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Empire State Development announces $5 million grant for STAMP

By Howard B. Owens

Here's a portion of a press release from Empire State Development about a series of grants recently approved.

Empire State Development today announced that its Board of Directors recently approved $101.1 million in economic development resources for 23 projects that are spurring growth and opportunity in every region of the state. The funding supports projects that are creating 634 new jobs and retaining 1,531 existing New York State jobs – many of which have already been created or retained. The approved assistance is leveraging more than $822 million in private investment and other public funding to support local businesses and projects that are strengthening local economies today, while building a strong foundation for future economic growth and job creation.

“The funding approved by the Board is supporting regionally significant projects that are fostering growth and creating new opportunities statewide,” said Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky. “Whether it’s by aiding business expansion and retention, supporting local revitalization projects, or bolstering regional tourism, the funding approved today will boost economic activity from New York City to the Finger Lakes.”


Finger Lakes Region 
Western New York Science, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing (Finger Lakes Region - Genesee County) – $5,000,000
The Genesee County Industrial Development Agency, doing business as Genesee County Economic Development Center (GCEDC), will use a grant of up to $5,000,000 for the cost of land acquisition,  engineering, and soft costs related to infrastructure development for 1366 Technologies, Inc., the first tenant of the Western New York Science, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP) in Alabama, NY. 1366 Technologies is a solar energy company with an innovative approach to manufacturing the silicon wafers that are the building block of solar cells. The company chose the STAMP site out of 300 possible locations due to the site’s positive momentum and commitment to growing manufacturing interests. This project will be completed in August 2016 and aligns with the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council’s plan in that it supports advanced technology and manufacturing and is identified as key to the region in the Industrial Development and Infrastructure category. 

david spaulding

empire state development is again making mistakes with the taxpayers money but oh well there's more where that came from.. million here a million there...
"The company chose the STAMP site out of 300 possible locations due to the site’s positive momentum and commitment to growing manufacturing interests."
real cool bs political talk. use of words with out meaning..
let me dissect.. "site's positive momentum" really ? actually the site is a field. nothing more. it is NOT a site with positive momentum. " commitment to growing manufacturing interests " really ? I will say this in taxpayer language, the site is a field. ok? a frigging field. if anyone can take me out there and show me "positive momentum and commitment etc." I will be happy to come back here and eat my hat.
This is just another scam by people trying to justify their patronage jobs while pissing away taxpayer money they should not have any authority over.
BTW next town over taxpayers are selling a yogurt factory for about $14 million.

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