long it can be used like unemployment. I understand you fighting for this, but that doesn't mean I support it. If you can photograph so well, why don't you open a business? You already have a camera and a computer. That's pretty much most of your capital expenses for freelance work such as weddings. Create a portfolio of your best shots and submit it to a magazine or to an art studio or to a photo studio. There is no reason you can't put your efforts into trying to find work instead of complaining about the system that takes money from achievers and hands it to you.

I don't want your kids to suffer, they are the only innocent ones in this case. But to be honest, its not intelligent to go making waves when everyone is looking to save money.

Jun 17, 2009, 7:11am Permalink
daniel cherry

Mr O'brien that is definately discrimination.You gonna buy me 6000$ camera?And an apple computer.If i had like 50,000 to start mabe i could.You gonna order picss?I am not making waves Sec 8 is.They are violating civil liberties here in batavia ny.But i guess it doesn't matter right Mr O'brien?All people are to be treated equal.Not just the rich ones.You are wrong.And why aren't section 8 laws readily available to everyone?Why is access denied?I filmed that too for the next video.I found what i was looking for.I'm not finished.But i found this too this is what needs to happen here.….

I guess you'll have copy an paste it.If you are so worried about tax dollars then why didn't you read more carefully.HUD landlords can rent gouge with your money legally.

By the way i never was paid for putting videos and images on here.I wanted to share my art with people.Of course art probably isn't important to you.
I never saw a lawyer offer to help us here as of now.We will document this story to the end.It's not too much to ask for a hearing expedited.You keep thinking like you do.It's not making the world a better place is it?I was already suffering.Now my boys suffer too..We shall prevail.Doesn't the good guy always win?

People are terminated for making waves.Asking for a hearing.Asking why rent is up?Its wrong period.

Jun 17, 2009, 9:54am Permalink
daniel cherry

And i searched till 3 am to try and find the laws.If someone can find section 8 termination laws id like to know.We are being denied due process of law here.We want a hearing.So we can appeal.Read about patstone on my blog.See if there's a complaint place.It doesn't say in the constitution some people should be treated equal does it:?

Jun 17, 2009, 10:01am Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

Here are all of the laws that HUD has:

Here is a link to what defines termination:…

Link to information about your rights to a hearing:…

It took me less than 5 minutes. I googled "Section VIII Termination". All of your laws are there.

Here is a link to NYS HUD Tenant rights:

Attorney General's document on Tenant's rights:…

Need anything else?

Jun 17, 2009, 10:28am Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Okay if we want equal treatment, then I want government money to pay for my residence as well.

There was no discrimination in what I wrote. I also mentioned options that don't require capital. Your camera seems to take pictures that are terrific. Obviously you know about lighting and such. Your excuse is basically "It's too hard"

Yes I might order pics if your work is good. I am getting married next summer.

Art does matter, except when the government subsidizes it. Why would you think I dislike art? Never give for free what someone is willing to pay you for.

The landlords aren't gouging, there is no such thing. They own the property, they set the rent. If its too much find somewhere else to live. Same with gas. If the price is too high, go somewhere else. Competition keeps prices down.

I never said it was right that you are being terminated for making waves, but you didn't help your case by filming the video.

Do you know how people become rich? They find what they are passionate about and then find a way to make money doing that. To them its not work anymore. They don't dread going to the office, they enjoy it. If you enjoy taking great pictures, try to do something with that. Look to calendar making companies or those motivational poster companies.

You think I am being mean to you when really I am trying to get you to help yourself.

A lawyer is not going to help pro bono. The cases that lawyers take for no monetary compensation still give the lawyer something whether its legal standing or publicity. Your case offers neither. You will need to hire someone if you want legal help.

I did my part making the world a better place already. Now I am working on Batavia.

