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BCSD board approves three transportation contracts with STA worth more than $11M

By Joanne Beck

The Batavia City Schools' board approved five-year contracts Monday with Student Transportation of America for transportation from home to school, field and sports trips and during the summer worth more than $11 million that will be part of this year’s budget vote in May.

Business Administrator Andrew Lang explained, in a memo to the board, that the district engaged in a bid process this past November to procure student transportation services for the next five years. Prior to this, he said, the district had extended a previously awarded contract with STA for a period of five years. 

The bid process included a detailed specification outlining the district’s transportation program and current transportation needs. The bid included five separate contracts for home-to-school, special needs and homeless, field and sports trips, summer special needs and homeless, and summer home-to-school.

There was only one bid, which came from STA, and only for three contracts of home-to-school, field and sports trips, and summer home-to-school, Lang said. 

“As this is a multi-year contract, voter approval is required,” he said. “This is done by noting the estimated five-year contract cost in the 2024-25 public budget document.”

He recommended that the board award the bids to STA for the designated amounts as follows:

  • Home-to-school transportation for a total five-year cost, including bus monitor/attendant, of $8,438,451.10. Rates range from up to three hours at $360 in this school year up to $437.58 in 2028-29, and $386.45 for four hours plus $74.28 per hour after that, up to $469.73 plus $90.29.
  • Field and sports trip transportation for a total five-year cost, plus bus monitor, for $2,099,470.78. Driving rates are $98 for this school year, up to $119.12 in 2028-29 for in-district, plus an extra cost of $1.58 per mile this year, up to $1.92 in 2028-29 for out-of-district trips.
  • Summer home-to-school and bus monitor/attendant total five-year cost of $607,982.44. Prices are the same as regular home-to-school until after four hours, when rates change to $405.02 for 4.5 hours for 2024-25 up to $492.30 in 2028-29 and $423.59 for five hours up to $514.88, with $74.28 per hour after that, up to $90.29 during the fifth year of the contract.
  • Bus monitor/attendant rates are the same for all contracts, at $34.93 per hour in 2024-25 up to $42.46 in 2028-29.

The board approved a motion as part of the consent agenda during Monday’s Board of Education meeting.

The contract runs from the 2024-25 school year through 2028-29.

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