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Parlato's ads draw fire from GOP chairs, Chris Jacobs, and support from McMurray

By Howard B. Owens

Press release from Chris Jacobs campaign:

As first reported yesterday by the Buffalo News, all eight Republican chairs in the 27th District have signed a letter to Parlato demanding she “suspend your negative campaign and promote your own candidacy rather than viciously attacking others."

Parlato’s attack ads have been described as “negative” and “nasty.”

“Beth Parlato gave her word last year not to run a negative campaign and not to work to split the vote to hand our congressional seat to a liberal Democrat. Now she’s broken that pledge. We shouldn’t be surprised. Throughout this campaign Beth Parlato has done nothing but attack other candidates, first Rob Ortt and now Chris Jacobs. This is the mark of a desperate candidate. We will not let Beth Parlato succeed in her effort to elect a liberal Democrat to our seat in Congress.”  - Christian Chase, Jacobs for Congress

Press release from Nate McMurray campaign:

“Do the same good old boys network of party bosses and insiders that brought shame to Western NY by fighting for and electing disgraced former Congressman Chris Lee and Chris Collins really expect NY-27 to fall in line...again? They have no credibility. Their attacks on Parlato show weakness, sexism, and hypocrisy.  

"The party machine’s double standard here is laughable. Where were the fainting couches and tissues when Jacobs' aired his lying, racist attack ads against me, which Politifact debunked. And let’s not forget who they really fawn over: Trump. The man whose whole political identity is based on nastiness and name-calling. 

"I don’t agree with Beth Parlato on pretty much anything, but I like how she’s standing up to these bullies. Democracy is not a coronation, and these self-appointed kingmakers need to be humbled. They’re scared of me, but they might be more scared of her. Jacobs’ billions can buy the love of party bosses, but it can’t buy backbone. NY-27 might finally have the people’s showdown in November,” said Nate McMurray.

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