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Sex in the City: Suzanne Corona accused of promoting prostitution at her home

By Howard B. Owens
Suzanne Corona
2010 mugshot

A Batavia woman whose previous antics have led to multiple criminal charges over the past decade, including a charge of adultery that made international headlines, has been accused of allowing prostitution at her home on Osterhout Avenue.

Suzanne M. Corona, 51, is charged with promoting prostitution, 4th (advance or profits from prostitution), and permitting prostitution on a premises.

It's alleged that on Aug. 19, Corona allowed prostitution to occur at her residence and agreed, in advance, to accept a fee for another person to engage in sexual activity while at the residence. 

Corona was released on an appearance ticket. 

There were two other people arrested as part of the incident, according to a police source, but those arrest reports have not yet been released.

Corona's name became familiar locally after her arrest in early June 2010 on an adultery charge for engaging in a sexual act with a man on a picnic table at Farrall Park. The adultery statute has rarely been used in New York and her arrest made headlines in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. The police department was surprised by the interest in the case. The adultery charge was eventually dropped by prosecutor Lawrence Friedman. She admitted to public lewdness.

Shortly after that case was closed, Corona was accused of trashing the buffet at the now-defunct South Beach Restaurant. Initially, owner Ken Mistler was going to have her carry a sign on Main Street that read "I Stole from South Beach." After a "sincere apology" and restitution, Mistler dropped his demand for the "walk of shame."

She was arrested on a shoplifting charge in 2011, as well as being accused of shoplifting at Target while a K-9 and deputy were in the store for a public demo. In 2015, Corona admitted to a drug-dealing felony. That conviction lead to a year-and-a-half in prison, followed by probation, and until this most recent arrest, she had managed to avoid trouble with the law.

The prostitution case was investigated by Officer Arick Perkins along with officers Wesley Rissinger and Adam Tucker.

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