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Le Roy Central Schools reviewing $12.5 million capital project for facilities repairs, multipurpose sports field

By Howard B. Owens

The Le Roy Central School District is considering a $12.5 million capital improvement project that would provide upgrades to buildings and facilities in the school district and not result in additional taxes levied on properties in the district.

The superintendent shared details of the plan with district parents in a letter last week, and the Board of Education will hear details of the plan at tonight's (Tuesday) meeting at the Jr./Sr. High School.

The board will be asked to vote on the package at its October meeting.

At the Wolcott Street School, 

  • Rooftop replacement on the Lapp Building, which houses the cafeteria kindergarten, nursing office and main elementary school office.
  • Window replacements
  • New generator and enclosure
  • Roof ladder access to the small gym
  • Ductwork

Total: $5,147,930

At the Jr./Sr. High School, Hartwood Park, and transportation building:

  • New soccer stadium field lights
  • Multipurpose turf field at soccer field
  • Two 250-seat bleachers at the soccer field
  • New press box at soccer field
  • Bus garage access drive
  • Conduit for future EV chargers

Total: $7,368,943

The new multipurpose field is possible as a project covered by state aid because of the structure of state rules regarding the timing and scope of the work for a multipurpose field. This "reopened the door" for the district to consider a new multipurpose field, Holly said in his letter to parents. 

"The multipurpose field would be used for physical education classes, sports practices (fall and spring), soccer games, and youth sports," Holly said. "Outdoor fall sports in Section V, specifically soccer and football, end with their sectional semifinals and finals playing on multipurpose turf fields. This would also be the case for regionals and states. Our district families have expressed a need to bring this proposition back to the voters."

There would be no change to the grass football field at Hartwood Park, Holly said. Modified, JV, and varsity football teams would continue to play games on the grass field unless it was deemed unplayable.  The multipurpose field would be equipped with goalposts and lined for both soccer and football.

The entire project would be eligible for 91.1 percent in state aid with the balance paid for by the district's capital reserve fund, which would mean there would be no need to raise taxes specifically to pay for the project, Holly said.

If the board approves the plan at its October meeting, the community would be asked to vote on the proposal in December -- time and date to be determined. Voters must approve expenditures from the capital reserve fund.

Holly said the work is required because every five years, public school districts are required to pay for a complete a Building Conditions Survey, conducted by a certified architect. The report determines what work must be done on school buildings.

The Board of Education meeting is at 6 p.m. at the Jr./Sr. High School.

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