Jun 17, 2009, 3:05pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Chelsea thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.I looked for like 18 hours to find this.I found that HUD is "supposed" to go by state laws.All we want is what is fair and just.A hearing with a stenographer or tape.Like hearing are supposed to be.The woman i liked no longer works there.I wonder
why they made her send us the termination?I liked Jennifer.
I really have enjoyed the Batavian.And it saves trees too.Where else can people tell, the "other side" of a story?Not just what a report says or leaves out.
How i feel is on here.I love my boys.I have tried so hard.We don't deserve to be, terminated.If we had a fair hearing last year none of this would be happening.We did not.Me i don't even agree with some HUD laws.Why are there laws?If they are not followed?
The majority try to help us my boys and i.The lord is on our side.I believe.Right after i spoke to pastor Dan he prayed for us.I saw that Chelsea had found what i was looking for all that time.There are good people who don't judge you.I would never want my boys someday to say what Peter said or what j hale said.They may be rich someday too.But they will never think like these people do.They will be trying to help people.
We were already suffering before this happened.It's like HUD kicking a dead horse here.I sometimes get to run Iv's at home so i can take care of the boys.They are good kids.They help their dad.We are a family familys stick together. If someone tried to hurt your family would you do what i am to save them?We are people too.Being made to suffer cause HUD doesn't like a video.We are intimidated by HUD workers.HUD workers lie about us.We deserve a hearing now.Not next month.It is about the amount we pay.How do we pay?Why havn't they inspected as prescribed by law?
I am a single disabled dad.How can this happen?Our civil rights have been violated.People sue for broken nails.Would a lawyer help us if they know the have a suit?

Jun 18, 2009, 10:42am Permalink
Andrew Erbell

Dan - you lament about no attorneys will help you in almost every single post. Have you actually called any or do you somehow think they're going to read about your plight and seek you out? If your family was a member of Flight #3407 that might be the case but I doubt they're going to be tripping over themselves representing you.

Stop playing the victim and take charge of your situation. This country is full of stories of people that have overcome far greater adversity than you're facing, gotten through it, and have gone on to have a better life than they ever could have possible imagined.

Life isn't fair. It is what it is. It's how you deal with it that matters.

Jun 18, 2009, 10:57am Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Huh? Ready? In case the bad men who stole money from a bank come to my house? I am in Henrietta right now.

You're only ready to take money you haven't earned. (Hey just like the bank robbers and you also do it at the point of the gun only you let the government hold the gun for you)

Up till now I have been nice.

I am sick of people like you who think they are entitled to my money to pay for your mistakes in life. I don't care how or why you are disabled. I don't care why you are on HUD. What I do know is that you are addicted to handouts. I can easily assume you voted for Obama as well. How's that working out for you? He got that woman in Florida a house, maybe you should ask.

You have no right to housing. You have not had a civil right infringed upon.

I am not rich, far from it. But I have taken the time to make the best of myself from a shaky beginning.

You need to do something for yourself that doesn't include being a moocher of society.

I hope your boys do go to foster care because any values you are teaching them are going to lead to more mooching. They deserve the ability to advance in the world and if this is any example of how you run your life, you cannot show them how.

I have done nothing but try to give you suggestions to get you out of your rut. Read this story hopefully it give you some sort of inspiration…

You are a sad man who sees no way out of his position. Meanwhile people are trying to get you to help yourself and you think they are out to get you.

Jun 18, 2009, 11:14am Permalink
Chelsea O'Brien

Ok Dan, you now have a lot of information to use.

With this information, you were given a lot of resources in those documents, now is the time to use them. A lawyer isn't going to just magically call you, you need to put some effort into it.

Jun 18, 2009, 11:06am Permalink
Karen Miconi

Dan I feel very sorry for you. I cant understand why the woman from HUD would conduct herself that way, in front of your boys. She pretty much threatened these kids very foundation, home, and safehaven, stating the things she did, in front of them. I'm sure she wouldnt like it done to her children. Just keep pressing on, be firm, and dont bow down to their accusations. Make them prove the damage was done by you. When they can't, take them to court for deframation,and more. As for the landlord, he is getting a garrenteed check every month, so he could care less. Unless they have walked in your shoes being disabled, and trying to provide a home for your kids, can they judge. Stay strong, and fight the good fight!
God Bless Your family

