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Community donations during Storm Elliott

By Joanne Beck

Peoplle who donated during Storm Elliott:


Contribution Batavia’s Original 3 Assorted Subs, 2Fried Dough, 3 Turkey Subs, 4 Sodas Marianne Clattenburg Full-baked ham and a tray of scalloped potatoes Rachael Tabelski Roast Beef and Rolls and Fritos Mike Ficarella Chili The Patterson's Bags of Food  City Church Food, canned goods  Alice Ann Benedict Tuna Casserole, Ziti, Christmas Danish, Fruits,  Craig Huntoon/Chance Alexyn Chicken Gnocchi Soup, Goulash, Pie, Blankets Carrie Lawrence Quiche and Ziti Matt Landers Multiple Donations Tops Food for 100 People Marion Radley Goulash Amanda Radley Casserole, Cereal Bars Holly Sharpe Ziti and Meatballs Settler's Restaurant 2 Mac and Cheese Trays, salads  Erik Fix Food from Save-A-Lot Emily Benedict Mac and Cheese, Meatballs, Bread Danielle Heubusch Soups, Pasta, Biscuits 


People that Matt and Melissa Landers reached out to that donated food:

Linda Toal Slow cooker full goulash Marianne Clattenburg Full baked ham and tray of scalloped potatoes, and loaf of bread Emily and Greg Branche Tray of pasta Gina O'Donnell Various food Cindy DeCarlo Beef vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches Danielle Fleming Various food Mike and Sharon Burns 4 cases of water Allison Chua Baked goods and other food Jamie Mott Dish of pasta Jim and Nickie Fazio Various food Kristina and Aaron Clark Ham and pasta DiRisio Family Mac and Cheese Alecia Kaus Bags of various ready to eat foods and soda Lynda Kelso Two bowls of hot food  Ricupito Family Casserole Cindy and Ron Konieczny Sheet pizzas sent to Dispatch from Batavia's Original Carla Wahls Various food Joyce Jones Sent a pizza and pop to fire department from Batavia's Original Brian and Erika Mruczek Sent a bunch of subs and fried dough to fire department from Batavia's Original Michelle Falleti Sent a pizza and other food to fire department from Batavia's Original Peter Casey Tray of pasta John Spryopoulos (Settlers) 4 full pans of mac and cheese, 2 full pans of alfredo, 3 pans of salad, 2 ranch, 2 blue cheese, 2 half pans of rice, 2 half pans of beef tips, 2 half pans of chicken and biscuits and 2 half pnas of jambalaya Matt & Melissa Landers LOL, we were supposed to travel for holidays so we didn't have much to cook, so we gave 2 12 packs of lipton green tea.  Melissa was handling the calls, Katie Landers was my sidekick and we spent our time driving around


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