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Teenage Bergen bow hunter takes down 17-point buck

By Howard B. Owens
Oct 17, 2011, 4:27pm

From Jake's father, Jeff Maurer:

My 17-year-old son, Jake Hunter Maurer, took this 17 pointer on opening day of this year's archery season, Saturday October 15, 2011.

He was hunting alone on the evening of the first day of this year's bow season and though the weather was not ideal, a little windy and cool, this buck meandered through and was the only deer that he saw that afternoon. It presented a 20-yard shot and Jake was able to make it a successful one.

He found his arrow and returned home for an hour then went back out with his friend and father to track it. It had only traveled about 80 yards where they found out just how big he really was. With 17 scoreable points, it may have to be recorded as a non-typical due to the abnormal points on the antlers. But it appears to be big enough for the NYS record book, whether it is recorded as a typical or non-typical.

Jake photographed this same buck with a trail camera a few weeks before season and figured out his travel habits between his bedding area and feeding areas. He found a tree to put a stand in and went there the first day even though other hunters may have stayed out of the woods due to the high winds and cold rain. We took it to a local taxidermist to be mounted and look forward to several meals from all the meat as it weighed about 200 pounds.

The Maurers live in Bergen and Jake was hunting in Bergen when he shot the buck.

Ashley Bateman

We really need to see pictures of a murdered animal? I feel physically ill seeing this. Since the photograph is posted on the main page, there is no way to avoid looking at it. Howard, is it possible in the future to only have these pictures placed in the extended article section? This is not meant to start a pro/anti hunting debate, merely to point out that some (myself included) may find this offensive.

Oct 17, 2011, 4:48pm Permalink
Amy Weidner

I have to agree with Ashley. I really enjoy visiting the Batavian for local news, but after the severed pig's head from the St. Padro Pio article and now that hunting photos seem to be newsworthy, I can't help but feel a little bothered. Can't we be mildly sensitive to those Batavians who would just rather not be exposed to dead animals when we want our news fix? And, like Ashley, I'm not trying to start a pro/anti hunting debate.

Oct 17, 2011, 5:24pm Permalink
Cheryl Boyer

Was that nasty remark necessary Ms. Bateman? That father and son were so proud of his accomplishment at such a young age.Did you really have to make such a negative comment? Over the years the amount of hunters have deminished, thus causing a huge increase of deer. The increase of posted land, lack of families hunting together, plus all the negative comments out there about hunters are the reason.

Oct 17, 2011, 5:31pm Permalink
Bob Rathenburgh

Cheryl - I do not believe anyone was putting hunting down, no where so i see those words being said. someone was just pointing out that not all of us want to see the dead animal pictures. I dont see the problem in NOT wanting to see the pictures. Congrats to this young man but i too could have done with out seeing it.

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Howard B. Owens

Two years ago, we published a photo of somebody's trophy, and there was a complaint. Last year, we published a photo of somebody's trophy, and somebody complained. This year, we publish a photo, and get complaints.

And next year, when we publish a similar photo, we'll probably get complaints. And the year after that and the year after that and the year after that.

This is a hunting county. We will provide coverage of hunting news as it's available. Most people like it.

Part of living in a diverse society is you sometimes get exposed to stuff you don't like. Not everybody is going to be happy with everything we publish, but once I start trying to please everybody, then everybody is going to complain about how boring The Batavian is. First, no dead deer pictures, then no arrest reports, and then no sports coverage because you covered that team and not this team, and then no political coverage because some people find politics upsetting, and then no city council coverage because they're just politicians, and then no court coverage because that's a private matter, and then no new business openings because that just gives people a sense of false hope, and then no barn photos because not everybody likes barns, etc. and etc. and etc.

There's always somebody who doesn't like something, but so long as most people seem to like the coverage we provide, we'll do our best to provide coverage of a diverse and broad range of topics in Genesee County, including hunting, which will invariably include trophy shots.

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Gary Diegelman

Great response Howard. We do live in a rural community where we hunt. This is a great buck and it should be shown off. It is great to see a young man out in nature hunting bringing home food for his family. Apparently he has been out there for awhile studying this deers patterns and practicing his archery skills. Better than sitting in front of an X-Box game.

Oct 17, 2011, 6:42pm Permalink

Jeff, thanks for sharing this and congratulations to Jake....Jake, was it tough to concentrate on the shot with your heart pounding against your rib cage????!!!!!

