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Le Roy board approves $30.2 million spending plan for 2023/24

By Howard B. Owens

The proposed budget for the Le Roy Central School District for 2023/24 is $30,227,508 in expenditures, and if the district receives the amount of state aid it anticipates, there will be no need to increase the tax levy, according to Superintendent Merritt Holly.

The Board of Education approved the spending plan on Tuesday.   The final levy tally and tax rate will become available after state aid is approved and the district knows exactly how much property values have changed, which will be some time before voters are asked to approve the budget in May.

The district expects to spend nearly $10 million on professional and teacher salaries. That's an increase of $324,906 dollars.  The increase is mostly driven by negotiated salary increases.  Six teachers are being replaced. There will be two new positions in special education, a new half position in elementary literacy, and a half position less in music.

Salaries for K-3 teachers will increase by $61,478, up $27,576 for grades 4-8, and up by $50,266 for grades 7-12.

The superintendent's salary will increase by $6,000, to $179,542.

Salaries for principals and assistants are going down by $33,117 to a total of $387,206.

Fees paid to BOCES are based on prior year charges and the district will pay BOCES $2,612,766, which is $240,930 more than the prior year.

Support staff salaries are up $194,462 to a total of $3,203,908.

The cost of health care is increasing by $53,544 to more than $2.9 million.

Retirement costs are up $53,544 to more than $1.3 million.

Contributions to the capital fund will increase by $563,369 to $663,369.  Contributions to the capital fund pay for small building projects that are eligible for NYS building aid.

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