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Transition to private company for county's home-healthcare now complete

By Howard B. Owens

A Rochester-based home-healthcare provider has completed its purchase of Genesee County's home nursing care program.

Home Care of Rochester, HCR, received what's known as a "certificate of need" from the State Department of Health, which is required for it to provide both long-term and short-term home nursing for Genesee County patients.

Since March of 2009, when HCR acquired the program from the county for $1.5 million, HCR has been operating in Genesee County under the county's certificate of need.

With the purchase, HCR replaces the county-owned program. HCR will now handle all acute, longer-term, therapy and home health-aide services for patients receiving insurance coverage via Medicare or Medicaid.

HCR also provides care through private insurance.

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