Jun 18, 2009, 11:32am Permalink
daniel cherry

I hope your boys do go to foster care because any values you are teaching them are going to lead to more mooching. They deserve the ability to advance in the world and if this is any example of how you run your life, you cannot show them how.Peter Obrien
Man you are rotten to the core.I do not place those values on my children.I am trying my best so they don't have to be poor.So they do not have to go through this.You are wrong.I'm not a bank robber.If you like art so much go to the social club 25 liberty and look at it.You can buy it.
Yes i voted for Obama.At least i voted.Yes we have had rights violated how do you know are you a lawyer?HUD is out to get us.We complained how dare us ask why rent controlled housing went up?
Your in the military.My son Jimmy wants to go fight.And you say he should be in a foster home.Who the blank are you?To say these things?By the way i could not be in the military cause they don't want disabled people.I do not agree with this war either.You gladly pay for that and bailouts right?
You pay landlords HUD.HUD buys landlords homes so they can make giant Huuuuge' amounts off poor people.We live there.You have cut me down the whole time on here.Yea you sure helped.
I will not put on here what im going to do so they can read it.I will not lose this case.We will get a day in court its the law.That is all i can say.We have god and many people on our side.Bet you really hated the story of poor Jesus right?
Poor people aren't always moochers of society like you say.How bout people who lie and get HUD and work hate them too?Is that what they teach you in the military to hate.Kill.Blow up everything.Do as your told even if ya know it is wrong.Does the government tell you everything or do they have secrets?I don't want Jimmy to end up like you a hater.Your entitled to yer opinion and i mine.
We might be poor but we have a lot you don't.Everyone deserves to be treated equal no matter what you think.
If your in Henrietta why do ya even bother with this site?You have never even been in Elba.What the?
By the way i know what mistakes i made i should have gone to college and then had kids.I never should have wanted to be an electrician and then had a bad leg.You need an attitude adjustment is what i think.Is this what you will teach yer kids?I bet mine will be way better people than yours will.If by some unfortunate reason you ever have any.
I am using what laws i was given i just can't say how yet.Can i?HUD people read this don't they?Hey i know someone who was in the military who was on HUD do you hate them too?They have a trach from desert storm.Cause nobody told the about the gas nice eh.They would never ever complain they're scared of HUD.
I dont like any of your comments really.When does the batavian get an iggy button like yahoo has and then i will not see what you wrote.You don't know me.Saying kids should be in foster care is wrong.And that would cost you more.Maybe you just hate everyone right?So yer not prejudiced.

Jun 19, 2009, 1:33pm Permalink
Karen Miconi

You will find out some day, about maternal, and paternal love, and dedication Peter. I cant believe you said that! OMG that was low as you could go. I think you owe Dan an apology. God forbid you and Chelsea have kids some day, and someone says that to you. I cant believe Howard puts up with this nonsence. UG

Jun 19, 2009, 1:45pm Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Dan owes me money.

I am not apologizing for that.

I could go lower but to not see that I was trying to help him help himself is blindness.

And then to have him say that what I was trying to do was mean spirited is beyond the pail.

Jun 19, 2009, 1:47pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Karen,I didn't want people to feel sorry.I want them to know the way it is.They didn't say it to my children.They did this all to them Karen.I appreciate your comment.Like most it was kind.Most are kind i am seeing on here.And may be their right some.I should have gone about this differently.But i can't get a newscaster at my house so i thought id tell the story.I should have skipped the details may be.May be i took freedom of speech to the extreme.Too late now though.No lawyer is going to help unless we pay them.Or if we are evicted like last year.I must be my own lawyer i guess.And i will fer my boys.I will be strong and keep on truckin.Daniel he wants to be a trucker.Yesterday it was something kids on lock down.It made me forget this for awhile.
Yea saying someone did something they did not do is a crime.Its not defamation.Its falsely reporting an incident.Id be jailed for it.
I am doing all i can do.What i need is a break away from here.Going camping or something fun.
I learned most people are nice and don't judge you.That is consoling in itself Karen.Very therapeutic.Thanks.

Jun 19, 2009, 1:50pm Permalink
Gabor Deutsch

I had a feeling there was something more to the story. Feeling sorry for people only gets you so far, try getting involved then let us see what you post. I fear attacks when i stick up for mr. injustice .

Jun 19, 2009, 1:53pm Permalink
John Roach

You said you are not employed, ok, hard luck or lazy (by your reasononing)? Can yougo back to the Navy, or are you going to just stay home (I am trying to sound like you)?