Oct 17, 2011, 7:23pm Permalink
Angelo Dispenza

Truly a shame when some people have to selfishly pronounce their own sensitivities when nobody asked in the first place. I dont expect either of you to understand the absolute enormity of this deer and sense of accomplishment this young man deserves to feel after harvesting a deer like this. Dont ever feel bad about peoples one dimensional thinking and anti-hunting persecution comments. Congrats Jake, you should be proud that you took this big boy down.. at any range.

Oct 17, 2011, 7:53pm Permalink
Brian Schollard

Congratulations Jake! I am confident that no part of this "murdered/martyred" deer will go to waste. Hundreds of hunters across New York donate their kills to local food pantry's to help the needy. I and members of my family support the local food pantry with donations and a lot of time. Better than hand wringing over a photo

Oct 17, 2011, 7:58pm Permalink
Irene Will

a) WOW - that is ONE BEAUTIFUL DEER - and he got it with a BOW !!!! Congratulations, Jake, that's AWESOME.

b) Howard, good answer. You can't make everybody happy all the time.

c) " murdered animal " - oh please. I'd rather see a picture like THIS anytime, than see those deer laying on the side of the road dead and bloating for days - after they've run out into the road and been hit by a car.

d) This deer was not murdered. Neither was the pig at St Padre Pios. Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being. It is NOT the lawful killing of an animal. Both of those animals were killed within the confines of the law.

Oct 17, 2011, 8:34pm Permalink
teri boring

What an awesome job Jake.... CONGRATS!!!! It was a beautiful deer and you should be VERY proud of it! I can only imagine how you felt after a great take down like this. I hope it does good in the NYS records and I hope you gain great recognition for it! As for the negative nelly's out there, if you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the key board.......... Be glad he took this one out of the way of your auto! So thank you Jake for removing one more from our daily paths....

Oct 17, 2011, 8:37pm Permalink
Kyle Couchman

LOL Its a very simple concept if it offends you, then dont look at it. Even a 6 yr old....(my grandson) looking over my shoulder ask me to click on the article so he could see the picture. (We first noticed it on facebook)so its really simple, skip it. Like someone else pointed out there are deer that get hit and rot on the side of the road. As well as other wildlife and they can be pretty traumatic looking. There is nothing grisly or graphic in this trophy photo.

It also diminishes the accomplishment of this your man (Congrats Jake) as is described in the article not only did this young man learn and stalk this deer to learn his habits, But he planned and excuted a very complicated plan and achieved a goal. Fed his family and accomplished a very notable trophy that alot of hunters can tell you arent all that common. If only people showed a little appreciation instead the selfish and indignant thinking that that the world revolves around them and their delicate sensibilities.

This kind of thing pisses me off as much as the guy who ran off a bunch of ten year olds from fishing from city property because he bullied them into thinking it was his property. Its a good thing to see kids availing themselves of the natural resources around them and learning to use their time in admirable and wholesom activity rather tha hanging on a corner or vandalizing property and so on. People like the ones who objected here are selfish and very self centered.... I hope all the positive comments here show them that they are in a minority and they take off the rose colored glasses they look at the world thru and see reality as it is. Beautiful, and rewarding but also very cruel and unfeeling as well as without the contrasts we cant really enjoy or hate either end of the spectrum.

Oct 17, 2011, 9:17pm Permalink
Jeremiah Pedro

Your comment is meant to cause a debate, that is why you made it.
Well, like many others have said already, this is a rural community. Hunting is apart of this community like it or not.

Oct 18, 2011, 5:43am Permalink
E. S. Sherman

I think it is great to see this. The insurance companies should pay for peoples hunting licenses and it would keep our insurance rates down. I myself would love to see the deer population decline. We have a tremendous amount of crop damage done from all the deer every year. Makes me feel even better he got it in Bergen. One less to eat out of our field.

Congratulations on such a nice buck.

Oct 18, 2011, 6:59am Permalink
paula west

I know rumors fly, but i have heard that he is being investigated for tresspassing and baiting, is this true? Deer of a life time hope it wasn't taken away

Dec 6, 2011, 8:48am Permalink
Tim Miller

You could try just publishing cute pictures of cats (ala Everybody loves cute cats!

Nahhh - it's been done. Besides, if you did that how else would Genesee County expatriates find out about what is happening in the old hometown?

Keep up the good work - trophies and all.

Dec 30, 2011, 12:22pm Permalink

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