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Photo: New deli on Oak Street off to a good start

By Howard B. Owens

Six weeks since opening, Krista Maniscalco, left, says business is good at her new deli on Oak Street, even without much promotion.

Gigi's is in the former location of Salome's and features subs, hot sandwiches and pizza, all made from fresh ingredients and cooked to order.

Maniscalco, pictured with her mother Linda Sprung, said opening in Batavia -- her husband, Charles, owns Scooter's in Le Roy -- means she has to emphasize quality.

"Here you have competition everywhere, so you've got to be a cut above," Maniscalco said.

She then added, "faith and family is a big part of what we do."

George Richardson

I used to go to Reinhart's for cannolies and fifty cent quarts of beer. I still think kindly of that space thirty five years later. The building has the blessing of time and memory and I think they will prosper.
"Faith and family", that's why I like Larry Sparks and want to share him even when the connection is extremely tenuous, at best.

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George Richardson

You need a $2 Sabrett's hot dog with all the trimmings to suck them in. Like free drugs until they are hooked, believe me it works. I use coupons and then crave coupons when I start paying three times as much as I used to, but I can't stop once I'm hooked. Like this damned Batavian crap scourge on my unconscious being, I'll sweat tonight for baring my soul once again I'm sure. Will somebody please buy me a diary? Don't push save, don't push save, don't push save. OK, save.

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