Are you now, or have you ever, drawn unemployment pay? If you have, then you owe me money (by your reasoning).

Jun 19, 2009, 1:55pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Peter nice story.You must really hate the shoeshine guy.Or are you saying we should live in a box?I have been homeless.I worked.I worked at the engine house #1.I needed medication.Ciproflaxacin.I was guinea pig for it at strong a study in the 80s.It cost 80$ a day.Since i worked i couldn't get it.Until i lost half my foot then i did.That was a little too late then.There are many stories of other people like these.Not just us.If HUD recipients complained they'd have their kids in the same boat.Iff all this is ok then why do clients have to fear HUD?Landlords do not fear them.Do they?They kick back and collect cash.

Jun 19, 2009, 2:01pm Permalink
Peter O'Brien

I am employed, I have no work to do. The 15% is all here and employed waiting for work when the design teams are finished.

I draw unemployment during shutdown weeks. So far thats been 1 week $300. Next week is another $300.

Unemployment at least is limited.

Jun 19, 2009, 2:04pm Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Never did I say that your situation is completely your fault. But you decided that I was demonizing you by offering solutions to your condition. How and why you are where you are doesn't affect the future.

Jun 19, 2009, 2:09pm Permalink
John Roach

Then, if you say Dan owes you money for being on HUD, you owe me money for being on unemployment, limited or not. I offer you a solution, go back to the Navy. Fair is fair, right?

Jun 19, 2009, 3:31pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Richard i will.I am.I'm done with what was that^.I'm not whining.I can't just take care of myself.I have kids.I will try and forget this ever happened till next week.Then I'll take action.I'm not a lawyer but i need legal advise.Cause we cant afford a lawyer.But HUD has one.I read through laws till i was crosseyed and it all blended together .I'm waiting to find out what they said i did.I dont think by law they have to tell me.We need a court date a court.One with an unbiased party like the law says.Unlike last year.I have tried to answer all comments.This here was the most hits of any thing i've seen on here.Am i wrong?I can't just give up.Im too stubborn.Daniel went skating Jimmy went to the Robert Morris school to his first dance.He wears his Astros hat everywhere.I want to forget this for the weekend.Thanks John.This has been an interesting journey.I will learn from every mistake.I wish someday to help people like me.Now that would be a great job.I know there are good people who do not judge us.Like a lot on here.The caravan, church.I need to keep doing art.Man this has been traumatizing.I wanted to do a parade video and never did last week of the parish parade.I have the film images.I don't think true artists only do it for money.Its a passion.A need to express themselves.Too bad most artists are dead before they get recognition.Like Andy Warhol.I want to do what Ansel Adams did someday.I found a book at the salvation army by Annie Leibovitz its great.It even has images of John Lennon the last image ever taken of him 10 minutes before he was shot.Arnold Schwarzinagger.Pumped up.The original blues brothers.What a book for 2$I have paintings i've collected.I have another thing i found a print by Sam Francis it says on the back for Mr Allbrights collection.I have 2 Joeseph Deni paintings.He is a local artist and we got to meet him at go art once.I love his work.I said hey that looks like our paintings we have.It was.I was so glad to meet him.But im not all that sociable.Its hard for me.And he posed by his paintings.Its amazing what they can do with paint.I have an Aaron Zook painting.A man was gonna drive from pa an give me 100$I said no thanks.I like the painting.Another time we got to meet Senator Mary Lou Rath.She had helped our community so much.Thanks Mary Lou.I wish she was still here.Alot of good suggestions on here.I need to learn the laws, and use them, if we are to getjustice right?Well have a good weekend...dan

Jun 19, 2009, 6:53pm Permalink
Andrew Erbell

Andy Warhol was famous long before he died. Ansel Adams is one of my personal favorite photographers. I have a signed original of his hanging in my office.

