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Collins has new primary challenger in NY-27

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

Buffalo — She’s spent a career as a champion for families. Now, Beth Parlato is a candidate for Congress. Conservative activist Beth Parlato announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination in New York’s 27th Congressional District today.

The family law attorney and former judge promised to be a new, conservative voice in Congress.

“I’m concerned about the direction of our country," Parlato said. "Even as we see the evidence of a booming economy that continues to lift up every American, the loudest voices on the left are pushing socialist policies that will destroy jobs and devastate families. Now is not the time to go backwards.”

Beth Parlato has decades of experience. As a family law attorney and Judge, Beth has seen up close the struggles that families are dealing with.

“I’ve seen so many difficult situations,” Parlato said. “Families are in crisis and it’s taken a toll on our country; when our families are hurting, so is our nation.”

Parlato is also a recognized leader in the conservative movement. She is a regular contributor on Fox News and her leadership roles in Moms for America and Concerned Women for America have given her a large national voice to fight for conservative values.

“Christian and traditional values are mocked and the loudest voices on the left seem to have a disdain for America. We need a conservative alternative to what they call ‘the squad.’ In Congress, I’ll be that new voice.”

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