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Beth Parlato announces endorsement by VIEW PAC

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

Beth Parlato, Republican candidate for Congress in NY-27, has received the endorsement of powerful Republican women’s group VIEW PAC following a successful meeting in Washington, D.C., earlier this month. In addition to a formal endorsement, Parlato has also received the maximum financial support allowed from VIEW PAC.

Julie Conway, an influential GOP operative and executive director of VIEW PAC, said “Beth Parlato is not only what the Republican Party needs – an outspoken woman on the right side of the issues, but also what voters want – a fresh-faced political outsider determined to do right by her constituents rather than build a political future for herself.

"In a district that voted overwhelmingly for President Trump, Beth’s unapologetically conservative message and life resume as a business owner and judge make her a clear favorite in this Primary and someone who will ensure that New York’s 27th District remains in Republican hands.”

Parlato, a first-time candidate for political office, was humbled by Conway’s words.

“VIEW PAC has done incredible work getting strong Republicans elected and I am honored that they have chosen to endorse me," Parlato said. "I won’t disappoint them just like I won’t disappoint the voters in my district.”

Beth adds this latest endorsement to her list of supporters, which include other conservative groups as well as beloved Hall of Fame Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills' Jim Kelly and more. Additional endorsements of Parlato’s candidacy are slated for the coming months.

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