Jun 19, 2009, 9:32pm Permalink
daniel cherry

49 comments.I can't sleep.My boys lives are in jeopardy here.Never was this on the front page.I even called Congressman Lees office. and wrote to him.No reply.I sent our termination to legal aid no reply.We do have a case.We deserve what the constitution says.Proper representation.Your money pays for HUDS lawyer right?The law says you have a right to complain without being punished right?Last year we had an informal hearing it was not legal.Because the hearing is supposed to be impartial.It was not.Because Mary Rice and Becky HOAK were there.We did everything by HUD rules.Or we'd be shut off.To be shut off merely for making a video is wrong.And people who say it's ok cause we are poor shut up are wrong.You don't get it do you?Landlords get tax breaks.They buy up homes like crazy on your money.Tax dollars.If the poor are treated badly by your HUD workers you pay for it then, you, should find out, what is up here?The facts before you judge, for the ones who say we should shut up were poor and disabled.Find facts of what HUD really is.And see if it's what it's supposed to be.Your money is being wasted.Why should HUD landlords get more than others?They already get a tax break.And first dibs on homes right?You must keep the poor people shut up right?Because you wouldn't want to have people find out the truth would you?HUD buys homes for landlords.Select ones.And it's not just here in Batavia ny.

Last year at a HUD hearing i was told to sign an unconscionable lease see ya right here.Then told ill be shut off HUD by Mary rice if i don't sign it.I did not.Then with out an appeal i was told sign the paper that says we pay 130$ MORE FOR A ROOM.I was forced to sign it.Or my boys would be homeless.Then Becky hoak says i threatened her at the end of the meeting out of the blue.I had a support person with me.They saw it all.So excuuuuuse me for making a video to protect myself and boys.She said i threatened her and came to my apartment ,on june 8th.June 9th we were denied a hearing because of the video.June 9th they filed our termination and said"" i threatened them.Or we'd be shut off.If the HUD really wants you out then they can find something wrong that they overlooked.Then the landlord doesn't fix it.Then you are made to leave your 7 year apartment.You were a good tenant.Till you complain about paying others heat.Then they move in the next HUD family.And i don't think they even fixed what i have from the city plumbing inspector.They are cold and calculating if you complain.Now you are paying for their lawyer so we can be screwed out of our next apartment.How is that for short and sweet with much information?Prove me wrong.

But don't just think i will shut up cause im poor.This is about children and their dad.The only real family they have.Injustice.And get justice.

Jun 20, 2009, 8:37am Permalink
daniel cherry

I did a lot of research on this.One think i noticed.We are not entitled to have an attorney appointed for us.How can that be law?People who murder someone have a right to counsel.We don't.Information is being with held from us.Like what they "say" happened.If you were arrested they must give details.Sec 8 does not.They don't even give a brief description of what happened.By law.It only says we are terminated cause someone was threatened,or otherwise abused.Isn't that a freedom of information violation?It would make us not prepared for our hearing.I asked for an expedited hearing.We were refused a hearing June 9th about rent increase.Because i made a video.My advocate from independent living, told me that someone at HUD said that on June 9th.June 9th is the date on our termination.She said they have lawyers working to see what they can do to us for the video.We can not sit and wait until it is too late and we're living in a motel to have hearing.And if we do get a hearing are they really unbiased?Or are they from here in Batavia?Maybe some people think this is a joke.So what if poor people are homeless.No big deal here.No other poor HUD recipients complain.Which by law you can.But they are truly afraid.And we are not the only ones are we?So we will do what great people from our past have done.We have suffered enough here.We only want fairness and what is right.We by not having a lawyer to represent us are being discriminated against.For being poor.For being disabled.For having children cause i had a one bedroom and no problems with HUD.I feel we are victims here.We are human beings too.We have feelings.We can't afford to move every HUD inspection when they come down on us for what?Asking why rent went up?How dare us?Fair market value is lower.This is why we need an attorney.Or legal advice pro bono.We can not afford one.So it's fathers day.And me i am doing all i can for my boys.To make known what our government is doing to us.Its not whining.Its taking action.I wish the HUD would video during inspections.I have no problem with it.I will have to be our attorney.I will learn how to file papers.I want to be telling our story ,to the news on TV.

Daniel Cherry and Boys

Jun 21, 2009, 2:21pm Permalink
daniel cherry

We still did not get a notice of our expedited hearing or any reason why.But we did file to get back our security, and damages ,from last year.See ya right here.We did not have their address.Nobody does.

