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Photo: Lt. Eugene Jankowski honored by Batavia City Council for 34 years of service to the city

By Howard B. Owens

Former Batavia PD lieutenant Eugene Jankowski was honored Monday night by the Batavia City Council for his 34 years of service to the city.

Among Jankowski's many accomplishments was creating the Emergency Response Team (commonly referred to in other jurisdictions as SWAT).

Jankowski was forced to retire earlier this year when the lieutenant positions were eliminated from the Batavia police force.

Two weeks ago, the City GOP committee endorsed Jankowski for one of the three at-large council positions up for election in November.

John Roach

Congratulations Geno.

Council also went on record asking for a resolution to repeal the NY Safe gun control law, at the request of a speaker, John Deleo.

May 14, 2013, 6:21am Permalink
John Roach

Council had not taken a formal stand for it.

This request was in response to the incident in Erie County where they tried to take a guys guns away and to show support for the Genesee County Legislature's resolution asking for repeal of the law.

May 14, 2013, 7:06am Permalink
Phil Ricci

That makes sense, although that happened some time ago as well.

I guess I'm just surprised that it has taken this long to formally come out against a law that such a vast majority of people have been against since its creation.

May 14, 2013, 7:10am Permalink
Phil Ricci

Interesting. Well better late than never I guess, but silly that it had to be prompted.

The SAFE Act has been cited as a garbage piece of legislation since the day after it was written and has been publicly criticized by many locally, including the Sheriff.

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Rich Richmond

Batavia has a very good Emergency Response Team from what I’ve seen.

Their purpose is to defuse and/or prevent a serious situation from escalating to save lives and prevent property damage.

They serve as the first response to the last resort.

I’m sure the occupants of drug houses fear them and yes, we have drugs houses in the City.

Congratulations Geno for a job well done.

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