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Batavia Rotary hosting 33rd tournament at GCC tonight and Thursday

By Howard B. Owens


The Batavia Rotary Club hosts its 33rd Girls Basketball tournament at GCC starting tonight with games between Notre Dame and Pembroke and Batavia and Pavilion, with the championship game scheduled for Thursday.

The club held its tipoff luncheon today, introducing the teams at the Arc GLOW facility on Woodrow Road in Batavia.

Notre Dame is aiming to repeat its championship of a year ago, and Head Coach Tom McCulley complimented the Rotary Club on the quality of its tournament.

"This is a great, a great thing you guys put together," McCulley said. "I mean, I know a lot of teams really wanted to get in this tournament, and it's because of this environment and what you guys do, not just the one night or two days at the college, but you're out here for sports. It's a well-run tournament. From the concessions to the award ceremonies to the games to the timing, everything is top notch."

Game one tonight is Notre Dame vs. Pembroke at 6 p.m. Batavia faces Pavilion at 7:45 p.m.  The championship is at 7:45 p.m. Thursday.

Top photo: Karlee Zinkievich, Pavilion, Karli Houseknecht, Pavilion, and Amelia McCulley, Notre Dame (Batavia's team was unable to attend the luncheon).

Photos by Howard Owens.


Note Dame: Tom McCulley, Avelin Tomidy, Maggie Monachino, Maylee Green, Emma Sisson, and Amelia McCulley.


Pembroke: (from right) Head Coach Jamie Johnson, Karli Houseknecht, Isabel Breeden, Elle Peterson, and Assistant Coach Aralyse Johnson


Pavilion: Head Coach Ben Schwenebraten, Lauren Kingsley, and Karlee Zinkievich.

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