Jun 23, 2009, 6:08pm Permalink
Andrew Erbell

So send a certified letter to his place of business in Oakfield. How hard is that to figure out? As far as not having an attorney appointed for you, this isn't a criminal proceeding so that "right" doesn't apply.

Jun 23, 2009, 6:22pm Permalink
Peter O'Brien

I will if I lose my job and can't afford to continue in college and get my degree and keep my house. Figure out your portion for the $300 and come to my house. Show me the figures and I will pay you.

Jun 24, 2009, 2:44pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Andrew i know, we don't have a right to an attorney.But we should have proper representation under the constitution.HUD have lawyers free of charge. The papers will be served at the car dealer if need be.They have to serve papers.
I do not think we are the only ones having these problems.I need to start a group to help people with these problems.There are many.Some do work and get help from HUD.
What would be a good name?Something like Tenants for justice?It must have meaning.
I feel my boys and i are being made an example of.An example of what happens when you complain about HUD.Its not only them.Its the cities looking the other way.I heard something about mowing lawns ordinance.There are already codes and ordinances.The problem is they've been over looked so long.And the problems don't get fixed.People get terminated and evicted.Made to move costing money to poor people.So we had to move last year.

Some say i'm whining.O there are worse places.Their right there are.Taking action is not whining.People get angry when you take action ,to defend your family.HUD should have it so people get a 1 year lease period.Not month by month after a whole years rent is paid.When your a good tenant.Then you complain about a rent increase to HUD.You don't even get a hearing.You get people at your house who "say" you threatened em last year.Don't we have a right to peaceful enjoyment of our apartment?
I bet they would like to punish us,, really bad ,,if we start a tenants rights group.A civil action for all the wrongs not just ours.
And yes certain people in our city should help us with this.Its a matter of a basic need like food.A roof over the boys heads.Why should we be punished like j hale says?Its terrible to be treated unequal to others.And it is like Rosa Parks felt.She was a great woman and made a difference.We want the same rights as other tenants in this state and country.My boys will be punished for this.Because we asked why our rent went up?It was not legal.Its not legal to not give hearing.We did everything by HUD laws.I even have to give my soc sec #.
More people need to come forward about things like this for them to be fixed.It's not just about the boys and me.
People cant just keep looking the other way.Saying too bad for them they're no good they're poor.How can they sleep at night?I can't.The landlords who are rich off HUD money don't have to have leaky roofs, do they?Just one example.They can with HUDS help throw you out.No reason.So they have a mansion while we the poor fund them with our kids and HUDs cash.I will not accept what is going on here.So you keep lookin the other way and think bad things about us.But we are human beings here.So just think about it real hard.Change will come.Not today but soon...dan

Jun 24, 2009, 2:55pm Permalink
John Roach

Just give back the whole $300 dollars of unemployment to the government and don't go down anymore and ask for more.

Then you will be able to tell Dan he owes you money.

Let Dan know when you do.

Jun 24, 2009, 2:59pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Peter i have no idea what your saying.I know get a HUD tenant you'll be rich and then if another HUD landlord lets you......Cause you have no chance in @#$%^, you can buy another home.You'll have equity.Pretty soon youll have a hundred homes.You never have to put any money back into them ever.Cause if someone your tenant complained theyd be out.And a new one in.Of course your propert would be not worth much.But that won't matter cause you can tear it down.Cause you made a million.Peter.On one home get it?

Jun 24, 2009, 3:07pm Permalink
Peter O'Brien

Dan, if you don't know what I am saying then read previous posts and don't go spouting BS

When I get back the money that the state has taken from me and given to others then I will stop taking.

Jun 24, 2009, 3:10pm Permalink
daniel cherry

You are at work getting paid to say these things to my boys and i.If you do not want me to spout the truth don't reply then.Did you ever read history of urban renewal?And why it happened?Im not spouting bs im stating facts.You are bs ing not just on my blog.On all subjects.It seems you are a hater to me.And its just a waste to type replies.

Jun 24, 2009, 3:19pm Permalink
Richard Gahagan


If you put the time and effort into finding a job to improve your life instead of wasting time and effort fighting and complaining about HUD you would get further ahead faster. By being dependent on government programs you allow the government and government employees to control certain aspects of your life. Take control of your own life.

