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Parlato criticizes selection of Jacobs by GOP chairs, promises primary in June

By Howard B. Owens

Press release:

Yesterday, the county chairs held a closed-door meeting to pick career politician Chris Jacobs for the GOP ballot in the special election. This decision does not reflect the voice of the voters of NY27. Jacobs has voted to raise taxes and fees, funded planned parenthood, has been weak on the Second Amendment and voted to provide free college tuition. As a Republican in name only, he is the wrong fit for the constituents in the reddest district in New York State. 

As the true conservative, our message has resonated with voters. In six short days, we had over 2,500 voters sign our pick Parlato petition. Our campaign has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, our grassroots continue to build and we are gaining momentum as our movement continues to motivate and excite voters throughout the district.

We believe the voters deserve to have their voices heard. Therefore, we will continue our campaign and look forward to winning the Republican nomination in the June primary.

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