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Stafford Fire recognizes top responders in 2023, installs 2024 officers at annual dinner

By Howard B. Owens
stafford fire dinner 2024

For 2023, the Firefighter of the Year in the Stafford Volunteer Fire Department was a collective award, going to the Top 10 responders (11 members, counting a tie) for the year.

The Firefighters of the Year are Brian Breemes, Randal Henning, Tim Eckdahl, Chris Penkszyk, Mark Dougherty, Ashley Swartzenberg, Jason Smith, Ken Collins, Brian Pocock, Don Hall, and Ben Pocock.

The firematic officers installed for 2024 are:

  • Timothy Eckdahl, chief
  • Brian Pocock, 1st assistant chief
  • Brian Breemes, 2nd assistant chief
  • Kari Breemes, 3rd assistant chief
  • Jason Smith, 4th assistant chief
  • Randal Henning, rescue squad captain
  • Chad Rambach, rescue squad lietuenent 
  • Donald Hall, fire police captain
  • Ben Fox, fire police lieutenant
  • Brian Pocock, master mechanic
  • Brian Breemes and Matt Hendershott, training officers
  • Julie Bobo and Ashley Swartzenberg, chief's secretary

The administrative officers: 

  • James Call, president
  • Kari Breemes, vice president
  • Bonnie Logsdon, secretary
  • Stephanie Call, treasurer
  • Trustees: Stanley Gere, Jason Smith, Ashley Swartzenberg, Chad Rambach, Stephanie Call
  • Auditors: Ben Fox and Kenneth Collins.

The dinner was held on Saturday at the Batavia Country Club.

Photos by Howard Owens

stafford fire dinner 2024

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