Jun 24, 2009, 3:38pm Permalink
John Roach

That's ok with me.

I just wanted to be clear that you resent other people getting money from the government, like Daniel, but its ok for you to takee money from me. And your reason is that somebody got some, so I want mine too.

Jun 24, 2009, 3:39pm Permalink
daniel cherry

Richard you are right.But i am disabled and need a sit down type job.Or one that i can sit most of time.I am not trained for a sit down job.I need a sitter if i go to school.I'm not good at algebra at all.It was not required when i was in school.But to pass college it is now.People still get HUD and work.But we are terminated.For no reason other than a video.Not because someone was threatened.I know someone could help us.But people think its ok to lie and violate our rights because we are on HUD and poor.Its wrong.What would you say to my homeless children?Get a job.I'm glad cause yer dad is on HUD so suffer because someone has an attitude problem at HUD?And can't even give us a hearing so we know what rent to pay.We do not deserve this.My main job is taking care of my boys.It is difficult alone.I needed surgery 2 years ago.I have been trying to keep my boys from foster care.I need a 6 week sitter to have surgery.If they go to mom's they don't get proper attention.If i thought they were better off at moms id send them there to live.And go have surgery.You should be nice to all people.Even poor ones in HUD.HUD is a corrupt government program.That is really what the story is about.Its a shame.Shame on those at HUD who try to make my boys homeless to punish me for a video.And yes i did expect someone to try and help us somehow.Cause this is wrong.And in the end the boys will suffer most at the hands of HUD workers here in your fine city.(Is the problem fixed where i lived before?Or did some city worker overlook that too?I asked and was rudely told they don't have any other information.I need the information for small claims court July 21st 09). They can't live on their own.What will happen to them?all i want is an expedited hearing i filed June 12th.I cant even call HUD for fear of them sayig""" i did something.I don't even know what they said i did.The ones who should be punished are not present here.You don't know what the HUD people here who you pay with taxes are capable of do you?But we do it's on the bottom of my blog from last year.Your HUD workers are displacing families.To profit.Tearing us apart.Thanks...Tenants for justice.For all tenants to be treated Equal!!

Jun 25, 2009, 1:03am Permalink
daniel cherry

I called Congressman Lees Office.There will be a congressional inquiry into what is going on here.Thanks Congressman Lee.A lawyer called today we will have an attorney present if we ever get a hearing.

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daniel cherry

I need to keep going on this story.Tuesday we must pay rent.We always paid our portion on time.So since our apartment was not reinspected,and we had no expedited hearing.I must pay money i don't owe, so my boys have a place to live.I filed for a hearing on June 4th and June 12th.This all started when someone said we put a hole in a door.And then i dare ask why rent went up?I guess fair market value does not matter here.NY should have laws like Cali does now.I don't understand how we get terminated asap.But if we ask for an expedited hearing, we wait, and wait.And how can they not reinspect the apartment?

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Tyler Hall

I just read every single comment. One comment sums up this entire situation.

Posted by Peter O'Brien on June 1, 2009 - 7:29am
You're Welcome.

If I was peter I'd probably add a seven letter adverb between the words "you're" and "welcome".

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tracy davenport

J. Hale

i have told him many times to do something with the talent he has but there is always a reason he cant do it. Dan has to much time on his hands so i believe he sits and thinks up things to say or do to people.Like myself...after every visit i have with the kids he always takes me back to court for something or another.Does he think the travel will bother me? No it wont, but it will be hard as i now have a 3 month old son. He has never been grateful for what others do for him. When i lived there in Batavia i wanted to see the boys more than i but there was always some off the wall reason why i couldnt see them. But when my visit for the summer fell till the day after the oldest boys birthday he had a fit thats why we are back in court. But i agreed to bring them home on his birthday but it didnt go as planed cause my husband does WORK for a living. And i was getting to be 4pm and its a 2 1/2 hr trip there but i brought them anyway to gt there and him not be home and then called the boys at 11:30pm to say im home now. And you say imagine the stress for the hardworking families that dont get help. Well we are one of them families. Not to mention we just bought a house and have a 3 month old baby. Imagine the life them 2 boys have they have no positive guidance in live...

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