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September 6, 2022 - 2:41pm

Liberty Pumps gets a brief moment of screen time on Better Call Saul

posted by Howard B. Owens in Better Call Saul, liberty pumps, bergen, news.


Bergen-based Liberty Pumps -- well, at least a binder with the company's logo on it -- had a cameo appearance in the final season of one of television's most highly regarded series in history -- "Better Call Saul." 

In the penultimate episode, the camera briefly captures a set of binders on a bookshelf with a framed copy of lizards and the word "friends" on the frame.

Everything in Better Call Saul, as with "Breaking Bad" before it, that appears on the screen, or is heard in the soundtrack, is symbolic. We will let regular viewers work out for themselves what this frame means in the context of the story.  No spoilers here except to say the scene involves a recurring character who has taken a job with a company that makes sprinkler heads in Florida.  The binder and lizards appear at a crucial turning point in the story.

Liberty Pumps CEO Robyn Brookhart said the binder scene hadn't gone unnoticed at the company. 

It was cool, she said. 

"What is really fantastic is the buzz and energy it created when we emailed the screenshot around to the entire company!  Totally unexpected, and a really fun surprise," she said.

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